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Soil Conservation-see Irrigation.

Sports-see Recreation.

State and Local Government-see also Federal Government.
United States Government

Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Federal-State Coordination of Personal Income Taxes. 1965.

Local Nonproperty Taxes and the Coordinating Role of the State.

Measures of State and Local Fiscal Capacity and Tax Effort.

The Role of the States in Strengthening the Property Tax. (2


Tax Overlapping in the United States. 1964.

Bureau of the Census

Census of Governments.

Sec. No


Supplement, 1966.

(Decennial to 1942; 1957; 1962, most recent.)

5, 10, 13, 15

See also p. 995___

Chart Book on Governmental Finances and Employment. (Govern-
mental Finances.)

City Employment. Annual. (Government Employment, No. 2.)..
City Government Finances. Annual. (Governmental Finances.).

Compendium of State Government Finances. Annual.




mental Finances.) _ _


Construction Expenditure of State and Local Governments.
terly. (Public Construction Expenditure.)


Finances of Employee-Retirement Systems of State and Local Gov

ernments. Annual. (Governmental Finances.)_.
Governing Boards of County Governments: 1965.
and Local Government Special Study No. 49.)
Governmental Finances. Annual. (Governmental Finances.) (Covers

[blocks in formation]

Local Government Finances in Selected Metropolitan Areas. Annual.
(Governmental Finances.)

Primary Assessing Areas for Local Property Taxation.
(State and Local Government Special Study No. 50.)

[blocks in formation]

Property Taxation in 1962. 1964. (State and Local Government
Special Study No. 47.)--

Public Employment. Annual. (Government Employment.)__
Quarterly Summary of State and Local Revenue. (Quarterly Tax

State Tax Collections.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Annual. (Governmental Finances.).

Salary Trends, Firemen and Policemen, 1924-64. April 1965.
(Bulletin No. 1445.)

Scientific and Technical Personnel in State Government Agencies.

Bureau of Public Roads

Highway Bond Financing: An Analysis, 1950-1962. 1963.

A Quarter Century of Financing Municipal Highways, 1937-1961.

Social Security Administration

State and Local Government Employment Under OASDHI. Annual. Other

The Council of State Governments, Chicago

The Book of the States.


International City Managers' Association, Chicago

Municipal Year Book. Annual...

National Bureau of Economic Research, New York

City Expenditures in the United States, by Harvey E. Brazer. 1959.
(Occasional Paper 66.)

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Stocks and Bonds-see Investments.


-see Service Establishments; and Wholesale and Retail Trade.

Tax Collections- -see Federal Government; and State and Local Government.
Telephone and Telegraph Systems-see Communications.

Television-see Communications.

Trade-see Foreign Commerce; Service Establishments; and Wholesale and
Retail Trade.

Transportation-see also Foreign Commerce; and Roads

United States Government

Army. Corps of Engineers

Waterborne Commerce of the United States. Annual..........
Bureau of the Census

Census of Transportation.

United States Waterborne Foreign Commerce.
Vessel Entrances and Clearances: Calendar Year.

Sec. No.

(1963, most recent.)

See also pp. 994-995. 8, 21 Annual_

2 222 22


(FT 975.).

Waterborne Foreign Trade Statistics (Summary Report). Monthly
and annual. (FT 380, 780, and 986.)...

[blocks in formation]

Merchant Vessels of the United States (Including Yachts). Annual
with monthly summary.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Earnings and Employment of Seamen on U.S. Flag Ships. 1958.
(Bulletin No. 1238.)

[blocks in formation]

Air Carrier Financial Statistics. Quarterly.

Air Carrier Traffic Statistics. Monthly.

Handbook of Airline Statistics. Annual.

Civil Aeronautics Board and Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport Activity Statistics of Certificated Route Air Carriers. Semi-

Federal Aviation Administration.

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Census of U.S. Civil Aircraft, as of December 31, 1964.


FAA Air Traffic Activity. Annual, on calendar and fiscal years.
FAA Statistical Handbook of Aviation. Annual....

[blocks in formation]

Statistical Study of U.S. Civil Aircraft, as of January 1964. 1964.
Interstate Commerce Commission

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Carriers by Water. (Part 5 of Transport Statistics in the United
States.) Annual.

