A Tour in Ireland 1776-1779

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Book Jungle, 1887 - 116 halaman

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Halaman 167 - It must strike the most careless traveller to see whole strings of cars whipped into a ditch by a gentleman's footman, to make way for his carriage; if they are overturned or broken in pieces, no matter, it is taken in patience; were they to complain they would perhaps be horsewhipped.
Halaman 165 - Ireland ; a long series of oppressions, aided by many very ill-judged laws, have brought landlords into a habit of exerting a very lofty superiority, and their vassals into that of an almost unlimited submission : speaking a language that is despised, professing a religion that is abhorred, and being disarmed, the poor find themselves in many cases slaves even in the bosom of written liberty.
Halaman 167 - I am talking nonsense, they know their situation too well to think of it ; they can have no defence but by means of protection from one gentleman against another, who probably protects his vassal as he would the sheep he intends to eat.
Halaman 166 - Disrespect, or anything tending towards sauciness, he may punish with his cane or his horsewhip with the most perfect security. A poor man would have his bones broken if he offered to lift his hand in his own defence. Knocking down is spoken of in the country in a manner that makes an Englishman stare.
Halaman 125 - ... that came in succession had shorter and shorter tenures; yet are they so desirous of settling, that they come at present, though only two years remain for a term. In this manner Sir William has fixed twenty-two families, who are all upon the improving hand, the meanest growing richer; and find themselves so well off, that no consideration will induce them to work for others, not even in harvest: their industry has no bounds; nor is the day long enough for the revolution of their incessant labour....
Halaman 172 - For a country so very far behind us as Ireland, to have got suddenly so much the start of us in the article of roads, is a spectacle that cannot fail to strike the English visitor exceedingly. It is a common complaint that the tolls of the turnpikes are so many jobs, and the roads left in a state that disgraces the kingdom.
Halaman 168 - ... acts were passed for their punishment, which seemed calculated for the meridian of Barbary; this arose to such a height, that by one they were to be hanged under circumstances without the common formalities of a trial, which though .repealed by the following sessions marks the spirit of punishment; while others remain yet the law of the land, that would, if executed, tend more to raise than quell an insurrection.
Halaman 165 - To discover what the liberty of a people is, we must live among them, and not look for it in the statutes of the realm: the language of written law may be that of liberty, but the situation of the poor may speak no language but that of slavery.
Halaman 190 - I dare assert it will soon very generally merit: this is the class of little country gentlemen*; tenants, who drink their claret by means of profit rents; jobbers in farms; bucks; your fellows with round hats, edged with gold, who hunt in the day, get drunk in the evening, and fight the next morning.
Halaman 124 - Twelve years ago he met with a hearty-looking fellow of forty, followed by a wife and six children in rags,, who begged. Sir William questioned him upon the/ scandal of a man in full health and vigour, supporting himself in such a manner : the man said he could get no work : " Come along with me, I will show you a| spot of land upon which I will build a cabin for yon, and if you like it you shall fix there.

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