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The foregoing apprizal was made by us the Subscribers the 11th day of January, A. D. I 745.

Richard Steere,
David Burllinggame.

At a town Council Held at Glocester ye third Day of february A. D. I 745 the apprisors being engaged or Given their Engagement to the truth of their Just apprisal & Anthony Steere given his engagement to the Setting fourth & if any more Came to his knowledge he would case it to be aded to this Jnventory, Voted and Resolved that the foregoing Jnventory be accepted to be a Good Jnuentory & is hereby ordered to be Recorded.

pr Richard Steere, Cou. Clk.

Whereas Samuel Steere of Glocester in the County of Providence, &c. yeoman, who departed this Life the Eighteenth day of October, A. D. 1745; died Jntestate: who at the time of his Death was possessed of a Considerable personall estate which according to the Laws of this Colony, falleth into the Care of the town Council of Glocester aforesaid: And Whereas Hannah Steere the widow & Relict of the said Samuel Steere Refuseth to administer on said Estate: And Anthony Steere, Son of the said Samuel Desiring administration on said Estate and haven Giuen bond for his faithfull administration Jnto the town Council office according to Law: —

These are therefore to order and fully Jmpower you the said Anthony Steere to take into your Care Custody and possession all and Singular the personall Estate of your aforesaid Honoured father Samuel Steere which did belong to him at the time of his Death And on the same fully to administer in order to pay the Just Debtes: And to act and do in all Cases Relaiting the said premises as the Law Jmpowereth and Requireth an Administrator to do, and Render an account of your proceedings here on unto the said town Council or their Successors in said office within one year from the Date hereof: Given by order of a Town Council Held at said Glocester the third day of february in the Ninteenth year of his Majesties Reign George the Second of Great Brittain & King A. D. 1745.

Signed & sealed by order of the town Council aforesaid and on their behalf

pr Richard Steere, Council Clerk.

12th of March, 1749. At the meeting of town council, Anthony Steere of said Glocester presented the following account of his administration on the personall Estate of his late Hond father Samuel Steere, Deceased.


Resolued that the aboue account be accepted,

Rich" Steere, Cou1 Cler.

Received this Day aboue written & Recorded

pr R. Steere, Cou' Cler.

* This amount was evidently the sum of three Samuel, who were minors, and for whom he was shares, his wife's and his brothers-in-law John and guardian.

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