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Job Steere, son of Jonah Steere (27), grandson of Samuel (10), was born March 21, 1747, and married, December 17, 1772, Desire Smith, daughter of Abraham. It is related of him that soon after his marriage, at some time during the Revolutionary struggle, he bought a farm, running in debt to the amount of $1,400. His means were not very ample, but when he went upon his place in the spring he bought a cow, two heifers, and an old mare. He paid $60 for his horse and a like amount for the heifers. During the season he made a firkin of one hundred pounds of butter. It was the period of financial inflation, and the Continental money began soon to suffer depreciation, yet was made payable for debts. To illustrate the problem of loss and gain, it is stated that in the fall of the same year he sold his two heifers for $700, his mare for $700, and his firkin of butter for $500, and with the proceeds paid off the debt on his farm, and had still five hundred paper dollars in his pocket. He lived in Glocester till 1794, when he bought of Squire and Amy Smith of Scituate a tract of land in Scituate comprising eighteen acres and removed thither. The date of the deed is December 30, 1794. He made his will, dated Scituate, January 16, 1804, giving to his wife Desire his homestead farm, etc., and making her executor. He also made provision for his daughter, Asenath Aldrich, and for her two children, Job Steere Aldrich and James Aldrich. His will was probated May 12, 1838, when Widow Desire Steere requested the appointment of James Aldrich of Scituate as administrator, and relinquished her right of dower.* He died October 6, 1837, in his 89th year; she died October 27, 1841, in her 91st year.


185 Asenath, b. April 5, 1773, at Smithfield; m. James Aldrich.


Lydia Steere, daughter of Jonah Steere (27), granddaughter of Samuel (10), was born February 14, 1751, and married John Olney, son of Joseph and Esther (Smith) Olney, who was born June 22, 1747.

* Scituate Records, vol. 6, p. 22.



I. Anna, b. August 29, 1769; m. Stephen Appleby.
H. James, b. March 21, 1772; m. Marcy Smith. He d. July 25, 1820.

III. Esther, b. March 6, 1774; m. Charles Appleby.

IV. Stephen, b. February 6, 1776; d. unmarried.

V. Joseph, b. February 10, 1778; unmarried ; d. July 25, 1820. VI. George, b. January 4, 1781; ///. Sally Smith. He d. May 18, 1810. VII. Ziba, b. January 2, 1783; m. Anne Aldrich, dau. of Reuben Aldrich. She d. May 9, 1832; he d. December 5, 1871, ce. 88 years, it months, and 3 days. VIII. Elizaiieth, b. April 12, 1788; m. George Colwell.


Anne Steele, daughter of Jonah Stcere (27), granddaughter of Samuel (10), was born in Glocester January 21, 1753, and married Jeremiah Sayles, son of Thomas and Esther (Scott) Sayles, born December 17, 1743. They lived in North Providence, where their children (with the exception of James, who was born in Providence) were born. He died June 27, 1818, aged 74 years and 6 months; she died July 16, 1835, aged 82 years, 5 months, and 26 days. This family is interred in the North Burial Ground.


I. Martha, b. June 11, 1776 ; m. David Wilkinson of Pawtucket.
II. James, October 11, 1777; unmarried; d. January 27, 1798.

III. Abigail, b. August 18, 1788 ; m. Ira Pidge of Providence. She d. March 11, i860, in her

seventy-second year. Their dau. Ann Eliza ///. Pardon Williams, and d. April 12, 1833, ce. 23 years and 14 days,

IV. Stephen, b. September 3, 1791 ; unmarried ; d. December 27, 1823, in his thirty-third year.


Drusilla Steere, daughter of Jonah Steere (27), granddaughter of Samuel (io)r was born October 10, 1754, and married James Smith, son of Major Rufus Smith, born October 23, 1752. She died, and he married, second, Widow Lydia Wilkinson. He died August 18, 1828.


I. Rufus, b. May 22, 1776; m., March 17, 1799, Mary Smith, dau. of John Smith. He d.
October 8, i860.
II. Davilwin, b. November 19, 1777; m. Prussia Sayles.

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