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Robert Harris Steere, son of Stephen (1 18), grandson of Elisha (38), was born in Smithfield about 1818. He married, December 19, 1844, Ann Eliza Clarke of Smithfield, He lived in Georgiaville, where he died suddenly, October 11, 1874, in his 56th year. His widow is still living in Georgiaville.


707 I. Amy Clark, m. Charles Sherman.

708 II. Elisha Dexter, b. about 1849; unmarried; d. October 30, 1873, in his 24th Year.

709 III. Edward Smith, dead.

710 IV. Alphonso E., m., and lives in Georgiaville.

711 V. Mandilla M. Ella, m. Hunt; dead.

712 VI. Irene E., m. Marshall Latham.


Thomas Sales Steere, son of Stephen (118), grandson of Elisha (38), was born in Smithfield. He married, February 12, 1843, Delia B. Tolman, daughter of John Tolman of Smithfield. He removed to Illinois, where his wife died. He married again.


713 I. John S., b. about 1843.

714 II. Martha T., dead.

715 III. Harriet A., b. October 12, 1847 ; d. October 2, 1849.

716 IV. Walter H., dead.

717 V. Emma S., married.

718 VI. Sarah H., dead.

719 VII. Fred.

720 VIII. Frank.


Simon Smith Steere, son of Elisha (119), grandson of Elisha (38), was born July 21, 1820. He married, first, January 21, 1850, Lydia Jane White, daughter of Pardon White. She died May 31, 1864, aged 37 years and 1 month. He married, second, December 1, 1868, Chloe A. Winsor, daughter of Seril Winsor. He resides in Greenville.

Children of Simon S. and Lydia y. Steere: 721 I. Esther Appleby, b. November^, 1858; d. September10, 1859.

722 H. Emma Augusta, b. August 23, 1861; January 1, 1884, Rev. Gideon A. Burgess, pastor of the Free Baptist Church of Greenville. Child: Paul Burgess, b. March 17, 1885.


Harriet Seria Steere, daughter of Elisha(1i9), granddaughter of Elisha (38), was born January 14, 1823. She married, April 11, 1844, William Winsor, son of Asa Winsor. He is cashier of the bank at Greenville.


I. Son, b. December 6, 1849 ; d. December 19, 1849.
II. Nicholas Steere, b. May 16, 1865.


Stephen Steele, son of Elisha (119), grandson of Elisha (38), was born May 12, 1824. He married, January 22, 1850, Mary Eliza Arnold, daughter of James and Amy Arnold. She died October 20, 1874, aged 48 years and 4 months. He is living with his son at the old homestead east of Waterman Reservoir.


723 Elisha Arnold, b. April 14, 1854; m., March, 1879, Phebe O. Mathewson. They live on the eastern side of Waterman Reservoir.

Children: Elisha A., Mary Mathewson, and Ruth Emma.


Arnold Steere, son of Richard (128), grandson of Stephen (47), was born November 2, 1792. He married, March 30, 1817, Diana Aldrich, daughter of Thomas Aldrich, born November 16, 1792. He lived in Smithfield, in the house built by his father, and now occupied by Arnold Wakefield. He died November 28, 1832; she died in 1857.


724 I. William Arnold, b. March 17, 1818 ; m., January 1, 1839, Ruth T. Nichols, dau. of William G. and Lois Nichols.

Children: Frances Adelaide, m. Henry A. Randall of Harmony, N. Y. Emma
Idalia, m. Ira P. Steere of Glocester, son of Ira K. Steere of Chepachet.

725 II. Joanna Aldrich, b. July 7, 1839 ; ///., March 29, 1852, Edwin R. Wheeler of Otsego

County, N. Y. She died before her mother.
Child: Edwin V. C, now of Titusville, Pa.

726 III. John Thornton, b. December 4, 1821 ; d. in infancy.

727 IV. Diana Isis, b. September 6, 1823; m., October 13, 1847, George W. Ham of Lowell,

Mass. She died before her mother, leaving a son, George Lucian.

728 V. Minerva Anstis, b. November 24, 1825 ; d. in infancy.

729 VI. Edward Franklin, b. November 11, 1827 ; m., October 31, 1852, Harriet Smith, dau.

of Arnold and Louisa Smith of Smithfield.

Child: Francis Arnold, b. March 16, 1862. Three other children of Edward F. died young. He sold the homestead in Smithfield and removed to Fall River. He lives now (1887) at Hyannis Port, Mass.


