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born September 3, 1799. They lived in Southwick, Mass. He died August 6, 1871; she died September 14, 1884.


688 Edward A., b. in Southwick, Mass., May 14, 1820 ; in., September 23, 1843, Sophia P. Farnum of Granby, Conn. She d. in Southwick, April 28, 1856. He in., 2d, December 9, 1857, Cordelia E. Spring of Granby, Conn. He is a farmer, and is now (1886) living on his father's homestead.


Eusha Steere, son of Elisha (109), grandson of John (34), was born May 4, 1794. He married Eliza Cushman, born January 14, 1795. They resided in Southwick, Mass. She died September 4, 1863; he died October i2, 1874.


689 I. Eliza D., b. in Southwick, Mass., November 21, 1822 ; m., February, 1847, John O.

Holcomb. She d. November 23, 1847.

690 II. Marcus M., b. January 9, 1825; M., June 6, 1850, Almina A. Campbell. They are living

(1886) on the old Steere homestead.

I. Dexter M., b. in Southwick September 17, 1854; m., January 28, 1880, Delia
E. King. They reside in West Suffield, Conn.
Child: Dexter H., b. May 31, 1881.
II, Charles M., b. May 28, 1858 ; d. September 17, i860.

III. Everett E., b. March 21, 1861.

IV. Burton, b. March 29, 1866; living in Westfield, Mass.

691 III, Charles M., b. February 10, 1830; m. H. Maria Spencer of Montville, Ohio.

Child: Henry.

692 IV. S. Jarrett, b. in Southwick September 7, 1832 ; d. 1840.


John Steere, son of Elisha (109), grandson of John (34), was born in Southwick, Mass., December 1, 1795. He married, at Granby, Conn., March 28, 1824, Lois Whitney, daughter of Samuel .Piatt and Lois (Buttles) Whitney, born December 15, 1802. He settled in Southwick as a farmer, and died there November 2, 1831. His widow married, November 28, 1833, Curtis Gillett. He died November 14, 1871; she died November 22, 1885.


693 I. John Wesley, b. fn Southwick April 10, 1825 ; m., 1st, January 18, 1846, Ruth Bangs Johnson, dau. of William and Eliza (Allen) Johnson M. July 9, 1826 ; d. October 4, 1876); 2d, October 29, 1877, Emma A. Steere, dau. of Richard and Agnes (Gillett) Steere of Fowler, Ohio. He is a member of the firm of Steere & Turner, church organ builders, Springfield, Mass.



I. John Scott, J. in Tariffville, Conn., December 5, 1847; «., November 6,

1884, Luella Eliza Childs, dau. of James R. and Mary A. Childs, b. January 31, i860. Resides in Springfield.

Child: Charles Childs, May 21, 1887.

II. Frank Johnson, b. in Westfield, November 9, 1853 ; m. Mary King, dau. of

Charles and Sarah King. He is a church organ builder, in Springfield,

Children: Fred. R., b. June 8, 1873 \ Frank J., b. November 25, 1875
Sadie, b. May 29, 1881.

III. Charles Rockwell, b. in Westfield, September 7, 1859 ; d. February 24, i860.

IV. Eliza Allen, b. in West Springfield, Mass., November 12, 1866; M., Septem

ber 1, 1886, George G. Bliss of Springfield, Mass.
Child: William Henry, b. September 19, 1887.

694 II. Smith Dayton, b. in Southwick January 6, 1827; in., December 29, 1855, Rachel

Spencer of Montville, Ohio. He graduated at Ohio Medical College, Cleveland, and
was a surgeon in the Union army during the War of the Rebellion. He has resided in
Burton, Ohio, and Gibbon, Nebr.

I. Clifton S., b. in Huntsburg, Ohio, December 8, 1856 ; in., November 6, 1879,
Sarah E. Hough of Burton, Ohio.

Children: Elma E., b. in Burton October 18, 1881; Ruir A., b. in
Gibbon, Nebr., March 16, 1883.
II. Nellie M., b. November 2, 1858; in., November 17, 1878, R. B. Jamieson.
They live in Nebraska.

