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that the before written will be proved approved and hereby is ordered recorded. Voted and past per order,

Richard Steere, Con' Cl'k. Recd for Record, June 18th, 1798, and recorded by

Richard Steere Con1 Clk. The Inventory of personal estate of Jonah Steere Esq., of Glocester, who decd on the 14th April, A. D. 1798, amounted to $540.85. The above Inventory was taken on the 2 2d of May, A. D. 1798, by the subscribers:

Jeremiah Steere,
Nicholas Browne.


Jeremiah Steere, son of Samuel (10), and grandson of John, Sen. (1), was

born February 22, 1722. He married, first, Burlingame; second, Mary,

widow of Nehemiah Thornton, and daughter of Nathaniel and Ruth (Hawkins) Wade; third, Mary Wade; fourth, Jemima Lee. He died in 1803, his will being made November 30, 1802, and his inventory taken August 30, 1803. He mentions all his children in his will.

Children of Jeremiah Steere (by first wife):

73 I. Reuben, m. Phebe Wright, /.

74 II. Sarah, m. Richard Evans.

Children of Jeremiah and Mary (second wife):

75 III. Mercy, m. Maverick Eaton.

76 IV. Robey, m. John Simmons.

77 V. Amy (or Anne), m. James Potter. Children of Jeremiah and Mary (third wife):

78 VI. Uranah, m. Geo. Smith.

79 VII. Deborah, b. about 1765; m. Jesse Potter. She d. February 20, 1846, ce. 81.

80 VIII. Jeremiah, b. November 29, 1766; m. Phebe Potter, b. February 1, 1769. He d. July 22,


81 IX. Jesse, /'. October 29, 1772; m. Barbara Tourtellot, b. April 14, 1774, /.

82 X. Asahel, b. March 4, 1774; m. Olive Horton, b. April 19, 1774. He d. 1856, / .

83 XI. Ruth, July 31, 1775 ; m. April 2, 1797, Jesse Tourtellot, son of Daniel Tourtellot. She

d. September 23, 1831.

84 XII. Nathaniel, b. May 3, 1779; m. Patience Bussey, b. August 17, 1782. He d. January 10,

1858 ; she d. February, 1873, ce. nearly 91, /. Mrs. Mary Steere, second wife of Jeremiah, had a daughter Mary by the previous marriage with Nehemiah Thornton.


Samuel Steere, son of Samuel (10), and grandson of John, Sen. (1), was born, according to the family record, November 12, 1731, N. S., in Glocester, where he resided. His father dying during his minority (1745), his uncle by marriage, William Coman, was appointed his guardian. He acquired land as early as August 23, 1750 (when but nineteen), when sixty-nine acres were laid out to him by Richard Steere, surveyor; his uncle also conveying fifty acres to him in 1750, and he purchasing, for ^168, " in bills paid by Anthony Steere, fourteen acres in two pieces and both pieces joyneth to the land of Thomas Steere, Esq. where the said Anthony dwelleth." On the 9th of April, 1754, he deeded to his brother, Anthony Steere, for ,£168, two pieces of land, one containing four acres and the other nine and three quarters acres, adjoining the land of Thomas Steere, Esq., which were comprised in the land laid out to him August 23, 1750, by Richard Steere, surveyor. He received a deed from Richard and Anne Tucker, 14th March, 1770, of thirty acres of land in Glocester, "a part and parcel of the land I (Tucker) purchased of James Eddy and is on the southerly side of said land where I now dwell, bounded on land owned by Chas. Field and where he liveth is on the northerly line of land or farm the said Samuel Steere now owns and lives on." * The old homestead of this Samuel Steere was sold by his son Samuel to Paris Irons.

Samuel Steere was married, about 1756, to Martha Colwell.t daughter of Robert, 3d. He was made freeman in 1758, at the May meeting, together with

Glocester Records, vol. 8, p. 380. the debts and the heirs. At this time John would

t Not finding any family record of Samuel and have been twenty and Samuel eighteen, so that Wil

Hannah (Field) Steere's children, it has been a very Ham Coman is charged with the receipt of three shares

nice question to settle whether this Samuel who of the property (^150), evidently one on behalf of

married Martha Colwell was the youngest son of his wife and two as guardian for both John and

Samuel and Hannah, or of his brother William Samuel. The uncle of Samuel Steere, son of

by his second wife Susannah. Both of these were Samuel, Capt. John Field, on the 8th of June, 1750,

sons of John, Senior, and each had a son Samuel, conveyed to his nephew by deed, fifty acres of land

but it seems quite certain that one of these Samuels on the west side of the Seven Mile Line, "for the

died early, as only one appears in future history, love that I bare to my sister Hannah and her son

Samuel, who married Martha Colwell, according to Samuel Steere." Why he should have joined her

the family record, was born November 12, 1731, N. name with Samuel's appears only if we suppose that

