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pie; and all the remainder of his said farme lieing about Loquasgussuck should be devided Equally between his said three sons (viz:) Samuell Eliezer and William. This saith this deponent is trueth and that he took it Emediately from ye said John Whipple his mouth and wrott it downe. And also that Whereas the said Will expresseth a quarter part of a Right of Comoning to Each of his three sons (namely Samuell Eliezer & William) he said his meaning intent & will was' that it should be so far westward as yc seven mile line and no further; And that the said John Whipple was then, when he did declare the same, of sound mind & of good memory.

May ye 27, 1685, upon oath Taken before us:

Arthur Ffenner, Assistant.
Joseph Jenckes, Assistant.

The will on the other side of this paper was at our Councill meeting, May ye 27"', 1685; by us the towne Council of Providence Examined, and is by us ye said Towne Council aproved. wittnes our hands:

Arthur Ffenner, Assistant,
Joseph Jenckes, Assistant,
Edward Smith,
Thomas Harris,
Joseph Williams,
Thomas Arnold,
Eliezer Arnold,
Thomas Olney.

The Inventory of goods, chattels, &c. amounted to £\i lis. xod.


Ensign Hezekiah Hoar was born prior to 1621, as in 1643 he was classed as between sixteen and sixty, therefore subject to do military duty in Taunton, Mass. He was a freeman in Scituate prior to 1640, and was one of the first purchasers of Taunton. He is also mentioned as a freeman in Cohannet, no date. In 1651 he was appointed surveyor of highways in Taunton. He was constable in 1672.* Deane, in his "History of Scituate," says that he was ensign under Miles Standish in the expedition proposed against the Dutch in New York in 1654. He was then of Taunton. It is not known that he had any other wife than Rebecca, who was his wife in 1673. She had forty acres of land granted to her in Taunton. Ensign Hoar deeded, February 27, 169], " in consid

* Plymouth Col. Records, vol. 2, p. 168.

eration of that patternal love and affection he bore to his two sons," all his lands already divided and laid out in the township of Taunton, his home lots, five acres at White Spring, four acres at the Horse Pond, and twenty acres at Rumford with proprietors' right in the Common and a right to land in the North Purchase. At the same date he had recorded his instructions by which his eldest son, Edward, was appointed to make deeds to his son Nathaniel and to his daughters Sarah, Lydia, Mary, and Rebekah, and Elizabeth's child, to each of them one hundred acres of the North Purchase, or an abatement of the same, if the land did not prove sufficient in quantity. In obedience to these instructions, Edward Hoar, then living in Philadelphia, gave a power of attorney to his brother Hezekiah Hoar, March 1, 17;?, and the latter deeded as above to the various children. Ensign Hoar died before April 8, 1699. Having given his property to his children, no probate records are found.


I. Mercy, b. January 31, 1654, who not being included in the father's " Instructions," doubtless died young.

II. Nathaniel, b. March 31, 1656; in., February 2, 1682, Sarah VVilbor.

III. Sarah, b. April 1, 1658; m., 1st, Edward Rew of Taunton; 2d, Nicholas Stoughton of Say

brooke, Conn. She was dead in 1713.

IV. Elizabeth, b. May 26, 1660; m. William Turpin of Providence, and probably died in 1693. V. Edward, b. September 25, 1663; removed to Philadelphia.

VI. Lydia, b. March 24, 1665 ; M., November 16, i68!i, John Whipple of Providence.

VII. Mary, b. September 22, 1669; m. Miacum.

VIII. Hezekiah, b. November 10, 1678; m. Sarah ;lived in Newport in 1705, Taunton in

1708, and Dighton in 1715. IX. Rebecca, M., February 20, 1690, Samuel Smith.


I. Capt. John Whipple, wife Sarah.
II. John Whipple (2), who married Mary Olney.

III. John Whipple (3), who married Lydia Hoar.

IV. Job Whipple, who married Lydia Harding.
V. Lydia Whipple, who married Jonah Steere.

VI. Asa Steere, who married Mary Irons.
VII. Jonah Steere, who married Alice Smith.
VIII. Henry J. Steere.


I. Capt. John Whipple, wife Sarah.
II. Jonathan Whipple, who married Margaret Angell.

III. Sarah Whipple, who married Samuel Irons.

W. Samuel Irons, who married Hannah Waterman. V. Mary Irons, who married Asa Steere.

VI. Jonah Steere, who married Alice Smith. VII. Henry J. Steere.


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