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A. Ross ECKLER, Director

ROBERT F. DRURY, Deputy Director

MORRIS H. HANSEN, Assistant Director for Research and Development


This edition of the Statistical Abstract was prepared under the direction of Edwin D. Goldfield, Chief, Statistical Reports Division. William Lerner, Assistant Chief, was responsible for general supervision, planning of content, and review. Helen E. Teir was responsible for compilation, assisted by Juanita A. Wright for technical editorial work and Minerva K. Moreland for editing and clerical operations.

The cooperation of the many contributors to this volume is gratefully acknowledged. The list of sources of tables (pp. 1001-1006) and the source note below each table credit the various government and private agencies which have collaborated in furnishing information for the Statistical Abstract.

In a few instances, contributors have requested that their data be designated as subject to copyright restrictions. The source notes to the tables affected include a copyright notice. Permission to use copy. right material should be obtained directly from the copyright owner.

JULY 1967.

Library of Congress Card No. 4-18089


U.S. Bureau of the Census, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1967. (88th edition.) Washington, D.C., 1967.

For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office
Washington, D.C. 20402 - Price $4.00 (cloth)


The Statistical Abstract of the United States, published annually since 1878, is the standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. It is designed to serve as a convenient volume for statistical reference and as a guide to other statistical publications and sources. The latter function is served by the introductory text to each section, the source notes appearing below each table, the Guide to Sources, the section on Publications of Recent Censuses, and the Guide to State Statistical Abstracts.

This volume includes a selection of data from many statistical publications, both governmental and private. Publications cited as sources usually contain additional statistical detail and more comprehensive discussions of definitions and concepts than can be presented here. Data not available in publications issued by the contributing agency but obtained from the agency's unpublished tabulations and records are identified in the source notes as "unpublished data." More information on the subjects covered in tables so noted may generally be obtained from the contributing agency.

Except as otherwise indicated, figures are for the United States as presently constituted. Although emphasis in the Statistical Abstract is given primarily to national data, many tables present data for regions and individual States. Statistics for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and for outlying areas of the United States are included in the State tables whenever available and are supplemented by information in section 32. Statistics for cities or other relatively small geographic units appear only in a few instances. Additional information for cities, counties, metropolitan areas, congressional districts, and other small units, as well as more historical data, are available in various supplements to the Abstract. (See pages v and vi.)

Special feature in the 1967 edition.-A new section, "Metropolitan Area Statistics" was especially prepared for this edition. It presents in 2 tables a large selection of items of current statistical information for every area officially defined as a "standard metropolitan statistical area" by the U.S. Bureau of the Budget. Reprints of this section may be obtained by writing to the Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C. 20402. Price for single copies is 25 cents; for sets of 100 copies sent to the same address, $18.75.

Other changes in the 1967 edition. This edition, the 88th annual issue, presents data for the most recent year or period available during the early part of 1967.

Each year the more than 1,300 tables and charts are reviewed and evaluated. New tables and charts of current interest are added, continuing series are brought up to date, and less timely data are curtailed or eliminated. Text notes are revised as necessary to incorporate new definitions and source references. This year, the table of contents was restyled to include page numbers for charts and subject groups within sections.

Newly released information contained in this edition includes data on crime and on victims and cost of crime, provided by the President's Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice (tables 211, 214, 220, 221, and 237); data on incidence of poverty obtained through sample surveys conducted by the Bureau of the Census (tables 482-485); data on poverty programs supplied by the Office of Economic Opportunity (tables 486 and 487); data on national wealth abstracted from Finance magazine (tables 492-496); and data from the 1964 Census of Agriculture (primarily in section 23). New tables on subjects of particular current interest include population projections for States (table 11); data on the performing arts (table 309); military personnel on active duty, including the Viet-Nam conflict (tables 372-374); the National Guard (tables 379 and 380); pollution-caused fish kill (tables 1013 and 1014); and comparative international data on armed forces personnel and national defense expenditures.

Altogether, there are 78 entirely new tables in this edition, scattered through 23 of the first 33 sections. In addition to the tables specified above, significant inclusions in various sections are 5 new tables on health in section 2; 6 on education in section 4; 2 on labor unions in section 8; and 4 on manufacturing capacity and concentration in section 29.

Following is a list of some of the subjects covered by the new tables:

Population by States, pp. 13, 25

Employment in health services, p. 67

Nursing homes, p. 78

Absence due to illness, p. 81

Arthritis and hypertension, p. 85

Educational attainment, p. 116

Negro and white school enrollment, p. 125

Achievement tests, p. 125

College enrollment, p. 134

Victims of crime, p. 152

Arrest rates, p. 154

Economic cost of crime, p. 155

Correction, p. 162

National forest use, p. 207

Municipal and county parks, p. 209

Performing arts, p. 215
Median earnings, p. 240
Labor unions, pp. 246, 247
Viet-Nam conflict, p. 264
Military personnel, p. 264
National Guard, pp. 266, 267
Economic growth rates, p. 322
Poverty, pp. 338-341
Size of saving, p. 343

National wealth, pp. 344, 345

Size of congressional districts, p. 371
Voter participation, p. 380

Federal aid to governments, pp. 392, 393 Government finances, p. 417

Finances of largest cities, p. 436

Uses and sources of funds, pp. 448, 449

Money in circulation, p. 450

Federal aid to research, p. 540
Truck carriers, p. 566

Bus carriers, p. 568

Farms and acreage, p. 605

Farm households, p. 606

Farm products sold, p. 610

Farm expenditures, p. 623

Wheat and flour exports, p. 638
Plywood and particle board, p. 666
Fish consumption, p. 675
Fishery products supply, p. 678
Fish killed by pollution, p. 678
New housing authorized, p. 719
Homes with selected appliances, p. 729
First mortgage home loans, p. 732
Manufacturing capacity, p. 739
Concentration in manufacturing, p. 750
Flat glass production, p. 770
Balance of payments, p. 814
International output rates, p. 869

Armed forces of foreign countries, p. 871
Defense expenditures, p. 871

Of the tables included in the 1966 edition, 109 were omitted from this issue. The omissions, scattered through 27 sections, represent primarily tables for which comparable details appear in the new or retained tables or for which no recent data are available.

Responsibility.-The contents of this volume were taken from a large number of sources (see "Source Agencies and Table Numbers"). The Bureau of the Census cannot accept the responsibility for the accuracy or limitations of the data presented here, other than for those which it collects. The responsibility for selection of the material and for proper presentation, however, rests with the Bureau.


Many persons have offered suggestions for improving the presentation of data in the Statistical Abstract and its supplements. Their comments have been most helpful. Users of these publications are urged to continue to make their needs known for consideration in planning future editions. Suggestions and comments should be sent to the Director, Bureau of the Census, Washington, D.C. 20233.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON DATA PRESENTED please consult the source publications available in local libraries or write to the agencies indicated in the source notes to the tables covering the desired subject. Write to the Bureau of the Census only if it is cited as the source.

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