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|HE task of preparing this record of the descendants of John Steere who settled in Providence, R. I., about the year 1660 was confided to the Rev. James Pierce Root, author of a Memorial of the Crawford Family. How well he accomplished his task may be judged from the fact that in the following pages are given brief sketches of nearly two hundred families comprising about nine hundred individuals, and carrying the record in regular order down to the end of the sixth generation. Besides these, there are included many names belonging to the seventh, and some even of members of the eighth, generation. Mr. Root's labors in this connection were brought to an end by his sudden death in January, 1888, soon after his manuscript was put into the hands of the printer. Much of the author's work was yet in the memoranda stage, and it is a matter of regret that he was not permitted to give it the final revision it required. In the main, however, the original arrangement has been followed, and, whenever possible, the author's statements have been compared and verified. Where it was impossible to do this, only such changes were made as were necessary to bring the facts clearly before the mind of the reader.

Mr. Henry J. Steere (46S), at whose instance the compilation of this record was undertaken, and under whose supervision the work was brought nearly to completion, died in Providence, R. I., October 28, 1889. In accordance with his wishes, expressed while living, no extended notice of Mr. Steere appears in this volume. He was a man of cultivated tastes, of large benevolence, and of singular modesty, and occupied a prominent position in the business circles of his native city.



Portrait Of Henry Jonah Steere . . . ... . . . Frontispiece

Ancient House On Trout Farm, Ocki.ey, Surrey, England 4

Steere Coat Of Arms 7

"youngs"Old Steere Homestead, England 8

Map Showing The Residences Of The Steere Families In Glocester, Etc., R. I. . 17

Fac-simile Page Of Town Records Showing Grant Of Land To John Steere . . 33

Map Of The House-lots In The Town Street, Stampers Hill .... 36

Fac-simile Of Affidavit Of John Steere 38

Fac-simile Of Petition Of John Steere 41

Coat Of Arms, After A Water-color Formerly In The Possession Of Arnold Steere 51

The Asa Steere Place (front View) 79

Fac-simile Of Summons To Richard Steere 83

The Simeon Steere Homestead 98

The Asa Steere Place 101

Portrait Of Samuel Steere 104

Portrait Of Mrs. Lydia Westcott 112

The Richard Steere Place 118

The Riley Steere Place 125

Portrait Of Jonah Steere 126

Residence Of Henry J. Steere At Barrington, R. I. 128

Portrait Of Job Steere 130

The Whipple Steere House 136

The Job Steere Homestead 144

The Thomas Westcott Homestead 162

Genealogical Chart 175

The Abbott House 187

Old Map Of The South End, Providence, R. I 195

Fac-simile Of Compact Of Twenty-acre Purchasers ..... 197-199

Facsimile Of Later List Of "those Who Had Paid Their Purchase-money" . . 201

Fac-simile Of The Indian Deed Of 1638 To Roger Williams 202

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