Richard Steere, son of Richard (128), grandson of Stephen (47), was born April 10, 1799. He married Abigail Haskell, and lived in that part of Smithfield which was afterwards in Woonsocket.


730 I. Richard, d. unmarried.

731 II. Franklin Arnold, m, Almira W. Wilkinson, b. November 9, 1839. They resided in

Wayland and Pawtucket, R. I. He d. in 1885.

Children: Myra Adelaide, b. March u, 1860; d. August 15, i860. Joseph Wilkinson, b. January 19, 1862. Franklin Arnold, b. May 5, 1866.

732 III. Roger Nelson, d. in California.


Hon. Thomas Steere, son of Thomas (138), grandson of Stephen (47), was born in Norwich, N. Y., March 31, 1819. He removed with his parents to Michigan, where he read law in the office of Mr. Fenton of Fentonville. He subsequently came back, and found employment as a clerk in Providence. Here he married, July 2, 1844, Sarah Wilkinson, daughter of Joseph Wilkinson of Smithfield. He resumed his law studies and was admitted to practice in the courts of Rhode Island. He was elected to the lower branch of the legislature, and was chosen speaker of the House, which position he filled with credit. He received from President Pierce an appointment as consul to Dundee, Scotland, and held that office for four years. Upon the expiration of his term of service, the Chamber of Commerce of Dundee, as well as a large number of its most influential citizens, expressed the hope that he might remain with them for another term, but his successor had been appointed previous to his arrival in America. On the breaking out of the Rebellion he received a commission as first lieutenant in the First Rhode Island Regiment, and was in the battle of Bull Run. He has been connected with the " Providence Post " and " Providence Journal," and is a writer of acknowledged ability. In 1881 he published a " History of the Town of Smithfield from its Organization in 1730-1 to its Division in 1871,"—a notable work of its class. He is characterized as " a good lawyer, spirited writer, an able speaker." His library is extensive and well chosen. He lives in Woonsocket, though he may be found in the editorial rooms of the " Providence Journal " almost every day.


733 I. Frank, b. 1848; d. ce. 3 months.

734 II. Mary Adelaide, b. March 8, 1850.


Enoch Mowry Steere, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born August 28, 1825. He married, May 16, 1849, Abby Clark, daughter of Eleazar and Abigail Clark. She died July 8, 1853, aged 28 years, 9 months, and 16 days. He married a,second time.

Children (by first mar riagc):

735 I. Charles, b. July 24, 1850.

736 H. Allen, b. December 8, 1852. Children (by second marriage):

737 III. William A., b. May 3, 1859.

738 IV. Abby T., b. August 4, 1862.

739 V. Emily A., b. August 14, 1865.


Hon. George Wheeler Steere, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born November 16, 1831, and married, in Killingly, Conn., April 8, 1855, Martha Sayles. He was educated in the public schools and at Lapham Institute. He lives in Chepachet, about one mile northeast from the post-office. He is a farmer and lumberman, has been an assessor for many years, and has represented his town in the legislature as member of the Assembly since May, 1886.


740 I. Harris, b. May 25, 1857.

741 II. Cyrus A., b. June 21, 1859; d. December 21, 1865, a. 6 years and 6 months.

742 III, George W., b. January 18, 1862.

743 IV. Oliver, b. January 29, 1864.

744 V. Maria.

745 VI. Benjamin F.

746 VII. Smith.

747 VIII. John.


William Henry Steere, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born August 6, 1834. He married, June 15, 1856, Rachel Q. Keech. He lives on the Mapleville road, about one and a half miles from Chepachet.


748 I. Charles A., b. January 28, i860.

749 II. Ellenora J., b. January 12, 1863 ; d. April 5, 1866, ce. 3 years, 2 months, and 23 days.

750 III. Walter H.

751 IV. Edwin.


Oliver Wade Steele, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born February 5, 1836. He married, May 3, 1865, Mary E. Parker.


752 I. Frederick.

753 II. Frank.

754 Ill. Arthur.


Nathaniel Mowry Steere, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born June 12, 1841. He married, March 30, 1875, Deborah A. Martin. They live in Scranton County, Iowa.


755 I. Deborah.

756 II. Smith, Andrew, and several others.



Andrew Jackson Steere, son of Anthony (160), grandson of Enoch (51), was born December 16, 1843. He married, September 21, 1873, Ellen Phillips,

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