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Cyrus Steere, son of Rufus (86), grandson of Samuel (30), was born in Glocester February 24, 1783. He married, first, Mrs. Betsey Williams of Fly Creek, Otsego County, N. Y.; second, Mrs. Abigail Irons of Hartwick, who died in Portlandville, Otsego County, N. Y. He died February 20, 1872.

Children [by first marriage):

572 I. Minerva, b. June 16, 1805 ; m. Daniel Winsor of Hartwick, s. p. She d. March 14,


573 H. Albert Colwell, b. in Hartwick March 23, 1816; m., Eliza Tabor, / . Child (by second marriage):

574 III. Elizabeth, b. February 2, 1833 ; m. Isaac Lanson of Albany, one of Albany's best


Child: Joseph Albert Lanson, b. in Albany; m., May, 1885, Hattie Morgan of


Deacon James Steere, son of Rufus (86), grandson of Samuel (30), was born in Glocester February 19, 1792. He married, first, January 6, 1814, Phebe Cook of Hartwick, daughter of Joshua and Phebe Cook. She died in January, 1816. He married, second, Sally Wells Lippitt of Hartwick, who was the mother of all his children. The first town meeting in Hartwick was held at the house of her father, Joseph Lippitt. James Steere lived upon the homestead farm of his father, Rufus Steere, in Hartwick, between that village and Cooperstown village. He was, like his father before him, a farmer, tanner, and currier. He was remarkably well read and intelligent, and well posted in public affairs. He was a leading member of the Christian Church for fifty-one years, and a deacon of the same for thirty or forty years, doing much for its support. He was known as one of the wealthiest, most useful, and influential citizens of the town in which he lived. He died May 26, 1865, in his 74th year. His widow is now (1887) living, at the advanced age of 88. She has been noted for her active labors in behalf of the sick and poor, and will long be remembered for her unselfish, exemplary, and useful life. The family has held a yearly reunion for many years.



575 I. Rufus, b. January 16, 1821; m. Mary Ann Windsor, f.

576 I II. Phebe C, b. March 23, 1822 ; m. Edward W. Foote of Hamilton, N. Y., J.

577 Ill. Joseph L., b. June 24, 1823; m. Roxana Irons, f.

578 IV. Mary Morris, b. October 30, 1824; June 9, 1847, George Field, / .

579 V. Martha, b. January 22, 1826; d. December 31, 1830.

580 VI. Sarah Maria, b. April 5, 1828; m. C. H. Williamson. She d. October 13, 1873, /.

581 VII. James Harvey, b. December 11, 1829 ; d. December 27, 1830.

582 VIII. Esek, b. July 13, 1831 ; m., 1st, Lucy Armstrong; 2d, Waity Armstrong, /

583 V IX. James Harvey, b. April 30, 1833 ; m. Mrs. Mary Rosetta Gartsie,/ .

584 X. Jerome B., b. October 9, 1835 ; m. Adelaide C. Stephens of Milford, s. p. He resides in

Laurens, N. Y.

585 XI. Martha Amelia, b. November 21, 1837; m. Rev. Samuel Bowdish, / .


Ira Steere, son of Nicholas (88), grandson of Samuel (30), was born November 2, 1793. While he was an infant his parents, Nicholas and Martha Steere, removed from Rhode Island to Hartwick, N. Y., where he lived till his death upon one farm, originally a part of his father's place. He married Lucy Bliss. He died July 18, 1861, aged 67 years, 8 months, and 16 days; she died August 31, 1861, aged 66 years, 10 months, and 11 days.


586 I. Martha, b. 1818; m., 1840, Horace M. Perry of Morris, Otsego County, N. Y. He d.

in 1874. She lives in Morris.

Children: Frank, b. 1842; m., 1878, Fanny Martin; living in Texas. George, b. 1844; unmarried. Martha Sophia, d. in infancy.

587 II. Almira, b. 1823; m., 1851, Hosea Windsor of Hartwick.

Children: Silas, d. 1861. Lucy, d. 1861. Edward Ira, b. 1855 ; d. in Columbia,
S. C, 1865. Horace P., b. 1857; m., 1886, Mary Tiffany. John Augustus, b. 1859.
Fanny Steere, b. 1862. Martha J., b. 1865.

