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MBS. JOSEPHINE C. PRESTON, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Olympia CHARLES A. SPRAGUE, Assistant Superintendent.

...Olympia Miss MARTHA A. SHERWOOD, Deputy Superintendent. .Olympia EDWIN TWITMYER, High School Inspector....810 E. Denny Way, Seattle MRS. MARY A. BRYAN, Secretary State Board of Examiners....Olympia Miss HANNA M. CORDY, Chief Clerk..



.Olympia Miss MARTHA A. SHERWOOD, Secretary, ex-officio.

Olympia THOMAS F. KANE, President University of Washington... .Seattle ENOCH A. BRYAN, President Washington State College.. .Pullman W. E. WILSON, Principal State Normal School...

. Ellensburg FRANK B. COOPER, Superintendent of Schools.

. Seattle HENRY B, HART, Principal South Central High School.

. Spokane W. E. GAMBLE, County Superintendent, Okanogan County...Conconully November, last Thursday—Thanksgiving Day and day following are


July 1-Fiscal year begins.
July 4--Independence Day (legal holiday).
July 15-On or before July 15, clerks transmit annual report to county

superintendent. August 1–Çounty superintendents transmit annual report to Superin

tendent of Public Instruction. August, first Saturday--Regular meeting of the board of directors in

districts of the third class. August, last Thursday, Friday and Saturday-Teachers' examination. September 1-On or before September 1, clerk must report to board of

county commissioners detailed estimate of expenditures during

current year. September-At opening of school, clerk must furnish teacher with copy

of last school census. September, first Monday-Labor Day (legal holiday). November, first Saturday-Regular meeting of board of directors in dis

tricts of the third class.

legal holidays for schools. November—Ten days before first Saturday in December, notices of an

nual school election in districts of the first class must be posted

by the secretary. December, first Saturday-Annual school election in districts of the

first class. December, second Thursday, Friday and Saturday—Teachers' examina

tion. December 25—Christmas (legal holiday). January 1-New Year's Day (legal holiday). January, first Monday-Organization of board in districts of the first

class. February, first Saturday-Regular meeting of board of directors in dis

tricts of the third class. February 22-Washington's Birthday (legal holiday). February-Ten days before first Saturday in March notices of annual

school election in districts of the second and third class must be

posted by clerk. March, first Saturday—Annual school election in districts of second and

third class. March, fourth Monday after annual school election Directors take office

and organize at two o'clock p. m. by election of chairman and

clerk. May 1-Enumeration of children of school age. May, first Saturday-Regular meeting of board of directors in districts

of the third class. May, second Thursday, Friday and Saturday—Teachers' examination. May 30—Memorial Day (legal holiday). June, third Tuesday—Annual meeting of State Board of Education. June 30End of fiscal year.

Each month, first Friday-Regular meeting of directors of districts of the second class.



Code Pub. Ins.—Code of Public Instruction. et seq.—and following. infra-Within, meaning that the section referred to follows in this book. L.-Laws; e. g. “L. '09, p. 163," means that the section is part of the

Laws of 1909 and may be found on page 163 of the Session Laws

of that year. Rem. & Bal.—Remington and Ballinger Annotated Codes and Statutes

of Washington. Reference is made to the sections in Rem. & Bal.

Code from which the sections in this Code are taken. supra-Above, meaning that the section referred to precedes. ş-Section. $$-Sections.

Cross references, opinions of the Attorney Generals, and citations from Supreme Court decisions are put in smaller type following the sections to which they relate. In each case the name of the author of the opinion rendered by the Attorney General or his assistant is given; also reference is made to the reports of Supreme Court cases from which citations made.




1. State system of schools

A general and uniform system of public schools shall be maintained throughout the State of Washington, and shall embrace common schools (including high and elementary schools, schools for special help and discipline, schools or departments for special instruction), technical schools, the University of Washington, the State College of Washington, state normal schools, state training schools, schools for defective youth, and such other educational institutions as may be established by law and maintained at public expense. (L. '09, p. 230, § 1; Rem. & Bal., § 4302.)

Const., art. IX, § 2, provides : "The public school system shall include common schools, and such high schools, normal schools, and technical schools as may hereafter be established.”

A common school, within Const., art. IX, § 2, means one that is common to all children of proper age and capacity, free, and subject to, and under the control of the qualified voters of the district. School District v. Bryan, 51 Wash. 498.

The provisions in the school law for compulsory vaccination is within and germane to the title, “An act to establish a general and uniform system of public schools." State ex rel. McFadden v. Shorrock, 55 Wash. 208.

2. Administrative officers

The administration of the public school system shall be intrusted to a Superintendent of Public Instruction, a State Board of Education, to regents or trustees for educational institutions, to county superintendents of common schools, to boards of directors and district clerks. (L. '09, p. 230, $ 2; Rem. & Bal., § 4303.)


3. Election and term of office

A Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be elected by the qualified electors of the state, on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November of the year in which state officers are elected, and shall hold his office for the term of four years, and until his successor is elected and qualified. (L. '09, p. 231, § 1; Rem. & Bal., § 4305.)

See Const., art. III, 98 1 and 3.

4. Salary

The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall receive an annual salary of three thousand dollars, payable monthly, upon warrant of the State Auditor, drawn upon the State Treasurer, in the same manner as other state officers are paid. (L. '09, p. 231, $ 2; Rem. & Bal., § 4306.)

See Const., art. III, § 22.

5. Powers and duties

The powers and duties of the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall be:

First. To have supervision over all matters pertaining to the public schools of the state.

Second. To report biennially to the Governor on or before the first day of November preceding the regular session of the legislature, of which report five thousand copies shall be printed and delivered to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, who shall furnish one copy to be deposited in the state library, one copy to each county superintendent of schools and one copy to each district library. Said report shall contain a statement of the general condition of the public schools of the state, with full statistical tables by counties showing the number of schools and the attendance, the state and county funds apportioned, amount received from special tax and from other sources, amount expended for salaries of teachers, the salaries paid by the several counties to the county superintendent of schools and the amount paid for incidentals and expenses ; the amount paid for building and providing school houses with furniture and apparatus, the amount of bonded and other school indebtedness, with the rate of interest paid thereon, the reports of all state educational institutions, or such portions of them as he may think advisable, together with such other facts as he may deem of general interest. He shall also in

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