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Sheriff-S. H. Davis.
Prothonotary, &c.-S. W. Walters.
Register, Recorder and Clerk of the Orphans' Court-W. J.

Treasurer-R. E. Miller.
District Attorney-Schurr.
Coroner-Theodore Chase.
Commissioners-E. R. Wheelock, R., M. Dunham, R.,

Jennings, D.
Surveyor-Patrick Falconer.
Auditors-Spencer, R., Barr, R., James, T.

WASHINGTON-WASHINGTON. Sheriff --William Thompson. Prothonotary-Julius G. Miller. Register-A. 0. Day. Recorder--J. A. Galbreath. Clerk of the Courts-James S. Stocking. Treasurer-A. L. Hawkins. Coroner--J. M. Byers. District Attorney-J. A. M'Ilvaine. Commissioners--Jos. S. Gaston, R., J. Cooper, R., Wm. Hazen,

D. Auditors-Jos. Linton, R., Joel Truesdale, R., J. S, Snee, D.

WAYNE-HONESDALE. Sheriff--E. M. Spencer. Prothonotary, &c.--Chas. Menner. Register and Recorder--Peter S. Barnes. Treasurer--Paul Swingle. District Attorney-P. P. Smith. Surveyor-Allen J. White. Coroner--Elkana Patnore. Commissioners-- Brown, D., Foote, D., Op

pelt, R. Surveyor-L. S. Collins. Auditors--E. A. Derflinger, D., A. R. Peck, D., P. G. Good

rich, R.

Sheriff--John Guffy.
Prothonotary--R. W. Singer.

Register and Recorder-W. B. Snodgrass.
Clerk of the Courts--G. W. Fiick.
Treasurer-James Gregg.
District Attorney-David P. Harvey.
Coroner-L. Winsheimer.
Commissioners--- West, D., Butterfield, D., Dick, R.
Surveyor--C. T. Long.
Auditors-- Sloan, D., Fausfel, D., Wilt, R.

WYOMING-TUNKHANNOCK. Sheriff-H. P. Carter. Prothonotary, &c.--A. B. Fitch. Register and Recorder-James R. Mahon. Treasurer--T. B. Vosburg. District Attorney--J. W. Pyatt. Coroner-E. S. Wheeler. Commissioners-Theo. Williams, D., Ph. Thomas, D., R. Ben

der, R. Surveyor--Thos. A. Miler, Auditors--W. S. Davis, D., J.G. Spaulding, D., L.Whitney, R.

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YORK--YORK. Sheriff-Michael Stambaugh. Prothonotary-William Y. Link. Register--C. S. Gerber, Recorder-James B. Schmidt. Clerk of the Courts-B. F. Koller. Treasurer-William Frey. District Attorney-John Blackford. Coroner-0. C. Brickley. Commissioners—Thos. Platt, D., Jno. R. Pfaltzgroff, D., Chris.

Kolter, R. Surveyor-William L. Keech. Auditors-Andrew Maffett, D., Wentel Gross, D., John Stall

man, R.


General Assembly meets on the first Tuesday of Jaruary.

The House of Representatives is called to order at tuelve o'clock M. and the Senate at twelve o'clock M.

Election of United States Senator.

Persons to represent Pennsylvania in the Senate of the United States are elected by the Legislature in the following manner:

Each House votes separately on the third Tuesday of January, at three o'clock P. M., if the Legislature shall have organized before the second Tuesday."

On the day following, at twelve o'clock M., the two Houses meet in joint convention, and the journals of the two Houses are then read and certificates signed.

Nominations must be made and teller elected two days prior, and communicated to each House,

Election and Inauguration of Governor.

Election of Governor Tuesday November 2, 1875. Inauguration of Governor January 18, 1876.

Returns of election of Governor opened in presence of both Hlouses, Thursday before inauguration.

Lieutenant Governor takes oath of office third Tuesday of January following his election,

MEMBERS OF THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, Elected November 5, 1872, to cast the vote for President and

Vice President of the United States.


Adolph E. Borie.

Russell Errett, Jho. A. Smull, Thomas M'C'amant.
Adolph E. Borie,

Theodore Strong,
John M. Thompson,

John Passmore, William D. Forten,

William J. Colegrove, Joseph A. Bonham,

Jesse Merrill, Marcus A. Davis,

Henry Orlady, George Morrison'Coates,

Robert Bell, llenry Bumm,

Jasper M. Thompsor, Theodore M. Wilson,

Isaac Frazer, John M. Broomall,

George W. Andrews, Francis Shroder,

Henry Lloyd, Vuk II. Richards.

John J. Gillespie, Edward II. Green,

James Patterson, David K. Shocmaker,

John W. Wallace, Daniel R. Miller,

Charles C. Boyd, Leander M. Morton,

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1789.. George Washington Virginia 8 years. 1797.. John Adams

Massachusetts, 4 1801.. Thomas Jefferson. Virginia

8 1809.. James Madison


8 1817.. James Monroe

Virginia 1824.. John Quincy Adams. Massachusetts, 4 1829.. Andrew Jackson... Tennessee 8 1837. Martin Van Buren.. New York. 4 1811.. Wm. Henry Harrison,

Ohio ..

1 month. 1841.. John Tyler..

Virginia. 3 years, 11 mos. 1815.. James Knox Polk.. Tennessee 4 years. 1819.. Zachary Taylort

Louisiana. 1 yr, 4 m, 5 d. 1850.. Millard Fiimore

New York.. 2 yrs. 7 m. 26 d.1853.. Franklin Pierce

N. Hampshire, 4 years. 1857.. James Buchanan

Pennsylvania, 1861.. Abraham Lincoln


4 yrs. 1 m. 10 d. 1865.. Andrew Johnson.. Tennessee 3 yrs. 10 m. 20 d. 1869.. Ulysses S. Grant.


4 years: 1873..' Ulysses S. Grant.... Illinois....

* Died in office, April 4, 1841, when Vice President Tyler succeeded him.

+ D in office, July 9, 1850, when Vice President Filmore succeeded him..

# Assassinated April 14, 1865, when Vice President Johnson succeeded him.

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