588 III. Minerva, b. 1826; Mr., 1843, Frederick T. Jarvis of Otsego.

Children: Frank G., b. 1845; m., 1867, Lucy Gibbs. Charles, b. 1848; d. 1861.
Chester B., b. 1859. Ira Steere, b. 1861. John Wilson, b. 1864; m., 1884, Lizzie
Peck of Hartwick.

589 IV. De Loss, b. 1830; m., 1856, Sarah W. Field. He resides on the farm where his father

lived, f.

590 V. Schuyler Bliss, b. 1832; m., 1857, Kate Clark, / .

591 VI. Elizur, b. 1835; m., ist, 1858, Naomi Wright, who d. in 1863; 2d, Clara Wright. He

lives upon the homestead of his grandfather, Nicholas Steere, in Hartwick, /.. Besides the above, there were three children who died in infancy.


Harris Steere, son of Nicholas (88), grandson of Samuel (30), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., January 21, 1799. He married, 1820, Betsey Bliss of Otsego. They with their children removed to Chilton, Calumet County, Wis., in 1851, where Mrs. Steere died in 1869. He became a Christian in early life, twice removed to a new country, and endured the hardships of a pioneer life. He is still living (1887), in his 89th year, with his son Silas S., near Chilton, Wis.


592 I. Octavia, b. in Hartwick, 1821 ; in., 1846, D. D. Bartholomew of Pavilion. She d. in

Pavilion in 1855, leaving no children.

593 II. Silas S., b. in Hartwick, 1823; m., 1856, Mary A. Coy of Chilton, Wis., / .

594 III. Elizur, b. in Otsego, 1827, went to California in 1850; probably unmarried.

595 IV. Maria B., b. 1830; in., 1852, Watson Halsted of Wisconsin.

Children: Coan, Jay, De Ormsby, and Alta, all born in Wisconsin.

596 V. Joseph H., b. in Allegany County, N. Y., in 1838. He died in Wisconsin in 1872.

Four children of this family died in infancy.


Samuel Steere, son of Nicholas (88), grandson of Samuel (30), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., in 1800. He married Jerusha Kinney. He died in Hartwick in 1875, aged 75.



597 I. Hosea, b. 1828; d. in Johnstown, N. Y., January 31, 1849.

598 II. Pamelia, b. 1837 ; m. Hiram Jordan. She d. in Johnstown, N. Y., January 1, 1855, s. p.


Elisha Steere, son of Nicholas (88), grandson of Samuel (30), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., April 19, 1809. He married, May 12, 1830, Fanny Burlingham of South Hartwick, daughter of Warren and Freelove (Webb) Burlingham. She was born September 9, 1811.* Elisha Steere was a farmer and merchant. He moved from Morris, Otsego County, N. Y., to Angola, Steuben County, Ind., in May, 1842. After being in mercantile business there for seven years,

• She was granddaughter of Hopkins Burlingame of Rhode Island, and John Webb, also of Rhode Island.

he resumed farming, May, 1849, on a new farm, on the east shore of Crooked Lake, three miles from Angola. His wife died there February 2, 1861, aged 49 years. She was an industrious and useful member of society, though diffident and retiring in her ways. She possessed a self-distrusting, sensitive, and refined nature, and was a conscientious member of Christian and Free Baptist churches, liberal in religious views and charitable in action. She was under medium height, fair, with blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Soon after his wife's death, 1861, Elisha Steere removed to. Kendallville, Noble County, Ind., and engaged in the hardware business in company with his son Charles E. Steere. He married, second, Sophronia Smith of Coldwater, Mich., a Christian lady, who survived her husband and died November 9, 1871, in Kendallville, Ind., where they were both buried. There were no children by the second marriage.

Elisha Steere was five feet eight inches in height, deep chested and squareshouldered, had aquiline nose, blue eyes, fair skin, fine flaxen brown hair. He possessed very large perceptive faculties, was sanguine, enterprising, and kindhearted in disposition. Industrious in his habits, devoted to his family and friends, he was trusted and respected by all who knew him. As a Christian man he was unsectarian and progressive in his ideas. He died of consumption June 4, 1866, in Kendallville, Ind., aged 57 years.