Children: Frank J., J. in Burton, Ohio, July 17, 1880; Helen G, b. in
Central City, Nebr., January 2, 1886.

III. Fred S., b. December 10, i860; m., October 7, 1886, Edna B. Rice. Resides

in Gibbon, Nebr.

IV. Anna M., b. in Huntsburg, Ohio, May 11, 1886. She lives with her father

in Gibbon, Nebr.

695 III. Sherman, b. January 10, 1830; M., 1st, Mary Warner; 2d, Orpha Winchell. He resides

in Southwick.

Child by first marriage: Delia, m. Elliot Hayes. Children: Mary and Archie.
Child by second marriage: Sherman Whitney, b. May 27, 1869.


Richard Steere, son of Elisha(109), grandson of John (34), was born November 4, 1800, and married, January 6, 1829, Anna Gillett, daughter of Moses and Mary (Beach) Gillett of Southwick, Mass. They removed in 1831 to Fowler, Ohio, where he followed his occupation as a farmer, clearing a large and valuable farm. His wife died in Fowler March 15, 1852. He married, second, in Westfield, Mass., October 10, 1852, Agnes Whitney Gillett, widow of Horace Gillett and daughter of Samuel Piatt and Lois (Buttles) Whitney, who was born in E. Granville, Mass., March 28, 1806. He died at the house of his daughter, Emma A. Steere, in Springfield, June 24, 1882. His widow is still living with her daughter in Granby, Conn.


696 I. Mary A., b. in Fowler, Ohio, January 25, 1830; m., July 7, 1857, James S. Wier of

Johnston, Ohio. They live on her father's old homestead in Fowler.
Children: George S., b. January 15, 1859; Amelia V., b. July 29, 1867.

697 II. Sarah A., b. July 4, 1832 ; in., January, 1864, Rev. Milton Smith of the Methodist Epis

copal Church.

I. Munson G., b. in Townville, Pa., December 26, 1864.
II. Minnie, b. in Fairview, Pa., December, 18, 1868.

698 III. Smith G., b. March 15, 1836; M., February 25, 1857, Lura A. Smith, b. September 5,

1836. They reside in Fowler, Ohio.

I. Cora A., b. August 11, 1858; m., September 10, 1885, John T. Cratsley of
Fowler, Ohio.
II. Phebe A., b. January 21, 1861.

III. Adelbert, b. March 8, 1863; d. in 1864.

IV. Nellie J., b. May 31, 1865 ; in., March 20, 1884, Wayne E. Sigler of Fowler,


Child: Glenn, b. May 15, 1886.
V. Florence, b. November 30, 1868.
VI. May Estelle, b. July 31, 1871.
VII. Lena Blanche, b. December 30, 1872.
VIII. Grace B., b. July 28, 1876.
IX. Richard, b. September 21, 1879.

699 IV. Emma A., b. in Fowler, Ohio, June 15, 1838; »/., October 29, 1877, John W. Steere of

Westfield, Mass.


Ruth Steele, daughter of Elisha (109), granddaughter of John (34), was born June 25, 1802. She married Silas Cushman, son of Silas and Sally Cushman. He died in Southwick, Mass.; she died October 26, 1856.

Children: I. Salinda. II. Maria.

III. Betsey A.

IV. Emeline, m. W. Sanders of Southwick. They live on the old Cushman farm, near Congoman

Lake, in Southwick, Mass.
V. Alice, m. Emerson Gillett of Unionville, Conn.
VI. Arthur, lives with his sister on the old Cushman estate.


William Penn Steere, son of Stephen (118), grandson of Elisha (38), was born July 4, 1810. He married, October 25, 1833, Mary Ann Parker. He lived in Smithfield, at the old homestead, on the east side of Wolf Hill, and died there July 6, 1876, aged 66 years and 2 days. Mrs. Steere lives (1887) with her daughter Mercy, in Enfield, R. I.