S., and if son of Samuel, was only fourteen in 1745, the latter was not yet of age. In addition he had

the date of his father's death. William Coman, who land laid out to him, 23d August, 1750, by Richard

married the elder daughter of Samuel and Hannah, Steere, sixty-nine acres, costing him ,£168 " in bills

was appointed guardian of both John and Samuel, paid by Anthony Steere."

the younger children of Samuel, who were under age The will of Capt. John Field, June 26, 1754, when

and yet old enough to choose their guardian. This this Samuel, if born in 1731, would have been of age,

fact would make his age at this time correspond well bequeaths £1o to each of his nephews, Anthony,

with the date given of his birth, supposing that he Jonah, Jeremiah, and Samuel Steere, and to his niece

was fourteen and his brother John sixteen. In the Loranna (Urania) Coman the same. This furnishes

year 1749 Anthony Steere rendered the account of a list of the children of Samuel and Hannah alive in

his administration of his father's estate, having paid 1754. In addition, family tradition strongly confirms William Coman, Jr., and Stephen Steere. He was much interested in public affairs, and was frequently elected president of the Town Council.

Samuel Steere died (it is said of cancer of the eye) August 2, 1814. His wife died November 11, 1813.


85 I. Azubah, b. October 27, 1757; June 7, 1783.

86 II. Rufus, b. November 15, 1759; ///. Martha Thornton. He d. March 12, 1849 , sne "'.

September 30, 1836,/ .

87 III. Joseph, b. January 3, 1762 ; m. Mary, dau. of Elisha Brown. He died March 22, 1829,


88 IV. Nicholas, b. May 5, 1764; m., 1st, about 1792, Martha Harris, who (/. April 11, 1813;

2d, Mrs. Naomi Pettibone. He d. January 17, 1845, f.

89 V., h, August 17, 1766; m., January, 1786, Ahab Sayles. She d. March 9, 1854, f.

90 VI. Wanton, b. February 13, 1769; Charlotte Burgess. He d. in Providence September

22, 1819, / .

91 VII. Martha, b. September 30, 1771; m., 1st, Adfer Eddy (they had son Nelson); 2d,

Augustus Winsor. She d. November, 1813.

92 VIII. Samuel, b. June 24, 1774; m., May 11, 1800, Phebe Smith. He d. January 23, 1865J

she d. February 16, 1839, f.

93 IX. Robert, b. December 1, 1776; m. Esther Wheeler. He d. May 8, 1852 ; she d. in

1861, /.


Enoch Steere, son of Hosea Steere (12), grandson of John (2), married, April 14, 1762, Alice Place. He resided in Glocester. His father deeded to him, "for love," etc., thirty-five acres of land, on the 29th of August, 1763.* His homestead is noted on the assessment list in 1798 as follows: "A dwelling-house area 26 by 22 feet, 2 story, 2 windows, 12 squares 8 by 6 glass; one crib area 14 by 14 ; one shop 25 by 20, one story, 1 window, squares 8 by 6 glass, with two acres valued at $150. The barn with 80 acres of land joining northerly on Richard Steere and southerly on Gideon Aldrich, valued at $800."


94 I. Thomas, b. August 30, 1762. He lived in Burrillville and Glocester.

95 II. Daniel, b. May 13, 1765; died the same day.

96 Ill. Joseph, b. August 27, 1766; in., December 31, 1797, Lillias Wilkinson,?

97 IV. Hosea, b. December 18, 1768; d. November 13, 1778.

98 V. Zebedee, b. January 9, 1771; m. Mary Wood ; d. about 1852, f.

99 VI. Anne, b. June 25, 1776; d. July 9, 1784.

100 VII. John, unmarried; was a portion of his life a sailor.

the fact that the Samuel who married Martha Col- The lands belonging to the Field family also adwell was brother of Jonah, Anthony, Jeremiah, and joined the property whereon Samuel Steere dwelt. Urania.' * Glocester Records, vol. 7, p. 254.


Noah Steere, son of Hosea Steere (12), grandson of John (2), married, first,; second, Sally Cady of Killingly, Conn.; third, Ruth Wilbur of Smithfield. He was a farmer and lived in Glocester. He died April 4, 1810, administration being given to Hosea Steere. His father deeded to him, "for natural love," etc., on the 29th of August, 1763, about twenty-three acres, being land which John Steere, 2d, gave to his son-in-law, Joram Kinyon, February 7, 1742. This was near the Smithfield line. His dwelling-house is described in the assessment roll in 1798 as being 39 by 24 in area, one story, with a crib and two acres, value $200. His barn and thirty-three acres of land, the latter bounding northerly on Stephen Evans and east on the Seven Mile Line, was valued at $418. His homestead was about a mile east of Harmony, near Benedict Burlingame's house.

