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1. A supplement to an act entitled “An act to prescribe the

times, places, and manner of choosing Senators to repre-

sent this state in the Senate of the United States."


2. An act authorizing Israel Walton, trustee under a certain

deed of trust executed by Samuel Roland Fisher, de-

ceased, late of the city of Philadelphia, to sell and con-

vey certain real estate.

3. An act concerning the proportion of the public money of the

United States which Pennsylvania is entitled to receive

under the act of Congress passed the twenty-third of

June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six.

4. An act making appropriations for the repairs of Canals and

Railroads, and for paying the cost of motive


5. An act for the relief of the First National Dragoons of

Montgomery county.


6. An act in addition to the act incorporating the Beaver

Meadow Railroad and Coal company, and for other



7. A further supplement to the act entitled "An act authori-

zing the Governor to incorporate the Tioga Navigation



8. An act making further appropriation for the payment of

damages on the Canals and Railroads.


9. An act to authorize the printing and distribution of the

Pamphlet Laws in the German language.

10. An act for the relief of William Ruff, late a Commissioner

of the county of Philadelpbia.


11. An act for the relief of Peter Hammer and others, soldiers

and widows of soldiers of the Revolutionary war.


12. An act to authorize the Appraisers of Damages on the Penn-

sylvania Canal, to settle and adjust the claim of damages

of Jacob Hill and company.


13. An act authorizing the sale of part of the real estate of

Daniel Gregory, late of Susquehanna county, deceased. 12

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