Supplément au Recueil de principaux traités d'alliance, de paix, de trêve ...: précédé de Traités du XVIIIème siècle antérieurs a cette époque et qui ne se trouvent pas dans le Corps Universal Diplomatique de mrs. Dumont et Rousset ...

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Dieterich, 1838
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Halaman 470 - The United States also agree that the lands above, ceded by the treaty of Feb. 14. 1833, including the outlet, and those ceded by this treaty, shall all be included in one patent executed to the Cherokee Nation of Indians by the president of the United States according to the provisions of the act of May 28, 1830.
Halaman 575 - Cracovie et de son territoire; aucune force armée ne pourra jamais y être introduite sous quelque prétexte que ce soit. En revanche il est entendu et expressément stipulé qu'il ne pourra être accordé dans la ville libre et sur le territoire de Cracovie aucun...
Halaman 10 - ... los buques de cada una de las partes contratantes, en el territorio de la otra, que los que actualmente pagan o en lo sucesivo pagaren en los mismos, los buques de la nación más favorecida.
Halaman 686 - If either of the parties shall be at war, and shall meet a vessel at sea belonging to the other, it is agreed, that if an examination is to be made, it shall be done by sending a boat with two or three men only; and if any gun shall be fired, and injury done, without reason, the offending party shall make good all damages.
Halaman 41 - LL. MM. l'empereur d'Autriche, le roi de Prusse et l'empereur de toutes les Russies...
Halaman 470 - The United States also stipulate and agree to extinguish for the benefit of the Cherokees the titles to the reservations within their country made in the Osage treaty of 1825 to certain half-breeds and for this purpose they hereby agree to pay to the persons to whom the same belong or have been assigned or to their agents or guardians whenever they shall execute after the ratification of this treaty a satisfactory conveyance for the same, to the United States, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars...
Halaman 686 - If any citizens or subjects, with their effects, belonging to either party, shall be found on board a prize vessel taken from an enemy by the other party, such citizens or subjects shall be liberated immediately, and...
Halaman 410 - This treaty shall be obligatory on the tribes, parties hereto,, from and after the date hereof, and on the United States, from and after its ratification by the government thereof. Done, and signed, and sealed, at...
Halaman 209 - ... par chacune des Hautes Parties contractantes, et les ratifications en seront échangées dans l'espace de six mois à Turin. En foi de quoi, nous Plénipotentiaires soussignés avons fait faire trois copies du présent Article additionnel, parfaitement conformes entre elles, les avons signées, et y avons apposé le cachet de nos armes. Fait à Turin ce jour huit décembre 1834.
Halaman 686 - We declare that both parties have agreed that this treaty, consisting of twenty-five articles, shall be inserted in this book, and delivered to James R. Leib, agent of the United States, and now their resident consul at Tangier, with whose approbation it has been made, and who is duly authorized on their part, to treat with us, concerning all the matters contained therein.

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