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Halaman 7 - Never install more than the equivalent of the number of half-foot burners for which the machine is rated. 8. Never test the generator or piping for leaks with a flame, and never apply flame to an outlet from which the burner has been removed. 9. Never use a lighted match, lamp, candle, lantern or any other open light near the machine.
Halaman 4 - Shall be provided with a permanently open vent or with a combination fill and vent fitting so arranged that the fill pipe cannot be opened without opening the vent pipe.
Halaman 8 - No artificial heat other than hot water or steam shall be used to produce rapid evaporation, and in all such cases heating and evaporating chambers shall be entirely separate. 10. Gasoline Feed Pump. If of the simple plunger type, shall have check valves as close to the pump as convenient, and stuffing boxes shall be kept tight and free from leakage. 11. Piping and Fittings. Follow the same requirements as given under Class A, except in the following particulars: *S Flammable Liquids Ordinance...
Halaman 5 - Department, but which shall end at least 12 feet above level of source of supply and in a location remote from fire escapes and never nearer than three feet, measured horizontally and vertically, from any window or other opening; the tank vent pipe shall terminate in a goose-neck protected in the outer end by a 30 x 30 mesh or equivalent brass wire screen.
Halaman 4 - Vent openings shall be screened (40 mesh per lineal inch brass or equivalent non-corrodible metal) and shall provide sufficient area for allowing proper flow of liquid during the filling operation. A permanently open vent pipe shall be provided with a weatherproof hood and shall terminate at a point at least twelve feet above the top of the fill pipe and never within less than three feet, measured horizontally and vertically, from any window or other building opening. (/) Fill pipe shall be screened...
Halaman 1 - Systems as recommended by the NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John Street, New York, NY 222 West Adams Street, Chicago, 111. Merchants Exchange Building, San Francisco, Calif. EDITION OF 1926 *•• TM NVI DEFINITIONS In these standards the following words are used as defined below: "Shall" is intended to indicate requirements.
Halaman 15 - These lamps are regarded from a fire protection viewpoint as more dangerous than the systems covered in Class A, Class B or Class C, and where used their hazards should be recognized. If their use is permitted, the following general specifications for regulating the same should be observed : 24.
Halaman 14 - Should preferably be attached to an outside wall and so installed that a clear space is maintained above and below from floor to ceiling, and for at least a foot on either side of the device. NOTE: Where located against other than a fire-resistive wall, shall be insulated therefrom by an ample sheet of metal placed not less than 1 inch from the wall, leaving an air space. (c) Shall be located so that no artificial light will be required while filling...
Halaman 10 - A readily accessible brass wire gauze having a mesh of at least 40 per lineal inch, or its equivalent, shall be provided between the service pipe and the machine. CLASS C. GASOLINE LIGHTING SYSTEMS HAVING OUTSIDE TANKS AND INSIDE FLAME-HEATED GENERATORS. These systems are regarded from a fire protection viewpoint as more dangerous than the systems in Class A or Class B. Where used, their hazards should be recognized and the following rules and precautions rigidly observed : 12. Supply Tank. (a) Gasoline...
Halaman 6 - Connections to outside tank shall not be located near nor placed in the same trench with other piping. c. Openings for pipes through outside walls shall be securely cemented and made water and oil-tight.

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