Hearings, Reports and Prints of the House Committee on Appropriations, Volume 89,Bagian 1-2

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Halaman 134 - ... assisted under this Act shall be paid wages at rates not less than those prevailing on similar construction in the locality as determined by the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended (40 USC 276a— 276a-5).
Halaman 92 - USC 777a777k), the Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife of the Department of the Interior and...
Halaman 721 - Non-Federal contributions may be in cash or in kind, fairly evaluated, including but not limited to plant, equipment, and services...
Halaman 134 - ... the Secretary of Labor in accordance with the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended (40 USC 276a — 276a-5). The Secretary of Labor shall have, with respect to such labor standards, the authority and functions set forth in Reorganization Plan Numbered 14 of 1950 (15 FR 3176; 64 Stat. 1267; 5 USC 133— 133z-15), and section 2 of the Act of June 13, 1934, as amended (48 Stat. 948, as amended; 40 USC 276(c)).
Halaman 157 - The Secretary of Commerce shall promptly conduct a survey to compile registration and voting statistics in such geographic areas as may be recommended by the Commission on Civil Rights. Such a survey and compilation shall, to the extent recommended by the Commission on Civil Rights...
Halaman 34 - Law 763 provides that the compensation of such employees shall be fixed and adjusted from time to time as nearly as is consistent with the public interest in accordance with prevailing rates.
Halaman 717 - Act of 1944, as amended, provides authority to construct, maintain, and operate public park and recreational facilities at water resources development projects under the control of the Secretary of the Army, and to permit the construction, maintenance, and operation of such facilities.
Halaman 722 - Act for the acquisition of land and the construction or equipment of facilities, including but not limited to grant-in-aid programs authorized by the following Acts : Federal Water Pollution Control Act ; Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act; title VI of the Public Health Service Act; Vocational Education Act of 1963; Library Services Act; Federal Airport Act; part IV of title III of the...
Halaman 595 - State centers showed that studies would be conducted in all of the broad research categories developed by the Committee on Water Resources Research of the Federal Council for Science and Technology. A...
Halaman 56 - Old-Age Assistance, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Aid to the Blind, and Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled. (m) "Federal reserve banks" means the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and their 24 branches. (n) "Firm" means a retail food store or a wholesale food concern.

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