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passed in the sixth year of her present Majesty's reign, intituled, An act for the importation of cochineal from any ports in Spain, during the present war, and six months longer, cochineal could not be imported into this kingdom, but from the places of its growth, although the same was then, and is now sold at cheaper rates in several parts of Europe, and used as well in dying the said manufactures of this kingdom abroad, as also foreign manufactures, at lower prizes than her Majesty's subjects can, to the incouragement of foreign woollen manufactures, and the great prejudice of those of this kingdom, and impoverishment of many of her Majesty's subjects in

played therein, if the said act should not be further continued, be it The act 6 Ann. therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said act c. 33, made

made in the sixth year of her present Majesty's reign, intituled, perpetual.

An act for the importation of cochineal from any ports in Spain, during the present war, and fix months longer, Mall be and is hereby made perpetual ; any act or acts of parliament to the

contrary notwithstanding. :. 9&s0W. 3.' IV. And whereas in an act made in the ninth and tenth years of c. 26. the reign of the late King William, intituled, An act to settle the

trade to Africa, a clause was enacted in the words following, viz. And whereas by an act of parliament made in the fifth and fixtb years of the reign of his present Majesty, and the late Queen Mary, amongst other things, it was enacted, That no other copper than what is made of English ore only, foculd be exported, which proving very prejudicial to the trade of England, by enabling foreigners to expart copper much cheaper than it can be carried from England; be it enabled by the authority aforesaid, That it shall and may be lawful ta and for any of his Majesly's subjects to export from England all fuch copper bars, as hath or shall be imported into England from foreign parts, and upon exportation shall draw back all duties, or vacate the securities, saving the half of the old subsidy, as is usual in other commodities : which clause being expired; and forafmuch as the copper

manufacture af this kingdom is brought to such perfe&tion, that there. The clause in is more made than can be expended here and in the plantations ; be it the act 9 & therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the said 10 W. 3. C. 26. clause, and every matter and thing therein contained, shall be selating to the and is hereby immediately, from and after the time of the exexportation of a cooper bars piration thereof, revived in full force, and shall be and is imported, hereby continued for and during the space and term of fourteen continued for years, and from thence to the end of the next session of parlia14 years, &c. ment, and no longer. No drawback,

ick . V. Provided nevertheless, and be it enacted, That no draw, except for back shall be allowed on the exportation of any copper, , but East India and fuch as hath been or shall be imported from the East Indies and Barbary cop the coast of Barbary only. Continued with 9 & 10 W, 3. 6. 26. per. See

13 Geo, 1.

J. 19.

C. 27.


Anno Regni ANNÆ Reginæ Magnæ Bri.:tanniæ, Francice & Hibernią, duode

cimo. Stat. 2. A T the parliament fummoned to be beld at Westminster A tbe twelfth day of November, Anno Domini one thoufand seven bundred and thirteen, in the twelfth year of the reign of our fovereign Lady Anne, by the grace of God, of, Great Britain, France and Ireland, Queen, defender of the fartb, &c., And by several writs of prorogation begun and bolden on the sixteenth day of February one thousand seven bundred and thirteen (a) and by several adjournments conti-, albero

ing words are sued to tbe ninth day of July in the thirteenth year of her added from the Majesty's reign. Being the first session of this present par- inrollment. kament.' ?

Aa a&t for granting an aid to her Majesty, to be raised by a land-tax in

Great Britain, for the service of the year one thousand seven hundred
and fourteen. Ex P. 25. in the pound.

. CA P. II. Anaht for allowing a drawback upon the exportation of salt,

to be made use of for the curing of fish taken at North

feas, or at Ineland. W H EREAS the fishing for cod in the North feasy and at

VV Ifleland, gives great employment to the navigation of this kingdom, and breeds up great numbers of hardy and industrious mas' riners for defence of the realm, and improvement of commerce; and wbereas the said fishing trade cannot be so effe&tually carried on, unless falt for curing cod taken there, may be had free of excife ; for the prefervation' therefore, and incouragement of the said irade, be it enacted by the Queen's most excellent majesty, by and with the zdvice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and com- . mons, in this present parliament assembled, and by the autho rity of the same, That the master of any boat or vessel bound Master of in on a fishing voyage to the North feas, or Ireland, may take on vessel bound to board his faid boat or vessel, in any port of Great Britain, such the North seas, quantities of British salt, as he shall judge proper and necessary &c;

nary British salt on for his said voyage, such master paying or giving security to pay board, giving the duties due and payable for the same; which money shall be security to pay repaid, or security shall be discharged, in such manner as is the duties. herein after mentioned.

II. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the Officer where officer of the place where the said salt was made, and the duties

duties the salt was

made, &c. to thereof paid, or secured to be paid, shall, upon demand, de- give the mala liver gratis to such master of the vessel, a certificate, under his ter a certificate

hand of the quan

tity shipped.

hand and seal, of the particular quantity of salt shipped on board his vessel for the North féas, for TPeland, and that the duties on

such salt have been paid or secured to be paid. ( * * Codfish, &c. III. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That cod. may be im- fith, ling or hake, which have been caught and cured at the ported, on North seas, or at leland, may be imported and landed, so as oath made that it came

e oath be first made before the landing thereof, by the owner or

an be ant made: bero from the proprietor of such fish, or the master of the vessel, before the North seas, &c. officer for the said duties in the port or place where fuch fish and so as the shall be imported, brought in, or landed, (who is hereby imu. fith be tendred mowered and required to to the officer

E powered and required to administer the same, without fee ori

pou of the duti.s, charge) That all the fish so imported came from the North seas, to have part or fieland, and were caught and cured there, and so as the faid! of the tail cut fith be, at the landing thereof, and before the same be removed off.

:.. from the shore, tendred to the officer of the port for the said . . duties, to have part of the tail of every such codfifh, ling or

hake, cut off, that no allowance for such filh be obtained upon

exportation, and the faid officer is hereby impowered and reFilh landed be, quired to cut off part of the tail of all such filh on the importa fore fo ten t ion thereof; and in case any such fish shall be landed before the

I be fame shall be tendred to the officer, to have part of the tail cut forfeited. ,

. off, as aforesaid, all the fish so landed shall be forfeited, and

double the value thereof, to be recovered of the importer or

proprietor thereof, Foul salt to be IV. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if thrown over- any of the falt so made use of in curing of fish thall remain, fuch board.

foul salt shall be thrown over board and destroyed, in the prefence of the officer for the salt-duties for such port, before the

collector shall sign his certificate. ** Salt not used, 4, V. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if it may be re- fall happen, that any of the falt fo taken on board for curing landed, so as an entry be

as of filh, Thall not have been used for that purpose, it shall and made thereof. may be lawful to and for the master of such fhip or vefsel to

land the said falt, so as an entry, be made thereof within ten days after his coming into any port in Great Britain that he shall first arrive at, and the duties paid down for the same, be.

fore such salt, or any part thereof, shall be landed or taken out Master neg. lecting to en

of any such thip or vessel: and if such master shall neglectior ter the Tale: it refuse to enter such salt, in such port where he shall first arrive, shall be for and pay down the duties for the same within the said rent days feited and fexcept in case of his being driven into any port, or detained 'double the.

there by stress of weather or contrary winds, or other unavoid value. W!, ... able necessities) then and in such cafe all the salt on board such

Thip or vessel Thall be forfeited, and double the value thereof, ito be recovered of the owner or proprietor of such filh, or the master of the vessel, or the person cominanding the same in that

voyage. On producing... VI. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the a certificate of master of such boat or vessel, upon producing to the collector the quantity of the falt-duties for the port where he imports his fish, such taken on board, &c. and certificate of the quantity of salt taken on board, and that the


daties of it were paid or secured to be paid, and inaking oath on oath made before the faid collector, of the particular quantity of the falt in of how much fuch certificate mentioned, that was made use of in curing of

was used in


curing, &c. codfish, ling or hake, caught and cured at the North fea, or at the security Ideland, and that the faid filh have been all marked, as afore- given for the faid, that there may be no allowance obtained for the fame payment of upon exportation (which oath the faid collector is hereby imh

id collectors is herehviron, the duties shall powered and required to administer without fee or charge) shall and the col receivé gratis from the said collector a certificate of the fame, lector shall rewhich, together with a certificate of payment of the duty of the pay the duties remainder of the salt taken in for that voyage, if there shall be without any reinainder, (which certificate he shall also receive gratis) being produced to the collector of the falt-duties for the place where the duties on the said salt were paid or secured to be paid, such fecurity shall be difcharged, and all and every sum and fums of money paid for the duty of the said salt, thall be repaid upon demand by the said collector, without fee or reward.;