Child of Noah Steere by first marriage:

101 I. Levi.

Children of Noah and Sally Steere:

102 II. Hosea, July 11, 1784; m., 1808, Hannah Tinkham, dan. of Nehemiah Tinkham of

Glocester, b. March 14, 1786. He d. April 14, 1866; she d. March 13, 1869, f.

103 Ill. Noah, m. Sally Wiggen, and removed to Rome, N. Y., where he died, m. about 70, s. p.

104 IV. John, probably died at sea.

105 V. Barney, probably died at sea.

106 VI. Phebe, m. Olney Eddy. Children of Noah and Ruth Steere:

107 VII. Benedict, in., 1st, Sally Brown; 2d, Charlotte Sheldon, / .

108 VIII. Mary Ann, m. Phillips.


John Steere, son of Hosea Steere (12), grandson of John (2). He married, first, February 8, 1755, Deborah Phillips, sister of Sarah Phillips, who married Sylvanus Bartlett; second, June 29, , Sarah King. He was a farmer and resided in Glocester. His homestead is described in the assessment roll of 1798 as follows: "One dwelling-house 33 by 22 feet in area, one story, 11 windows, 12 squares 8 by 6 glass; one crib, area 14 by 14, with two acres of land valued at $150; one barn 30 by 24, with 58 acres of land joining northerly on Enoch Steere and southerly on Stephens, value $580." Jonathan and Susan Phetteplace deeded to him one hundred acres. He made his will "2d mo. 8th day, I 798," bequeathing to his wife the use of one third part of his real estate and the use of his dwelling-house while she remained his widow, and all of his indoor movable estate under like conditions, and giving all the remainder of his estate to his son Elisha and his daughter Ruth Henry. His wife Sarah was appointed executrix and his friend Elisha Steere of Smithfield executor.


109 I. Elisha, b. October 11, 1756; m, 1st, Mary Thornton; 2d, Lois Aldrich. He d. in South

wick, Mass., August 24, 1831 ; Mrs. Lois Steere d. August 13, 1857, f.

110 II. Marcy, b. 1759; d. October 16, 1761.

in III. Ruth, b. February 5, 1762 ; m. Benjamin Henry and removed to New York State. They afterwards settled in Illinois. She d. May 5, 1853.


Elisha Steere, son of Thomas Steere (18), grandson of Thomas (5), was born in Smithfield September 10, 1737, where he resided. He built the house now occupied by Mr. Robert Harris and his son Elisha. He belonged to the Society of Friends and often conducted their meetings. He was made a freeman in 1759. He married, first, July 10, 1760, Amy Aldrich, daughter of John Aldrich, born February 8, 1740, and died August 9, 1766; second, October 26, 1769, Penelope Steere, daughter of Anthony Steere, born February 22, 1747, and died January 31, 1771 ; third, November 25,1773, Widow Sarah Mowry, daughter of Richard and Abigail Sayles, born September 10, 1797, and died April 6, 1824. He died May 21, 1805, aged 67 years and 8 months.


Children of Elisha and Amy Steere:

112 I. Susanna, b. October 10, 1760; m., April 21, 1808, Daniel Mowry, Jr. (2d wife, s.p.).

He d. July 19, 1839 ; she d. October, 1850.

113 IL Thomas, b. September 21, 1762 ; probably d. young.

114 III. Sylvia, September 4, 1764; d. December 19, 1789. Children of Elisha and Sarah Steere:

115 IV, Richard, August 1, 1775 ; d. young.

116 V. Son, b. January 6, 1777 ; d. April 9, 1777.

117 VI. Phebe, b. February 25, 1778; unmarried; d. in Smithfield, September, 1843.* She

was a member of the Society of Friends.

118 VII. Stephen, b. October 29, 1780; m. Sarah Harris. He d. April 27, 1853, ce. 72 years,

6 months, and 2 days; she d. June 1, 1853, f.

119 VIII. Elisha, b. May 24, 1783 ; m. Esther Appleby. He d. November 25, 1749, ce. 66; she

d. December 7, 1867, a. 74, f,

120 IX. Nathan, b. July 10, 1785.

121 X. Abigail Arnold, b. July 10, 1787; m. George Aldrich.

122 XI. Rachel, A August 21, 1789; m. Elijah Evans, s. p.

123 XII. David, b. August 24, 1791; m., 1st, Betsey Latham; 2d, Mary Latham ; 3d, Mary

Hoar, f.

* In her will, which is dated December 11,1841, E. Shaw after she should arrive at the age of twentyshe leaves her property to her two sisters, Susannah, one. She remembers, also, her brother David, whom widow of Daniel Mowry, Jr., and Abigail Aldrich, she makes executor of her will, wife of George Aldrich, and also gives $200 to Mary

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