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make, repeat, and subscribe such declaration, when the fame Refusing to Thall be lo tendred, as aforesaid, or shall neglect or refuse to ap- make the de pear before such archbishop, bithop, or other ordinary, or such

in claration, or Torper ordinary: O luch to appear, the

a commissioners, upon such notice as aforesaid, That then such presentation presentation thall be utterly' void and of none effect; and in ihall be void : every such case, such archbishop, bishop, or other ordinary And the archThall within ten days next after such neglect or refusal, send in

bishop, &c.

Thall certify and give a certificate under his or their feal of office of such such refusal to neglect or refusal to the vice-chancellor for the time being, of the university, that university to whom such presentation would of right be- who thall prelong, if such person fo prefenting had been a popish recufanten convict ; and it shall and may be lawful, to and for the chana cellor and scholars of such university, to prefent a person qualified according to the said acts to such benefice or ecclesiastical living, and the presentation to such benefice or ecclefiaftical living, for that turn only, is hereby given unto,' and vested in them for that purpose ; any matter, clause or thing contained in either of the said former recited acts to the contrary thereof notwithstanding.. tr. . . 1

III. And for the better discovery of all secret trusts, and Bishops, &c. to fraudulent iconveyances made by papists or persons making pro-examine perfession of the popish religion, of their advowfons and right of on oath. presentation, nomination and donation, to any benefices on ecclesiastical livings; be it further enacted by the authority 2foresaid, That when the presentation of any person presented to any benefice or ecclefiaftical living, shall be brought to any archbishop, bifhop, or other ordinary, the said archbishop, bishop or ordinary, is hereby required, before he give instituti... on, to examine the perfon prefented upon oath, whether to the best and utmost of his knowledge and belief, the person or perfons who have made such presenration, be the true and real patron or patrons of the said benefice or ecclefiaftical living, or made the said presentation in his, or her, or their own right, or whether such person or perfons fo presenting be not, mediately or immediately, directly or indirectly, trustee or trustees, or any way intrufted for some other, and what person or persons by name, who is or are papifts, or make profession of the popith religion, or the children of fuch, or for any other and what person or persons, or what he knows, has heard, or believes, touching or concerning the fame; and if such perfon or persons Kers

ne Refusing to be

examined, the so presented shall refuse to be fo examined, or shall not answer presentation, directly thereto, then and in every such cafe such presentation ihall be void. shall be void. *

IV. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, University may That it Thall and may be lawful for the chancellor and scholars exhibit bills in of the respective universities, to whom the presentations to such chancery for benefices and ecclefiaftical livings should belong, in case the concery rightful patrons had been popith recusants convict, and their trusts. prefentées or clerks, for the better discovery of such secret and fraudulent trusts, had, done, made and created, by or for such papists or persons professing the popith religion, and their childVOL. XIII. . I



on of d by the beneficent of conspice per. To

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ren, as aforesaid, to exhibit their bill in any cpurt of equity a.
gainst such person or perfons presenting, and such person or
persons as they have reason to believe to be the Cestuy que Truf
of the advowfon of such benefice or ecclesiastical living, or any
other person who they have cause to suspect may be able to make
any other or further discovery of such secret trusts and practices;
to which bill the defendants therein named, being duly served.
with the process of the court in which the said bill thall be ex- !
hibired, ihall forth with directly answer to the facts charged and it
enquired in the said bill, at the discretion of the court where
such bill shall be exhibited ; and in case the defendants, or any
of them, shall refuse or neglect to answer the said bill in fuch
reasonable time as shall be for that purpose allowed and appoint. I
ed, by discretion of the said court where the said cause shall be ;
depending, (the distance of place and the circumstances of the
defendant or defendants considered) That then and in such case
the said bill shall be taken pro Confelo, and be allowed as evidence :
against such person so neglecting and refusing, and his trustee
or trustees, and his and their clerk: Provided that every person :
having fully answered such bill in such court of equity, and not
knowing any thing of any fach trust for a papist or other perfon
disabled, as aforesaid, shall be entitled to his costs, to be taxed

according to the course of the court. When any

V. And be it further enacted by the authority aforefaid, I Quare Impedit That it shall and may be lawful for the court where any Quare is depending Impedit Thall be hereafter depending, at the instance of either of the court may the said chancellors and scholars, or their clerk, being plaintiffs administer an oath to disco. or defendants in Tuch I