599 I. Charlotte A., b. in Hartwick, N. Y., May 5, 1831 ; m., 1st, March 24, 1850, Henry

Dickinson Kennedy. He d. June 9, 1853. She m., 2d, June 22, 1863, Hiram
Cody,/ .

600 II. Warren Burlingham, b. in Hartwick, N. Y., December 9, 1832 ; m., 1st, November 20,

1854, Eleanor Emmons; 2d, March 8, 1876, Mrs. Louise Sholes Cole, /.

601 III. Ophelia Frances, b. in Hartwick, N. Y., February 9, 1835; in., October 9, 1855, at

Crooked Lake, Lyman Franklin Brown. They removed to De Witt, Iowa. She d. March 18, 1876, ce. 40 years, and 28 days. She was a lovely character, and an unselfish and devoted wife and mother.

Children: Charles Bishee, b. near Angola, Ind., August 17, 1857 ; m., January 26,

1882, Delia Walrod of De Witt, Iowa; they settled in Omaha, Nebr., 1884.*

Eddie Carroll, b. near Angola, October 12, 1859.

602 IV. Chester Rockwell, b. in Hartwick, N. Y., August 23, 1837; d. in Morris, N. Y., Feb

ruary 25, 1839.

603 V. Charles Emmett, b. in Morris, N. Y., January n, 1839 ; m., October 4, i860, at Cold

water, Mich., Josephine Smith, s. p. He d. in Kendallville, Ind., March 2, 1863, ce. 24. He was a hardware merchant.

• Child of Charles B. and Delia Brown: Carroll Walrod, b. in Omaha, Nebr., August 25, 1884.


604 VI. Son, b. March 29, 1841 ; d. August 14, 1841.

605 VII. Mary Freelove, b. in Angola, Ind., February 4, 1843 ; d. May 29,1845, ce. 2 years and

3 months.

606 VIII. Wallace Eugene, b. near Angola, Ind., March 15, 1852. He went to De Witt, Iowa,

and m., December 26, 1873, at Morrison, Ill., Lottie A. Sholes, /.


Rachel Steere, daughter of Nicholas Steere (88), granddaughter of Samuel (30), was born in Hartwick, N. Y., December 7, 1810. She married, May 13, 1830, Lawrence V. Church of Hartwick. In 1847 they removed to Bath, N. Y., where she died December 8, 1887. He died August, 1876. Mrs. Church united with the " Presbyterian Church in 1852, and exemplified her religion in abundance of good works and charities when well, and patience when sick."


I. Kendrick, b. June 23, 1831; d. November 23, 1884, ee. 53.
II. Mary Josephine, b. November 26, 1833 ; in., October 9, 1856, De Witt C. Alden of Bath,
N. Y.

III. Martha Amelia, b. December 11, 1835 ; m., June 11, 1856, Jonathan Robie of Bath, N. Y.

She d. October 22, 1886.

Children: George, Josephine, and Lydia.

IV. Adelaide, b. June 4, 1852 ; m., September 13, 1865, William H. Shepard of Bath, N. Y.

She d. May 23, 1882, ce. 41. Mrs. Shepard was an active leader in temperance and religious movements, and a devoted Christian lady, with social talents and sympathies of a high order.

Children: Edith S., b. 1869; Lawrence C, b. 1872, d. 1881; Willie S., b. 1873; Rachel Adelaide, b. 1875; Frederic, b. 1878. V. Edwin L., b. November 28, 1843; m. Ellen Augusta Bull of Bath, N. Y. She d. in 1881. Children: Willie B., Susan D., and Edwin L.


Deacon Smith Steere, son of Samuel (92), grandson of Samuel (30), was born May 27, 1804. He married, October 16, 1831, Sarah Ann Aldrich, daughter of Jonathan Aldrich, who was born February 7, 1808. He lived for many years on the top of Page Hill in Glocester. He also resided in Greenville and other localities. He was a deacon of the Free Baptist Church at Chepachet for thirty years, and was a professed Christian, faithful and earnest in life, for about fifty years. He died, much respected, May 2, 1875.

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