The Scottish Law Reporter: Continuing Reports ... of Cases Decided in the Court of Session, Court of Justiciary, Court of Teinds, and House of Lords, Volume 60

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W.&R.A. Veitch, 1923

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Halaman 171 - That if the owner of any vessel transporting merchandise or property to or from any port in the United States of America shall exercise due diligence to make the said vessel in all respects seaworthy and properly manned, equipped, and supplied...
Halaman 270 - Every vessel shall, in a fog, mist, falling snow, or heavy rain-storms, go at a moderate speed, having careful regard to the existing circumstances and conditions. A steam vessel hearing, apparently forward of her beam, the fog-signal of a vessel the position of which is not ascertained, shall, so far as the circumstances of the case admit, stop her engines, and then navigate with caution until danger of collision is over.
Halaman 61 - If in any employment to which this act applies personal injury by accident arising out of and in the course of the employment is caused to a workman, his employer shall, subject as hereinafter mentioned, be liable to pay compensation in accordance with the first schedule to this act.
Halaman xxxvi - America shall exercise due diligence to make the said vessel in all respects seaworthy and properly manned, equipped, and supplied, neither the vessel, her owner or owners, agent, or charterers shall become or be held responsible for damage or loss resulting from faults or errors in navigation or in the management of said vessel...
Halaman 72 - In my opinion, the first question must be answered in the affirmative, and the second in the negative.
Halaman 168 - ... (even when occasioned by the negligence, default or error in judgment of the pilot, master, mariners or other servants of the ship owner, not resulting, however, in any case, from want of due diligence by the owners of the ship or any of them, or by the ship's husband or manager)".
Halaman 394 - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded...
Halaman 179 - The carrier shall not be liable for loss or damage occasioned by...
Halaman 129 - The jury answered the first question in the negative, and the second question in the affirmative.
Halaman 169 - Stranding, and other accidents of navigation excepted, even when occasioned by the negligence, default, or error in judgment of the Pilot, Master, Mariners, or other Servants of the Shipowners.

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