1. or defendants in such fuit, by motion in open court, at their ver any secret discretion to make any rule or order requiring satisfaction, upon truit:

the oath of such patron and his clerk, who in the said suit shall contest the right of the said university to present to such benefice or ecclesiastical living, by examination of them or either of them, in open court, or by commission under the seal of such court for examination of them or either of thein, or by affida. vit, as the faid court fhall find moit proper, in order to the dis

covery of any secret truft, frauds or practises relating to the faid And if it ap. presentation then in question; and in case it appear to the court, pear that the upon the examination of fuch patron and clerk or either of them, patron is a That the said patron is but a trustee for some other person or trustee, he c . perions, that then the faid paton and his clerk Thall discover

who such person and persons are, and where he, the, or they be puniihed live or inhabit; and upon their refusal to make such discovery, as guilty of a or to give such satisfaction, as aforesaid, they shall be punished contempt. as perions that are guilty of a contempt to the faid court; and Court may or, in cafe such patron or his clerk Thall discover the person for der the person whom the said patron is a trustee, that then and in such case for whoin such the said court, upon motion made in open cours, Thall make a

rule or order, That the person or perfons, for whom the said truftee to ap. Dear and make patron is a truftee, fhall, in the said court, or before commif. the declarati. fioners to be appointed for that purpose, under the seal of the on, &c. who said court, make, repeat and subscribe the declaration against



transubftantiation herein before mentioned, and likewife, on refusingshall be pain of incurring a contempt against the said court, give such esteemed a refurther satisfaction upon oath, touching or relating to the said trust, as the said court shall think fit; and such person so re- . quired to make, repeat and subscribe the said declaration, and refusing or neglecting so to do, shall be esteemed as a popish recusant convict, in respect of such presentation.

VI. And be it further enacted, That the answer of such pa- The answer of tron and patrons, and the person for whom he or they are any such patron,

&c. to be always intrusted, and his and their clerk, or any of them, and is

Tk, Ot anym u, and lowed as evi. his and their or any of their examinations and affidavits taken dence. as aforesaid, by order of any court where such Quare Impedit shall be depending, or by any archbishop, bishop, or other ordinary, or the commissioners, as aforesaid, (which examinations thall therefore be reduced into writing, and signed by the party examined), shall be allowed as evidence against such patron so presenting, and his clerk.

VI. Provided always, That no such bill, nor any discovery Persons mak. to be made by any answer thereunto, or to any such examina- ing such dil: tion, as aforesaid, shall be made use of to subject any person

covery, liable

0 1 Tubject any perion only to the loss making any such discovery, or not answering such bill, to any of the presenpenalty or forfeiture, other than the loss of the presentation tation. then in queftion. · VIII. And it is hereby further enacted, That in case of any If such bill be such bill or bills, of discovery, as aforesaid, exhibited in any exhibited by

Y the university, court of equity by the chancellor and scholars of either of the

e no lapse thail faid universities, or their presentee, no lapse shall incur, nor incur, &c. till plenarty be a bar, against such chancellor and scholars, in ref- three months pect of the benefice or ecclesiastical living, touching which such after the anbilt shall be fo exhibited, till after three months from the time

time swer, put in, that the answer to such bill thall be put in, or the same be taken pro Confeffo, or the prosecution thereof deserted; provided that such bill or bills be exhibited before any lapse incurred.

IX. And whereas it hath been doubted whether any writ of Quare The university Impedit brought by the respective universities, for any presentation, may sue any nomination, collation or donation pursuant to the faid recited afts, or writ of Quare either of them, may be brought by them, in or by the name of chann."

Impedit, &c. tellor and scholars, or ought to be by their true name of incorporation respectively; it is hereby declared, That the said respective chancellors and scholars of the said universities are by this act, and were by the said former acts, entitled to fue any writ of Quare Impédit by the naine of chancellor and scholars of the university of Oxford, and chancellor and scholars of the university of Cambridge respectively, or by their respective proper names of incorporation at their election. • - X. And be it further enacted, That in case of any trust for the court may any paplit, or person professing the popish religion, confessed or enforce the discovered in and by any answer to such bill, as aforesaid, or producing of

deeds relating such examination, as aforesaid, it shall and may be lawful for to the court where such discovery shall be made, and such court is hereby enabled, to inforce the producing of the deeds creating

I 2


and relating to the said trusts, by such methods as they shall

find proper. Not to extend XI. Provided always, that nothing herein before contained to Scotland. shall extend to that part of Great Britain called Scotland.. The lords of · XII. And whereas by the determination of the late prizy council justiciary may of Scotland, the punishments contained in an act of the parliament of

thelame Scotland, passed in the eighth felson of the first parliament of King punishments on jeluits, &c.

c. William, iniituled, An act for preventing the growth of popery, which the pri- cannot be fully put in execution against jesuits, priests, and other trafvy council of ficking papists, who disguise and shelter themselves under borrawed Scotland was names, to avoid the penalty of the law; it is therefore hereby en. impowered to

Wanno acted, and be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the passed in that lords of her Majesty's justiciary in Scotland, be hereby impowkingdom. ered to inflict the same punishments against jesuits, priests, and

other trafficking papists, which the privy council of Scotland was impowered to do by the aforesaid act of parliament., yra te

