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I. Job, b. in Taunton, Mass., December 25, 1690; m., December 2, 1713, Lydia Harding, dau.

of Abraham Harding.

II. John, b. August 30, 1692.

III. Lydia, b. November 6, 1694.

IV. Elnathan, b. September 2, 1696.

V. Patience, b. February 18, 1699; in., November 9, 1724, Christopher Hyde.
VI. Hezekiah, b. February 17, 1701 ; m., July 14,-1723, Katherine Olney.

VII. Mary, b. June 21, 1703.
VIII. Sarah, b. April 17, 1705.

Job Whipple, son of John (3), grandson of John (2), was born in Taunton, Mass., December 25, 1690. He married, December 2,- 1713, Lydia Harding, daughter of Abraham and Deborah Harding, who was born August 23, 1692. On the 2d of June, 1721, Job Whipple received a deed of one hundred acres of land in Taunton North Purchase from Hezekiah Hoar (2) of Taunton, acting as attorney for his brother Edward Hoar, then of Philadelphia, who was intrusted by his father with the duty of confirming to six of the latter's children certain tracts of land which he designed for them, Edward and Hezekiah having already received the property. This one hundred acres was the right of Lydia, daughter of Hezekiah, Sen. Job probably sold this property, as he made his appearance in Providence soon after this date. The old " Samuel Whipple" or " Abbott" house, which first after Samuel Whipple's death passed into the hands of his son-in-law Robert Currie, was bought by William Smith, Job Whipple, and John Whipple, Jr., on the 3d of June, 1737. Subsequently by a division of the estate Job Whipple became the sole owner of the house and contiguous lands, which he sold to John Whipple, who occupied it till his death in 1751. Levi Whipple, Capt. Joseph Owen, and Thomas Abbott were the successive owners.

I. Meribah, b. October 31, 1714.
II. Elijah, b. August 2, 1716.

III. John, b. November 22, 1718 ; m. Hannah . They had a son Jonah.

IV. Lydia, b. 1725 ; m., December 10, 1741, Jonah Steere, son of Samuel and Hannah Steere,

and grandson of John Steere, Sen., b. January, 1720. He'd. April 14, 1798; she d. in 1779

May 8, 1682.

Be it Knowne unto all persons whome this may concern that I John Whipple of the towne of Providence in the colony of Rhode Island and providence plantations in New England (Senior) being in a great measure of health and in perfect memory vpon Consideration of mortallitye, not Knowing the day of my death, but haveing many Children, and to prevent all diferences that otherways may hereafter arise among them Concerning my worldly Estate, doe see Cause to make my will and doe hereby dispose of all my Estate in this world: And doe make this my last will and testament.

I having formerly given unto three of my sons all my lands and meadowes at Loquasgussuck, namely Samuel Eliazer and William, Equally to be devided among them three, Only excepting Thirty acres which I gave unto my son John at ye Norwest End.

I Give unto my three aforenamed sons namely Samuell, Eliazer and William, each of them a quarter part of one Right of Comoning for pasturing, Cutting of timber and firewood.

I give unto my son Benjamin a Right of lands in ye late division which is already Layd out.

I give unto my son David a Right of lands in y" late devission which is already Layd out unto him.

I give unto my son Jonathan Twenty-five acres one which he now dwelleth. Also J give unto my son Jonathan one division of landes which is ordred by sd towne to be laid out betweene the seven mile line and four mile line and papers already drawne for.

I give unto my son Joseph my dwelling house and my three home lotts and ye Garden next yc River: Also a six acre Lott lieing on ye southerne side of ye Neck whereupon ye towne of Providence standeth: Also Twenty acres neere Thomas Clemence his dwelling: Also I give unto my son Joseph my Share of meadow neere Solletardy Hill and two six acre Lotts lieing on Each Side of ye said hill; Also a five acre lott lieing neere where William Wickenden formerly dwelt. Also one devision beyond the Seven Mile line which is already ordre'd by ye towne and papers drawne for. Also I doe give unto my son Joseph all other devisions which shall hereafter belong unto two Rights throughout.

I give unto my Sons namely John Samuell, Eliazer, William, Benjamin, David and Jonathan, unto these seven, twelve pence to every of them.

I Give unto my three daughters (namely) Sarah, Mary and Abigail unto Every of them Tenn Shillings

I Give unto my Son Joseph all my Right of lands in ye Narragansett Countrey.

I give unto my Son Joseph all my mooveable goods of what Sort so Ever, and all my Cattell and all my tooles;

Also I doe make my Son Joseph my Exsecutor; Also my will is that my Son Joseph doe see that I be Decently Buried. This being the reall Absolute Will and testament of me ye said John Whipple Senr, as abovesaid, J doe here unto sette my hand & Seale this Eight day of May in ye yeare one thousand Six hundred Eighty two.

Wittness my hand

John Whipple, Senior, [L. S.]

Signed & sealed in ye presence of us
Thomas Arnold
John Arnold
Shadrach Manton

On the back side of ye Said Will is Endorsed as followeth Thomas Olney Towne Clarke of Providence in yc Colloney of Rhode Island & Providence plantations in New England Aged 53 years or thereabouts testifieth : — that upon ye sixteenth day of this instant, May, John Whipple Senior of the aforesaid towne of Providence sent for to speak with him: This deponant sayth he emediately went to him the said John Whipple then shewed him this paper and the writeing which on ye other side of this said paper is written desiring this deponant to peruse it and haveing well perused it he asked the said John Whipple what his mind was concerning ye lands which in ye said writeing he had desposed of to his severall sons, whether or no he did intend by that writeing or will that ye said lands should be unto his said sons and theire Heirs and Assigns for Ever, or only unto his said sons for terme of life, he Emediately made this Answer: that how Ever it was worded in ye said writeing, yet his mind and will was that his sons Each one of them should have those lands house and Rights which hee in ye said writeing unto Each one of them had desposed, to be unto them, theire heirs and Assignes for Ever to despose ye same or any part thereof at any time as they see cause and that ye same was his Mind and Will when yc said will was written: And further that whereas in ye said Will it was omitted to be inserted that his son Jonathan should have one of his Rights of land & Comoning on ye west side of ye seven mile line, yet that was his mind and will; that his son Jonathan Whipple should have one of his Rights of land & Comoning on ye west side of ye seven mile line to be unto him his Heirs & Assignes for Ever; and that was his mind when ye said will was written, how Ever by ye Scribe it was omitted: And whereas in yc first part of ye said Will there is an Exception made only of thirty acres of land to his son John by him formerly given, that he owned to be a mistake, and that ye Exception must be of sixty acres which formerly by deed of Gift he had given to his son John Whip

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