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1789. John Adams

Massachusetts. 1797. Thomas Jefferson.

Virginia. 1801. Aaron Burr..

New York. 1804. George Clifton..

New York. 1813.. Elbridge Gerry

Massachusetts. 1817. Daniel D. Thompkins.

New York. 1824. John C. Calhoun.

South Carolina. 1833.. Martin Van Buren...

New York. 1837 Richard M. Johnson..

Kentucky. 1811. John Tyler

Virginia. 1812. Samuel L. Southard*

New Jersey. 1815. George M. Dallas.

Pennsylvania. 1819. Millard Filmore

New York. 1851. William R. King*.

Alabama, 1853.. David R. Achison*

Missouri. 1855.... Jesse D, Bright*.

Indiana. 1557 John C. Breckenridge.

Kentucky. 1861. Hannibal Hamlin..

Maine. 1865. Andrew Johnson.

Tennessee. 1865.. Lafayette S. Foster*

Connecticut. 1566... Benjamin F. Wade*

Ohio. 1869.. Schuyler Colfax.

Indiana. 1873... Henry Wilsont,

Massachusetts. 1875.... Thomas W. Ferry

Michigan. * Ex-officio as President pro tem, of the Senate † Died in oilice November, 1875.

The Electoral Vote of Pennsylvania for President

and Vice President of the United States.

First Term-March 4, 1789, to March 3, 1793.-Number of electors, 10. President-George Washington, of Virginia...

10 John Adams, Massachusetts..

8 John Hancock, Massachusetts.

2 George Washington elected President and John Adams Vice President.

Second Term-March 4, 1793, to March 3, 1797.--Number of electors, 15. President-George Washington, of Virginia

15 John Adams, Massachusetts...

14 George Clinton, New York ..

1 George Washington and John Adams re-elected.

Third Term-March 4, 1797, to March 3, 1801.-Number of electors, 15. President-John Adams, Massachusetts

1 Thomas Jefferson, Virginia

14 Thoinas Pinckney, South Carolina.....

2 Aaron Burr, New York.

13 John Adams elected President and Thomas Jefferson Vice President.

Fourth Term-March 4, 1801, to March 3, 1805.-Number of electors, 15. President-Thomas Jefferson, Virginia .

8 Aaron Burr, New York ...

8 John Adams, Massachusetts...

7 C. C. Pinckney, South Carolina.....

7 The vote for Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr being equal, no choice was made by the people. The House of Representatives proceeded to the choice of President, when Thomas Jefferson was elected President and Aaron Burr Vice President.

Fifth Term-March 4, 1895, to March 3, 1809.-Number of electors, 20. President-Thomas Jefferson, Virginia ..

20 Vice President-George Clinton, New York


Previous to this election two persons were voted for, thehighest being President, the next Vice President. The Constitution was amended as it now stands, Thomas Jefferson re-elected President and George Clinton elected Vice President,

Sixth Term-March 4, 1809, to March 3, 1813.-Number of electors, 20. President-James Madison, Virginia.....

20 Vice President-George Clinton, New York........

20 James Madison elected President and George Clinton re-elected Vice President.

Seventh Termn-March 4, 1813, to March 3, 1817.-Number of electors, 25. President-James Madison, Virginia

25 Vice President-Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts

25 James Madison re-elected President and Elbridge Gerry elected Vice President.

Eighth Term-March 4, 1817, to March 3, 1821.-Numbor of electors, 25. President-James Monroe, Virginia....

25 Vice President-Daniel D. Tompkins, New York

25 James Monroe elected President and Daniel D, Tompkins, Vice President.

Ninth Term-March 4, 1821, to March 3, 1825.-Number of electors, 25. President-James Monroe, Virginia.....

24 Vice President-Daniel D. Tompkins, New York........ 24

James Monroe re-elected President and Daniel D. Tompkins Vice President.

Tenth Term--March 4, 1825, to March 3, 1829.-Number of electors, 28. President-Andrew Jackson, Tennessee.