Freight Commodity Statistics of Class I Railroads in the United
States. Quarterly and annual.

Revenue and Traffic of Carriers by Water.

for calendar year.

Transport Economics.


Quarterly, with summary

Transport Statistics in the United States. Issued annually in 7
separate parts as follows:

Part 1-Railroads, Their Lessors and Proprietary Companies,

The Pullman Company (Sleeping Car Companies), and Railway
Express Agency, Inc. (Express Company)..

Part 4-Electric Railways.

Part 5-Carriers by Water.

Part 6-Oil Pipe Lines..

Part 7-Motor Carriers..

Part 8-Freight Forwarders.

Part 9-Private Car Lines.

Maritime Administration

Employment Report of United States Flag Merchant Fleet Ocean-
going Vessels 1000 Gross Tons and Over. Quarterly.


United States Government-Continued

Maritime Administration-Continued

Maritime Manpower Report. Monthly

New Ship Construction. Annual..

A Statistical Analysis of the World's Merchant Fleets. Biennial.
Panama Canal Company

Passport Office

Annual Report...

Summary of Passport Statistics. Annual Report.......


Sec. No




Aerospace Industries Association of America, Washington, D.C.
Aerospace Facts and Figures.


Air Transport Association of America, Washington, D.C.
Facts and Figures About Air Transportation. Annual.
Quarterly Review.

American Bureau of Shipping, New York

The Bulletin. Monthly..

American Railway Car Institute, New York

Railroad Car Facts; Statistics on Car Building and Car Repairing.

American Transit Association, Washington, D.C.

Association of American Railroads, Washington, D.C.



Annual, until 1961.

Passenger Transport.


Transit Fact Book. Annual...


Cars of Revenue Freight Loaded. Weekly with annual summary.
Yearbook of Railroad Facts.


Automobile Manufacturers Association, Detroit

Automobile Facts and Figures. Annual...
Motor Truck Facts. Annual.



Automotive News Almanac. (Slocum Publishing Company, Detroit)

[blocks in formation]

Annual Summary of Merchant Ships Launched in the World.
Register Book, Statistical Tables.


Michigan, University, Survey Research Center, Ann Arbor
Survey of Consumer Finances. Annual..

National Association of Motor Bus Owners, Washington, D.C.
Bus Facts. Annual

National Bureau of Economic Research, New York

Capital in Transportation, Communications, and Public Utilities: Its
Formation and Financing, by Melville J. Ulmer. 1959. (Studies
in Capital Formation and Financing 4.)

Transportation Economics. 1965. (Special Conference Series

Railway Age. (Simmons-Boardman Publishing Corp., New York)
Weekly. (Annual review and outlook issue.)

Resources for the Future, Inc., Washington, D.C. (Johns Hopkins
Press, Baltimore)

Resources in America's Future: Patterns of Requirements and Avail-
abilities, 1960-2000, by Hans H. Landsberg and others. 1963.
Shipbuilders Council of America, Washington, D.C.

Annual report__

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-see Labor; and Social Insurance.

Unemployment Insurance

Utilities, Public-see Communications; Power; and Transportation.
Veterans-see National Defense.

Virgin Islands of the United States-see Outlying Areas.

Vital Statistics-see also Accidents; and Health

United States Government

Agricultural Research Service

Heights and Weights of Adults in the United States. 1960. (Home
Economics Research Report No. 10.)

Public Health Service


Monthly Vital Statistics Report, Provisional Statistics. Monthly,
with annual summary..

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Annual summary also.
Vital and Health Statistics.

Series 20: Mortality Data. Irregular.

Series 21: Natality, Marriage, and Divorce Data. Irregular.
Series 22: Data from the Program of Sample Surveys Related to
Vital Records.


Vital Statistics of the United States.


National Bureau of Economic Research, New York


Sec. No.

2, 32

2, 5, 21, 32

The American Baby Boom in Historical Perspective, by Richard A.
Easterlin. 1962. (Occasional Paper 79.)

Social Science Research Council, New York (John Wiley and Sons)
The Fertility of American Women, by Wilson H. Grabill, Clyde V.
Kiser, Pascal K. Whelpton. (A volume in the Census Monograph
Series; prepared for Social Science Research Council in cooperation
with Bureau of the Census.) 1958.

