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The following is a list of the original proprietors of lots running back from the Town Street (South End), with the names of proprietors of the same in the year 1707, as exhibited in the old map of the South End : —

Robert Williams Bethiah Kelton.

1. Christopher Unthank Now in use of Richard Brown.

2. William Hawkins Mr. Pardon Tillinghast.

3. Robert West Philip Tillinghast.

4. Hugh Bewitt Benjamin Tillinghast.

5. John Lippitt Benjamin Tillinghast.

6. Mathew Weston Samuel Winsor.

7. Edward Hart Daniel Williams.

8. Thomas Hopkins William Hopkins.

9. Widow Sayers (or Sears) Daniel Williams.

10. Widow Tyler Nicholas Power.

11. Nicholas Power.

A Highway (now Wickenden Street).

12. William Wickenden Daniel Williams.

13. William Man John Lapham.

14. William Barrows John Lapham.

15. Adam Goodwin Thomas Harris and Thomas Field.

16. Thomas Harris Thomas Field.

17. Joshua Winsor Gideon Crawford.

18. John Field Gideon Crawford.

19. William Field Thomas Field.

It will be observed that all of the above lots had changed hands before 1707, except that of Nicholas Power.

The following lots are not given on the accompanying map: —

20. Richard Scott. 28 Richard Waterman.

21. George Rickard. 29. Francis Weston.

22. John Warner. 30. Thomas Angell.

23. Chad Browne. t 31. Thomas Olney.

24. Daniel Abbott. 32. Robert Cole.

25. William Reynolds. A Highway.

26. Stukeley Westcott. 33. William Carpenter.

27. Ezekiel Holliman. 34. John Sweet.

35. Alice Daniel.

36. William Harris.

37. John Throckmorton.

38. Mr. Roger Williams.

39. Joshua Verin.

40. Widow Eave.

41. John Smith.

42. John Greene, Sen.

43. Thomas James.

44. William Arnold.

45. Francis Weekes.

46. Benedict Arnold.

47. John Greene, Jr.

48. Edward Manton.

49. Thomas Painter.

50. Matthew Waller.

51. Gregory Dexter. A Highway.

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