28 Vice President-John C. Calhoun, South Carolina.

28 Neither candidate for the Presidency having received a majortiy of the electoral votes, it devolved upon the House of Representatives to choose from the three highest on the list voted for, who were Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, John Quincy Adams, Massachusetts, and William H. Crawford, Georgia ; John Quincy Adams was chosen.

John Quincy Adams, President, and John C. Calhoun, Vice President.

Eleventh Term-March 4, 1929, to March 3, 1833.-Number of electors, 28.

President-Andrew Jackson, Tennessee

28 Vice President-John C. Calhoun, South Carolina.....

28 Andrew Jackson elected President and John C. Calhoun reelected Vice President.

Twelfth Term-March 4, 1833, to March 3, 1837.-Number of electors, 30. President-Andrew Jackson, Tennessee..

30 Vice President-William Wilkins, Pennsylvania

30 Andrew Jackson re-elected President and Martin Van Buren, New York, elected Vice President.

Thirteenth Term-March 4, 1837, to March 3, 1811.-Number of electors, 30. President-Martin Van Buren, New York

30 Vice President-Richard M. Johnson, Kentucky.

30 Martin Van Buren elected President and Richard M. Johnson Vice President,

Fourteenth Term - March 4, 1811, to March 3, 1845.-Number of electors, 30. President-Wm. H. Ilarrison, Ohio....

30 Vice President-John Tyler, Virginia....

30 Wm. H. Harrison elected President and John Tyler Vice President. President Harrison died one month after his inauguration, when the Vice President assumed the Executive functions.

Fifteenth Term-March 4, 1845, to March 3, 1848.-Number of electors, 26. President-James K. Polk, Tennessee

26 Vice President-Geo. M. Dallas, Pennsylvania.....

26 James K. Polk elected President and Geo. M. Dallas Vice President.

Sixteenth Term-March 4, 1819, to March 3, 1853.-Number of electors, 26: Prestient-Zachary Taylor, Louisiana

26 Vice President- Millard Fillmore, New York

26 Zachary Taylor elected President and Millard Fillmore Vice President. President Taylor dying July 9, 1850, the Vice President assumed the Executive functions.

Seventeenth Term-March 4, 1853, to March 3, 1857.-Number of electors, 27. President-Franklin Pierce, New Hampshire.

27 Vice President-Wm. R. King, Alabama....

27 Franklin Pierce was elected President and Wm. R. King Vice President.

Eighteenth Term- March 4, 1857, to March 3, 1961.- Number of electors, 27. President--James Buchanan, Pennsylvania

27 Vice President-Jno. C. Breckenridge, Kentucky

27 James Buchanan elected President and John C. Breckenridge Vice President.

Nineteenth Term.-March 4, 1861, to March 3, 1865.-Number of electors, 27. President-Abraham Lincoln, Illinois

27 Vice President-Hannibal Hamlin, Maine.

27 Abraham Lincoln elected President and lannibal Hamlin Vice President.

Twentieth Term. - March 4, 1865, to March 3, 1869.-Number of electors, 26. President-Abraham Lincoln, Illinois Vice President-Andrew Johnson, Tennessee

26 Abraham Lincoln re-elected President and Andrew Johnson elected Vice President. President Lincoln having been assasinated April 14, 1865, the Vice President assumed the Executive functions.

Twenty-first Term.-March 4, 1869, to March 3, 1873.-Number of electors, 26. President-Ulysses S. Grant, Illinois...

26 Vice President-Schuyler Colfax, Indiana ......

26 Ulysses S. Grant elected President and Schuyler Colfax Vice President.

Twenty-second Term.-March 4, 1873, to March 3, 1877.-Number of electors, 29. President-Ulysses S. Grant, Illinois

29 Vice President-Henry Wilson, Massachusetts .......

29 Ulysses S. Grant elected President and Henry Wilson Vice President.

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