Fortifications Bill: 1918, Hearings ... 64th Congress, 2d Session

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Halaman 510 - ... dams, locks, improvements to navigation, power houses, and other plants and equipment or other means than water power as in his judgment is the best and cheapest, necessary or convenient for the generation of electrical or other power and for the production of nitrates or other products needed for munitions of war and useful in the manufacture of fertilizers and other useful products.
Halaman 86 - ... official business outside of the District of Columbia and away from their designated...
Halaman 295 - For the alteration and maintenance and installation of the seacoast artillery, including the purchase and manufacture of machinery, tools, and materials necessary for the work, and expenses of civilian mechanics, and extra-duty pay of enlisted men engaged thereon, $104,546; For alteration, maintenance, and repair of submarine mine matériel, $4.
Halaman 374 - Ordnance, it shall have the right to submit the same to the Secretary of War, whose decision shall be final and binding upon both parties hereto.
Halaman 66 - This appropriation is designed for the maintenance and repair of searchlights and electric light and power equipment for seacoast fortifications, and for tools, electrical, and other supplies and appliances to be used in their operation.
Halaman 470 - ELECTRIC LIGHT AND POWER PLANTS. For the purchase and installation of electric light and power plants for the seacoast fortifications on the Canal Zone, $173,000.
Halaman 48 - Hereafter the Secretary of War may cause proceedings to be instituted, in the name of the United States, in any court having jurisdiction of such proceedings, for the acquirement, by condemnation, of any land, or right pertaining thereto, needed for the site, location, construction, or prosecution of works for fortifications and coast defenses...
Halaman 190 - ... communication, including telephones, dial and other telegraphs, wiring and all special instruments, apparatus, and materials, coast signal apparatus, and salaries of electrical experts, engineers, and other necessary employees, connected with the use of coast artillery ; for the purchase, manufacture, and test of range finders and other instruments for fire control at the fortifications, and the machinery necessary for their manufacture at the arsenals, nine hundred thousand dollars.
Halaman 510 - States, if in his judgment such means is best and cheapest, such site or sites, upon any navigable or nonnavigable river or rivers or upon the public lands, as in his opinion will be necessary for carrying out the purposes of this act; and is further authorized to construct, maintain, and operate...
Halaman 36 - For the installation and replacement of electric light and power plants at seacoast fortifications...

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