. CAP. XV. . . ..., il, "; An a£t for providing a publick reward for such person of

per fons as Jhall discover the longitude at Sea, W H EREAS it is well known by all that are acquainted with

W the art of navigation, That nothing is so much wanted and desired at Sea, as the discovery of the longitude, for the safety and quickness of voyages, the preservation of ships, and the lives of men: and whereas in the judgment of able mathematicians and navigators, several methods have already been discovered, true in theory though 'very difficult in practice, fome of which (there is reason to expect). may be capable of improvement, some already discovered may be proposed to the publick, and others may be invented þereafter. And whereas such a discovery would be of particular advantage to the trade of Great Britain, and very much for the honour of this kingdom ; but besides the great difficulty of the thing itself, partly for the want of rome publick reward to be settled as an encouragement for, fo useful and beneficial a work, and partly for want of money for trials and experiments necessary thereunto, no fuch inventions or proposals, bio therto made, have been brought to perfection ; be it therefore enact, ed by the Queen's most excellent majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the lords spiritual and temporal and com

mons, in parliament assembled, and by the authority of the Commission. fame, That the lord high admiral of Great Britain, or the first ers appointed commissioner of the admiralty, the speaker of the honourable for discover.. house of commons, the first commissioner of the navy, the first ing the longi. commissioner of trade, the admirals of the red, white, and tude, and re:

ing propo blue squadrons, the master of the Trinity-house, the prelident fals relating to of the royal society, the royal astronomer of Greenwich, the

Savilian, Lucasian, and Plumian professors of the mathematicks in Oxford and Cambridge, all for the time being, the right honourable Thomas earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Philip lord bishop of Hereford, George lord bishop of Bristol, Thomas lord Trevor, the honourable Sir Thomas Hanmer baronet, speaker of the honourable house of commons, the honourable Francis



discovery of they are heredig; and 1171

1713.) Anno duodecimo ANNÆ. Stat. 2. C. 15. 117 Robarts esq; James Stanhope esq; William Clayton esq; and Wil-, liam Larundes esq; be constituted, and they are hereby conftitu-ted commissioners for the discovery of the longitude at sea, and for examining, trying, and judging of all proposals, experiments, and improvements relating to the same ; and that the faid commissioners, or any five or more of them, have full power to hear and receive any propofal or proposals that shall be made to them for discovering the faid longitude; and in case Commissionthe faid commissioners, or any five or more of them, shall be so ers to certify far satisfied of the probability of any such discovery, as to think the probabili. it proper to make experiment thereof, they shall certify the lame over to the under their hands and feals, to the commissioners of the navy commiftioners for the time being, together with the persons names, who are of the navy, the authors of such propofals; and upon producing such certi- who shall make ficate, the said commissioners are hereby authorized and required

y authorized and soyuncu 2000l. for to make out a bill or bills for any such sumn or sums of money, making the not exceeding two thousand pounds, as the said commissioners experiments. for the discovery of the said longitude, or any five or more of them, shall think necessary for making the experiments, pay- 14 Geo. 2.C.39. able by the treasurer of the navy; which sum or sums the trea- 26 Geo. 2. c. . furer of the navy is hereby required to pay immediately to such perfon or persons as shall be appointed by the commissioners for To be paid by the difcoyerý of the said longitude, to make thole experiments, of the navy

the treasurer out of any money that shall be in his hands, unapplied for the use of the navy. .

11. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That The commis. after experiments made of any proposal or proposals for the dif- fioners to decovery of the said longitude, the commissioners appointed by farangro this act, or the major part of them, shall declare and determine polal is practi. how far the same is found practicable, and to what degree of cable. exactness. .

III. And for a due and sufficient encouragement to any such Reward to the perfon or persons as shall discover a proper method for finding firit dilcoveree. the faid longitude, be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the first author or authors, discoverer or discoverers of any such method, his or their executors, administrators, or assigns, shall be entitled to, and have such reward as herein after is mentionod; that is to say, to a reward, or sum of ten thousand pounds, if it determines the said longitude to one degree of a great circle, or fixty geographical miles; to fifteen thousand pounds, if it determines the fame to two thirds of that distance, and to twenty When to be thousand pounds, if it determines the same to one half of the paid. fame distance; and that one moiety or half-part of such reward or lum fhall be due and paid when the said commiflioners, or the major part of them, do agree that any such method extends to the security of ships within eighty geographical miles of the fhores, which are places of the greatest danger, and the other moiety or half-part, when a ship by the appointment of the said commissioners, or the major part of them, shall thereby actually Sail over the ocean, from Great Britain to any such port in the Web-Indies, as those commissioners, or the major part of them,

1 3


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