Early Records of the City and County of Albany and Colony of Rensselaerswyck: Volume 4 (Mortgages 1, 1658-1660, and Wills 1-2, 1681-1765)

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Genealogical Publishing Com, 2002 - 222 halaman
Roughly half of the volume is devoted to detailed descriptions of places in Georgia of every conceivable size and shape--counties, towns, villages, post offices, rivers, streams, creeks, mountains, ridges, peninsulas, islands, missionary stations--many of which are no longer in use but are likely to crop up in a genealogical investigation. Preceding the gazetteer itself is an excellent overview of Georgia history and an account of the institutions and living conditions in evidence at the time of the book's original publication in 1837. Included are chapters on the founding of Georgia, the state's role in the American Revolution and thereafter, and lists of federal and state officials.

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Halaman 145 - Before mee and other Justices of ye said Court Thee will of Dirk Teunise van Vechten Late of the said County to these Presents Annexed was Prooved approoved and Insinuated haveing while he Lived and at ye time of his death Goods Rights and Creditts in Diverse parts of the said County for the obtaining whereof ye administration of all and singular the goods Rights and Creditts of the said Deceased and his Last will in any manner of ways Concerning was Committed unto his wife Jannetie Michiels Executrix...
Halaman 102 - ... thereto his person and estate, real and personal, present and future, submitting the same to all courts. Done in Albany, the I3th of August 1684. The words " to his heirs," in the sixth line, and " hundred and fifty-five feet," in the eleventh line, were written before signing.
Halaman 87 - Cornelis van Ness having thereby completely sold out his interest in the estate aforenamed. For the performance of what is hereinbefore written the parties in the capacities aforesaid mutually bind their respective persons and estates, real and personal, present and future, submitting the same to the jurisdiction of all lords, courts and judges. Done in Albany on the 7th of July 1681. GERRIT BANKEN M : CREGIER JUNIOR HEND : VAN NESS GERRIT VAN NESS Cornelis van Dyk Dirk Wessells In my presence, RT....

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