United Nations, Statistical Office, New York
Demographic Yearbook.

Population and Vital Statistics Report.

(Statistical Papers, Series A.)

World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Annual Epidemiological and Vital Statistics.

Epidemiological and Vital Statistics Report. Monthly.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Education

United States Government

Bureau of the Budget


The Budget of the United States Government. Annual. 9, 14, 15, 20, 28, 31 Department of Health, Education, and Welfare

Annual Report.

Office of Education

Digest of Annual Reports of State Boards for Vocational Education.
Federal Funds for Education; Fields, Levels, Recipients, 1959 and

1960. 1962. (OE-10013.)

Vocational and Technical Education, Fiscal Year 1964..

Social Security Administration

Social Security Bulletin. Monthly, with annual statistical supple-

2, 10, 16

Veterans Administration

Annual Report of Administrator of Veterans Affairs__-
Vocational Rehabilitation Administration


Caseload Statistics of State Vocational Agencies in Fiscal Year 1966.

Characteristics and Trends of Clients Rehabilitated in Fiscal Years


Wages and Wage Rates-see Labor; and Social Insurance.

Wealth-see National Income.

Weather-see Climate.

Welfare Services-see Health; and Social Insurance.

[blocks in formation]

Wholesale and Retail Trade-see also Commodity Prices; Economic Indexes; and Service Establishments

United States Government

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

Sec. N:

Federal Reserve Bulletin.

Bureau of the Census

Capital Expenditures-1958.

[blocks in formation]

Census of Business. (1929; 1933; 1935; 1939; 1948; 1954; 1958; 1963,
most recent.)

See also p. 993.

21, 30, 3


County Business Patterns. Annually, 1946 to 1951; 1953; 1956;
1959; 1962; 1964; 1965--

Measures of Value Produced in and by Merchant Wholesalers in


Monthly Retail Trade Report..

Monthly Wholesale Trade Report. Sales and Inventories..

Retail Sales. Annual Report..

Monthly Labor Review...

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Federal Trade Commission

[merged small][subsumed][ocr errors][merged small]

Economic Inquiry into Food Marketing; Staff Report. Part I-
Concentration and Integration in Retailing.

Office of Business Economics


Survey of Current Business. Monthly.
Statistics, weekly and biennial...


Supplemented by Business
11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 22, 23, 25, 29-31

Chain Store Age. (Lebhar-Friedman Publications, New York) Monthly.
Chain Store Publishing Corp., New York

Chain Stores in America, 1859-1962, by Godfrey M. Lebhar. 3d ed.

Merchandising Week.

(McGraw-Hill Inc., New York)....

National Bureau of Economic Research, New York
Information, Expectations, and Inventory Fluctuation: A Study of
Materials Stock on Hand and on Order, by Ruth P. Mack, 1967.
(Studies in Business Cycles 15.)

Wholesale Prices-see Commodity Prices.

Work Relief-see Social Insurance.

Work Stoppages-see Labor.

Publications of Recent Censuses


Listed below are major reports of the most recent censuses. In most cases separate reports are available for each State, subject, industry, etc. Preliminary reports which have been issued are not included in the list.

Complete information on publications of all the censuses appears in the Bureau of the Census Catalog, which is published quarterly and cumulated to the annual issue. A list of data files (computer tapes and punchcards) and unpublished materials is also included, beginning with the 1964 issues. A sample copy of the Catalog is available from the Bureau of the Census on request. The annual subscription price is $1.75 for 4 quarterly issues and 12 monthly supplements (75¢ additional for foreign mailing'.


Vol. I. Counties. 53 reports; 1 for each State, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Virgin Islands. Data by counties and the State for farms; land in farms classified by use; value of farms; irrigated farms; irrigated acreage; farms and acreage by size of farm and by tenure of farm operator; statistics for commercial farms, number of farms by economic class and type; characteristics of persons in farm operator households; farm equipment and facilities; use of fertilizer and lime; acreage treated with agricultural chemicals; expenditures for feed, livestock, poultry, seeds, gasoline and other petroleum products, contract and custom work, and hired labor; number of livestock and poultry on farms, and quantity and value of livestock, poultry, and livestock and poultry products sold; acreage, quantity harvested, and quantity sold for each important crop; acreage and quantity of

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