A Concise History of the Commencement, Progress and Present Condition of the American Colonies in Liberia

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Printed at the Madisonian Office, 1839 - 88 halaman
A detailed, year-by-year account of the establishment and early years of Liberia and the role of African American colonists. The constitutions of the American Colonization Society and of Liberia are also included. Wilkeson was a New York state businessman, judge, politician, and a member of the American Colonization Society.

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Halaman 32 - Truly we have a goodly heritage ; and if there is any thing lacking in the character or condition of the people of this colony, it never can be charged to the account of the country ; it must be the fruit of our own mismanagement, or slothfulness, or vices...
Halaman 85 - They shall, in all cases, except treason, felony and breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest, during their attendance at the session of their respective houses, and in going to or returning from the same ; and for any speech or debate in either house, they shall not be questioned in any other place.
Halaman 12 - ... equal to twenty or thirty men, and all exposed to a gun of great power, raised on a platform, at only thirty to sixty yards distance ! Every shot literally spent its force in a solid mass of living human flesh! Their fire suddenly terminated. A savage yell was raised, which filled the dismal forest with a momentary horror. It gradually died away; and the whole host disappeared.
Halaman 29 - Colony to observe, that not more than twenty remain, even at this early date, (only seven days arrived,) a charge to the United States. Two-thirds of the whole number have situations in the families of the older settlers, for terms of from one to three years. The remainder are at service on wages, to be paid them at the year's end...
Halaman 10 - But the rains were immoderate and nearly constant. In addition to these fatiguing labours, was that of maintaining the nightly watch; — which, from the number of sentinels neces<sary for the common safety, shortly became more exhausting than all the other burdens of the people. No less than 20 individuals Were every night detailed for this duty, after the 31st of August.
Halaman 85 - Liberia, shall continue to be so. and that all coloured persons emigrating from the United States of America, or any district or territory thereof, with the approbation, or under the sanction of the American Colonization Society; or of any...
Halaman 32 - ... who oppose them. Men may theorize and speculate about their plans in America. But there can be no speculation here. The cheerful abodes of civilization and happiness, which are scattered over this verdant mountain ; the flourishing settlements which are spreading around it — the sound...
Halaman 4 - March, 1819, the President of the United States was authorized to restore to their own country any Africans captured from American or foreign vessels attempting to introduce them into the United States, in violation of law, and to provide by the establishment of a suitable agency on the African coast for their reception, subsistence, and comfort, until they could return to their relatives, or derive support from tbeir own exertions.
Halaman 4 - It was the body of the man, who, in the ardour of youthful benevolence, had aspired to extend his influence through the world. He died in youth; but he had redeemed his pledge ; and at this hour, his influence is felt in Asia, in Africa, in the islands of the sea, and in every corner of his native country. — This...
Halaman 4 - Pilgrims to the valley of the Missouri. He wandered on his errands of benevolence from village to village and from city to city, pleading now with the patriot for a country growing up to an immensity of power, and now with the Christian for a world lying in wickedness. He explored in person the desolations of the West, and in person he stirred up to enterprise and effort the churches of the East. He lived for India and Owhyhee (Hawaii), and died in the service of Africa.

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