700 I. Stephen Parker, b. May 17, 1838.

701 II. Mercy Jenckes, J. May 6, 1841; m., December 16, 1862, Henry E. Smith of Enfield.

They settled on the farm which belonged to his father, and since 1873 he has owned it.
Children: Frederick Elisha, Helen Parker, Anne Maclisse, and Alice Mercy.

702 III. Susannah Mowry, b. May, 17, 1846 ; unmarried; a teacher, living in Enfield.

703 IV. Daniel Angell, b. August 26, 1850; married, and d. December 4, 1885.


Rev. Martin Jenckes Steere, son of Stephen (118), grandson of Elisha (38), was born in Smithfield October 15, 1814. In 1834 he joined the Second Smithfield Free Baptist Church, at Georgiaville. He wished to prepare himself for the ministry, and with this end in view fitted for college at Fruit Hill Seminary, near Manton, R. I., but ill health obliged him to relinquish for a time his further course of study. However, in May, 1837, he was ordained by the Rhode Island Conference, and the same year succeeded the Rev. Mr. Burlingame as pastor [of the Georgiaville church n, remaining in that field till 1839. He then was appointed assistant editor of the " Morning Star," the organ of the denomination, and editor of the Sunday-school paper. At the end of three years of editorial work he became pastor of the church at Apponaug, where he remained three years, when he went to North Scituate, in which place he labored during the next three years. He also spent one year at Waterford, Mass. At the request of the General Conference he wrote and published a book entitled " The Friend of Chastity." After twenty years of active service in the ministry of the Free Baptist denomination, a change in his theological views led him, in April, 1859, into the Universalist Church. About two years later, he published a book entitled "Footprints Heavenward, or Universalism the More Excellent Way." A second edition of this book was issued in 1868. He was in active service as a minister thenceforth in his new connection, having pastorates in Lawrence and West Haverhill, Mass., Lewiston, Me., Meriden, Conn., and Mechanic's Falls, Me. His health suffered from the severities of his labors and the harshness of the climate, and he was compelled to desist. He removed in June, 1876, to Hartwick, where he purchased a small estate, hoping still to preach and write for the press. He died of pneumonia at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Horace C. Smith, at Athol, while on a visit, January 18, 1877.

"Mr. Steere was a man of excellent spirit, of great zeal, earnestness, and enthusiasm in his work as a preacher, and left a good influence upon the people with whom he labored." * - " He was a vigorous thinker, plain, direct, and impressive in his discoursing, and deeply devotional in spirit." t "The continued tone of his spirit was a restorative to the perplexed and desponding; his piety was cheerful, his deportment humble. His religion was his life."

Mr. Steere married, first, April, 1837, Abby Whipple, daughter of Mowry Randall of North Providence. She was born about 1815, and died December, 1845. He married, second, February, 1847, Harriet Mayo of Hartwick, Mass. She still resides in Hartwick.

Children of Martin J. and Abby IV. Steere:

704 I. Sarah Frances, b. in Smithfield, April 26, 1841 ; m., October 5, i860, Dr. Horace C.

Smith of Watertown, N. Y. They have lived at Athol, Mass., for many years.

705 II, Son, b. December, 1845 ; d. young.

Child of Martin J. and Harriet Steere:

706 III. Harriet Abby, b. in North Scituate, R. I., October 25, 1848; m., October 25, 1869,

Charles Harrison Littlefield of Lawrence, Mass., a civil engineer. They have lived
in Lawrence.

Children: Ella Kimball, J. March 25, 1871. Frances Georgiana, b. July 20, 1872.
Ruby Steere, b. September 9, 1873. George Martin, b. February 12, 1875.
Charles Harrison, b. July 28, 1876.


* Universalist Register, 1878.

t Adams's Fifty Notable Years.

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