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Petersburg, Va. She died, and he married, second, Waity S. Armstrong, sister of his former wife. He lives near Petersburg, Va. During the War of the Rebellion he was pressed into the rebel service. He deserted, after serving a few months, and with six other Union men hid in a cave for eighteen months, an old negro servant faithfully providing them with food until they could escape. His house was for months on the dividing line between the Union and Confederate armies. His father-in-law and brother were both accused of helping the deserters, and shot down in cold blood near this house.

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James Harvey Steere, son of James (247), grandson of Rufus (86), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., April 30, 1833. He married, August 30, 1866, Mrs. Mary Rosetta (Parmelee) Gartsie of Fly Creek, who was born in Springfield, N. Y., December 2, 1839. They lived for a time in Little Rock, Ark., and afterward in Great Bend, Barton County, Kans. They now (1887) live in Kendall, Hamilton County, Kans.


876 I. Charles Harvey, b. in Fly Creek, N. Y., January 29, 1868; d. in Oaksville, N. Y.,

September 18, 1871.

877 II. Harvey Kenyon, b. in Oaksville, February 23, 1872 ; d. September 15, 1872.

878 III. Sarah Lillian, b. in Oaksville, February 26, 1874; d. in Little Rock, July 31, 1884.

879 IV. Carl Edward, b. in Oaksville, December 29, 1875.

880 V. Dan Parmelee, b. in Little Rock, February 2, 1883 ; d. July 3, 1883.


Martha Amelia Steere, daughter of James (247), granddaughter of Rufus (86), was born November 21, 1837. She married Rev. Samuel Bowdish of Carlisle, Schoharie County, N. Y., who died in Nebraska, of blood poisoning, July 24, 1886.


I. Louis H., m. Myra Salisbury of Le Grand, Iowa. They have one daughter, Lyra.
II. Lyra.

III. Austin Craig.


De Loss Steere, son of Ira (249), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., 1830. He married, 1856, Sarah W. Field. He resides on the farm where his father lived and died.


881 I. Stephen Field, b. 1857 ; in., 1881, Jeannie Patten of Hartwick. They have one daugh

ter, born in Mississippi. They reside in Abilene, Texas.

882 II. Frederick J., b. in Hartwick, 1858.

883 IH. George, b. in Hartwick 1863; d. 1871.

884 IV. Schuyler B., b. in Hartwick, 1868.

885 V. Minerva E., b. in Hartwick, 1870.


Schuyler Bliss Steere, son of Ira (249), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born in 1832. He married, 1857, Kate Clark of Franklin, N. Y. His residence in the winter is in New Orleans, La., and in the summer, in Lakelands, Cooperstown, N. Y.


886 I. Mary Clark, b. in Ohio, 1858; m., 1885, Frederick A. Saville of New York.

887 II. Edward Clark, b. in Wisconsin, 1863 ; d. in Cooperstown, 1884.

888 III. Katie, d. in infancy.


Elizur Steere, son of Ira (249), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., 1835. He married, first, 1858, Naomi Wright. She died in 1863, and he married, second, Clara Wright. He owns and lives upon his grandfather Nicholas Steere's homestead in Hartwick, N. Y.

Children of Elizur and Naomi Steere:

889 I. Louis F., b. in Hartwick, 1859.

890 II. Lucy N., b. in Hartwick, 1859 ; m., in 1886, Chester R. Burch of Hartwick. Child of Elizur and Clara Steere:

891 III, Lucius G., b. in Hartwick, 1866.


Silas S. Steere, son of Harris Steere (251), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., in 1823. He married, 1856, Mary A. Coy of Chilton, Wis., where they reside.


892 I. Frank A., b. 1857.

893 II. Clyde H., b. i860.

894 III. Nellie M., b. 1863.

895 IV. Jennie M., b. 1865.

896 V. Minnie A., b. 1867.

897 VI. Guy E., b. 1870.

898 VII. Effie B., b. 1872.

899 VIII. Fred. K., b. 1874.

900 IX. Glenn S., b. 1878.

901 X. Curtis L., b. 1881.


Charlotte A. Steere, daughter of Elisha (255), granddaughter of Nicholas (88), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., May 5, 1831. She married, first, Henry Dickinson Kennedy of Mishawaka, Ind., at Crooked Lake Farm, near Angola, Ind. He was born in Mendon, Monroe County, N. Y., and was the son of Onesimus and Mabel (Dickinson) Kennedy. He was a man of superior mental gifts and high moral and religious excellence of character, and was a teacher. He died near Tecumseh, Mich., June 9, 1853, aged 29 years. Mrs. Kennedy, then of Coldwater, Mich., married, second, January 22, 1863, Hiram Cody of Bloomingdale, Du Page County, Ill.

Children of Henry D. and Charlotte A. Kennedy: I. Henry Martyn, b. in Mishawaka, Ind., January 4, 1851; m., November 110, 1874, Lillie Overacker of St. Joseph, Mich. They removed to Fulton, Ill. He graduated at Hahnneman Medical College, Chicago, Ill., June, 1880.

Children: Henry Ward, b. in Bellevue, Iowa, May 23, 1878. Fred. Eugene, b. in Fulton Ill., May 8, 1882. Clarence, b. in Fulton, Ill., July 4, 1884. II. Frederic Dickinson, b. near Tecumseh, Mich., May 15, 1853; m., June 20, 1877, at Clinton Iowa, Ida J. Eaker of Benton Harbor, Mich. They removed to Ticeville, Dickey County, Dak., 1883. Their son, Robert Eaker, was b. July 28, 1886. Child of Hiram and Charlotte A. Cody: III. Lottie Ophelia, b. in Bloomingdale, Ill., May 14, 1868. She d. November 26, 1872.


Dr. Warren Burlingham Steere, son of Elisha (255), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., December 9, 1832. He married, first, November 20, 1854, Eleanor Emmons of Burr Oak, Mich. She died, and he married, second, March 8, 1876, Mrs. Louise Sholes Cole of De Witt, Iowa. They removed to Pierre, Dak., in 1881. He is a graduate of Philadelphia College and of the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Keokuk, Iowa.


902 I. Alton Emmons, b. in Orland, Steuben County, Ind., April 19, 1857. He went to Goodwin,

Dak., and M., September 18, 1882, Nellie Smith of St. Charles, Minn.
Child: Fanny, b. October 7, 1883.

903 II. Frank E., b. May 30, 1865 ; d. January 25, 1881, ee. 15 years.


Wallace Eugene Steere, son of Elisha (255), grandson of Nicholas (88), was born near Angola, Ind., March 15, 1852. He went to De Witt, Iowa, and married, December 26, 1873, Lottie A. Sholes. They removed to Pierre, Dak., January 7, 1881, where he is engaged in banking.


904 I. Glenn Sholes, b. in De Witt, Iowa, December 10, 1874.

905 II. Clarence Eugene, b. in Fairmount, Nebr., August 6, 1878.

906 III. Rollin Wickes, b. in Pierre, Dak., December 10, 1885.

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