VII. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, Thed That if the mafter of any such boat or vessel Thali have taken in salt that pe. **; any quantity of British falt, for the curing of fish in the North rished at sea, feas, or at I land, as aforesaid, the duties of the falt having or was taken been paid or secured to be paid, and the vessel ön which such by the enemy,

" thall be repaid. falt, as aforesaid, is thipped, thall either perish at sea, or be “a. taken by enemies with such salt on board her, that in such case any merchant or person, owner of the faid salt, fhall, upon : proof made before the justices of the peace at the quarter-fers ? Gons held for the county, riding, division or town, wherein he doth inhabit, of the loss of fuch'falt fo shipped, receive from the said sessions a certificate that such proof was made before them, and upon producing the faid certificate to the officer of the place, where the duty on such salt shall have been paid or fecured to be paid, such fecurity shall be discharged, and lo much money, as was actually paid for the duty of the said falr, fhall be repaid upon demand by the said officer, without fee of reward, provided such proof be made within nine months after fuch, Jofs op taking, as aforesaid. "ii ::. ' TVAIL- And' be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid, on

That all penalties and forfeitures given by this or any former forfeitures law, relating to the duties of excise upon salt, fhall be diftria shall be to the buted in manner following, (that is to say) one moiety thereof crown, the to her Majesty, her heirs and fucceffors, and the other moiety o

rs and heither inois other to the to the officer or officers who shall seize, fue, or inform for the ve recovered fame to be fued for, recovered and levied, in such manner and as by the laws form, and with such power of mitigation, as any fine, penalty of excise. or forfeiturer may be sued for, recovered, levied, and mitigated by any law of excise, or by action of debt, bill, plaint or infori mation, in any of her Majesty's courts of record at Westminfter'; . ? , and all and every officer and officers for the said duties on salt, pi... are hereby authorized and impowered to seize all salt and other; -oose things which by this or any former act or law relating to the due ". sites on falt are declared to be forfeited. :.

IX. And

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IX. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That if any person or persons shall at any time be sued or profecuted for any thing by him or them done or, executed in pursuance of this, or any other of the statutes relating to the duties of excise upon

salt, or the powers thereby given, he or they shall or may plead General illue. the general issue, and give this act and the special matter in evi.

dence for his defence; and if upon a trial, a verdict shall pass for the defendant or defendants, or the plaintiff or plaintiffs be

come nonfuit, discontinue, or forbear prosecuting the said ac. Double costs. tions, then such defendant and defendants shall have double

costs to him or them awarded, against such plaintiff or plain.
tiffs, for which costs he thall have remedy, as in other cases
where costs are by law given to defendants.

An act for charging and continuing the duties upon malt,

mum, cyder and perry; for the service of the year one
thousand feven hundred and fourteen; and for the encou.
ragement of the distilling brandy from malted corn and
cyder ; and for making forth duplicates of Exchequer bills
and lottery tickets, left, burnt or destroyed ; and to enable
the governor and company of the bank of England, and

otbers, to lend money upon South Sea stock. Imamo ş Eliz. c. 4. IX. AND whereas in and by one act of parliament made in the

h fifth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, intituled, An act containing divers orders for artificers, labourers, fervants of husbandry and apprentices, it is enacted in the words following'; be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That after the fift day of May next coming, it shall not be lawful to any person or per. fons, other than such as now do lawfully use or exercise any art, my tery, or manual occupation, to set up, occupy, use or exercise any

craft, mystery or occupation, now used or occupied within this realm For the appli- of England or Wales, except he shall have been brought up thereine cation of the Teven years at the least as an apprentice, in manner and form above duties granted by ibis eft, feel

Care said, nor to set any person on work in such mystery, art or occupa č. 9. of this tion, being not a workman at this day, except he shall have beer op sesion, f. 69. Prentice, as is aforesaid, or else having served as an apprentict, as is

aforesaid, shall or will become a journeyman, or hired by the year, upon pain that every person willingly offending or doing the contrary, jall forfeit and laje for every default forty fillings for every months upon which aforesaid statute, several distillers of brandy ox fpirits made from British malt or cyder, stand indičied for not baving ferved seven years, as aforesaid, to the great discouragement of the confump

tion of malted corn and cyder, and destructive to her Majesty's revenue Any person of excise; be it therefore enacted by the authority aforesaid, may distil That any person or persons Thall or may distil brandy or fpirits brandy from British malt,

Om made from British malt or cyder, and such perfon or persons &c. 'fhall not be prosecuted for so doing by virtue of the aforesaid

i statute,

1. 31.

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