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No act of the General Assembly shall limit the amount to be recovered for injuries resulting in death, or for injuries to persons or property; and, in case of death from such injuries, the right of action shall survive, and the General Assembly shall prescribe for whose benefit such actions shall be prosecuted. No act shall prescribe any limitations of time within which suits may be brought against corporations for injuries to persons or property, or for other causes different from those fixed by general laws regulating actions against natural persons, and such acts now existing are avoided.

No act of the General Assembly shall authorize the investment of trust funds by executors, administrators, guardians or other trustees, in the bonds or stock of any private corporation, and such acts now existing are avoided, saving investments here tofore made.

The power to change the venue in civil and criminal cases shall be vested in the courts, to be exercised in such manner as shall be provided by law.

No obligation or liability of any railroad or other corporation, held or owned by the Commonwealth, shall ever be exchanged, transferred, remitted, postponed, or in any way diminished by the General Assembly, nor shall such liability or obligation be released, except by payment thereof into the State Treasury.

When the General Assembly shall be convened in special session, there shall be no legislation upon subjects other than those designated in the proclamation of the Governor calling such session.

No State office shall be continued or created for the inspection or measuring of any merchandise, manufacturer or commodity, but any county or municipality may appoint such officers when authorized by law.

No law changing the location of the Capital of the State shall be valid until the same shall have been submitted to the qualified electors of the Commonwealth at a general election and ratified and approved by them.


Every person who shall hold any office, or appointment of profit or trust, under the government of the United States, whether a commissioned officer or otherwise, a subordinate officer or agent, who is or shall be employed under the Legislative, Executive or Judiciary department of the United States, and also every member of Congress, is hereby declared to be incapable of holding or exercising, at the same time, the office or appointment of justices of the peace, notary public, mayor, recorder, burgess or aldermen of any city, corporate town or borough, resident physician of the lazeretto, constable, judge, inspector or clerk of election under this Commonwealth.

The holding of any of the aforesaid offices or appointments under this State, is declared to be incompatible with any office or appointment under the United States, and every such commission, office or appointment, so holden under the government of this State null and void.

If any person after the expiration of the fifteenth day of November, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, exercise any office or appointments, the exercise of which is incompatible, every person so offending shall for every such offence, being thereof legally convicted in any court of record forfeit and pay any sum not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars at the discretion of the court, one moiety of the said forfeiture to be paid to the overseers, guardians or directors of the poor of the township, district, county or place where such offence shall have been committed, to be applied to the support of the poor, and the other moiety thereof to the prosecutor who shall sue for the


No person shall be capable of holding, at the same time, the office of justice of the peace and prothonotary and clerk of courts.

Nor of associate judge and justice of the peace.

Nor of county commissioner, school director or board of health.

No alderman or attorney-at-la'n to be county prison inspector.

No district attorney can hold any other office under the laws and Constitution of the State.

Members of the Legislature cannot be concilman in an incorporated city.

No member of council is eligible to any office, employment or agency chosen by council during the term for which he was elected to council.

No person can, at one time, be a member of more than one of the following bodies, viz:

City council, guardians of the poor, board of health and inspector of the county prison.

Members of council cannot hold any other city or county office in the choice of the people.

No Senator or Representative can be appointed to any civil office during the term for which he was elected.

No person holding any other office shall at the same time be a member of either IIouse.

Apportionment of the State into Congressional

Districts, 1873.

First.—The First, Second, Seventh and twentysixth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Second.—The Eight, Ninth, Tenth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Twentieth wards of the said city, and that part of the Seventeenth ward lying west of Second street.

Third.—The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eleventh, Twelfth and Sixtéenth wards of said city.

Fourth.--The Fifteenth, Twenty-first, Twentyfourth, Twenty-seventh, Twenthy-eight and Twenty-ninth ward of said city.

Fifth.The Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentysecond, Twenty-third and Twenty-fifth wards of the said city, and that part of the Seventeenth ward lying east of Second street.

Sixth.-The counties of Chester and Delaware.

Seventh.—The county of Montgomery, and all that portion of Bucks county not included in the Tenth district. Eighth.---The county of Berks. Ninth.--The county of Lancaster.

Tenth.The counties of Northampton and Lehigh, and the townships of Durham, Milford, Springfield, Richland, Rockhill, Haycock, Nockamixon and Tinicum, and the borough of Quakertown, in the county of Bucks.

Eleventh.The counties of Columbia, Montour, ('arbon, Monroe, Pike, and the townships of Nos

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