Political Pamphlets

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George Saintsbury
Percival and Company, 1892 - 303 halaman

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Halaman 193 - And they made their lives bitter with hard bondage, in mortar, and in brick, and in all manner of service in the field: all their service, wherein they made them serve, was with rigour.
Halaman 38 - The spirit of martyrdom is over; they that will go to church to be chosen sheriffs and mayors would go to forty churches rather than be hanged. If one severe law were made and punctually executed, that whoever was found at a conventicle should be banished the nation and the preacher be anged, we should soon see an end of the tale. They would all come to church, and one age would make us all one again.
Halaman 273 - Britain; with this difference betwixt the laws concerning public right, policy and civil government and those which concern private right, that the laws which concern public right, policy and civil government may be made the same throughout the whole United Kingdom, but that no alteration be made in laws which concern private right, except for evident utility of the subjects within Scotland.
Halaman 47 - What I intend now to say to you, is, next to your duty to God, and the care of your salvation, of the greatest concern to yourselves, and your children; your bread and clothing, and every common necessary of life entirely depend upon it.
Halaman 29 - The late reign is too fresh in the memory of all the world to need a comment; how under pretence of joining with the Church in redressing some grievances, they pushed things to that extremity, in conjunction with some mistaken gentlemen, as to depose the late king, as if the grievance of the nation could not have been redressed but by the absolute ruin of the prince. Here is an instance of their temper, their peace and charity. To what height they carried themselves during the reign of a king of...
Halaman 141 - Hawkesbury would call the wisdom of the village ancestors), the inhabitants of three of the streets, about a hundred years ago, seized upon the inhabitants of the fourth street, bound them hand and foot, laid them upon their backs, and compelled them to look on while the rest were stuffing themselves with beef and beer : the next year the inhabitants of the persecuted street (though they contributed an equal quota of the expense) were treated precisely in the same manner. The tyranny grew into a...
Halaman 3 - Parliament, where you may be convinced, if you can be so mistaken as to doubt ; nay, at this very hour, they can hardly forbear, in the height of their Courtship, to let fall hard Words of you. So little is Nature to be restrained ; it will start out sometimes, disdaining to submit to the Usurpation of Art and Interest. This Alliance, between Liberty and Infallibility, is bringing together the Two most contrary things that are in the World.
Halaman 32 - Enemy, if they had not made him so; he was quiet, in peace, and no way disturb'd, or encroach'd upon us, and we know no reason we had to quarrel with him. But further, We make no question but we are able to deal with this common Enemy without their help; but why must we unite with them because of the Enemy, will they go over to the Enemy, if we do not prevent it by a union with them — We are very well contented they...
Halaman 162 - Let the present administration give up but this one point, and there is nothing which I would not consent to grant them. Mr. Perceval shall have full liberty to insult the tomb of Mr. Fox, and to torment every eminent Dissenter in Great Britain ; Lord Camden shall have large boxes of plums ; Mr. Rose receive permission to prefix to his name the appellative of virtuous ; and to the Viscount Castlereagh * a round sum of ready money shall be well and truly paid into his hand. Lastly, what remains to...
Halaman 133 - I have before said, the moment the very name of Ireland is mentioned, the English seem to bid adieu to common feeling, common prudence, and to common sense, and to act with the barbarity of tyrants and the fatuity of idiots.

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