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II. Jonah, b. September 16, 1779; m. Jane Kennedy; d. July 23, 1864.
IV. Rhoda, b. January 9, 1782 ; m. Caleb Sayles; d. May 24, 1851.
V. Warner Mifflin, b. November 5, 1785 ; m., July 16, 181C, Mary Bellows, b. May 28, 1798.
He d. September 25, 1838, ce. 53.
VI. Job, b. April 5, 1787 ; d. November 30, 1848.
VII. Drusilla, b. June 18, 1789 ; m. Aaron Shepherdson.

VIII. Lydia, b. July 7, 1792 ; m. Capion. He d. August 31, 1855.

IX. John, m. Sarah Sayles.


Deacon Asa Steere, son of Jonah Steere (27), grandson of Samuel (10), was born September 28, 1757. He married Mary Irons, daughter of Samuel and Hannah (Waterman) Irons, who was born October 25, 1762. He was a deacon of the Baptist Church, and lived about three miles from Harmony, within the town of Glocester. The church which he attended was the Free Baptist Church at Chepachet, in which connection he was much respected. In 1784 he purchased forty-five acres of George and Mary Howland, and in 1794 twenty acres west of his house from his brother Job Steere. His dwelling-house is described in the " Particular Description of Dwelling houses," etc., in Glocester in October, 1798: area 34 by 28 feet, one story, 14 windows, 15 square 7 by 9 glass, which with crib and two acres was valued at $150. Besides this is mentioned sixty-four acres of land adjoining south on land of Stephen Irons and north on land of Matthew Barnes, valued at $512. As he drew near to old age Deacon Steere called his sons together and stated to them his purpose of bestowing his farm on any one of them who would come to reside at the old homestead and make suitable provision for himself and his wife and the unmarried daughters. His son Samuel offered to undertake these duties, and all the children agreed to the arrangement in the most amicable manner. Deacon Steere died January 31, 1835, aged seventy-eight, having made his will March 21, 1832, leaving his real estate, farm stock, etc., to his son Samuel, on condition of his paying legacies, and making provision for the support of his wife and unmarried daughters, the remainder of the children not being mentioned because he had already given them their equal share. His son Samuel, who succeeded to the possession of the homestead farm, was appointed executor of his will. Mrs. Mary Steere died August 21, 1840, aged 77 years and 26 days.

Upon the tombstone of Deacon Asa Steere, in the Irons-Steere cemetery in Glocester is the verse " Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them."

Upon Mrs. Steere's stone are the lines: —

"Life's duty done, as sinks the day,
Right from its load the spirit flies;
While heaven and earth combine to say,
How blest the righteous when they die."



186 I. Riley, b. January 17, 1783; in., 1st, Nancy Hunt, who d. January 21, 1820; 2d, Lovina

Goldthwaite. He d. November 17, 1863; she d. February 29, 1864, y:

187 H. Abigail, b. April 15, 1785 ; unmarried ; d. June 9, 1815.

188 III. Lucina, b. December 22, 1786; unmarried; d. January 28, 1873, ce- 87.

189 IV. Jonah, b. December 14, 1788 ;///., May 15, 1825, Alice Smith, dau. of Nedebiah Smith.

She d. March 5, 1863, a. 74; he d. September 25, 1871, ce. 82, f.

190 V. Lydia, b. March 25, 1790 ; m., about 1817, Thomas Westcott. She about 1881, #.91;

he d. July 5, 1853, / .

191 VI. Hannah W., b. July 20, 1792 ; d. December 3, 1867, ce. 75.

192 VII. Samuel, b. January 29, 1795; m., 1st, Phebe Medbury, who d. April 6, 1834, cc. 36

years, 9 months, and 28 days; 2d, Sally Medbury; 3d, Widow Susan M. Congdon, nee Medbury; 4th, Widow Lucy M. Wheaton. He d. October 4, 1880, ce. 85, f.

193 VIII. Whipple, b. October 16, 1796 ; m, 1st, Phebe Taft, who d. December 17, 1825; 2d,

Sarah, widow of Thomas Irons. He d. February 23, 1872, ce. 75 ; she d. September 8, 1872, ce. 79, /.

194 IX. Job,/'. November 16, 1799; m. Amy Ann Smith. He d. October 23, 1874, ce. 75; she

November 18, 1876, ce. 80, f.


In the Name of God, Amen.

I Asa Steere of Glocester in the County of Providence and State of Rhode Island, yeoman, of lawful age and sound mind and memory, considering the mortality of the body do make and publish this for my Last Will and Testament, in the following manner, namely:

Imprimis, istly, I give devise and bequeath to my son Samuel Steere 2d, and to his heirs and assigns forever, all my real estate that I may be possessed of at the time of my decease and likewise all my stock and out door moveables on condition that he the said Samuel or his heirs or assigns pay the following legacies and condition, viz:

2ndly, I give to my beloved wife Mary Steere her comfortable support and maintenance out of the before mentioned real estate during her natural life.

3("y I give and devise to my wife, Mary Steere, the use and improvement of the one half of my dwelling house that I have not heretofore deeded away, together with the use of all my indoor moveables and household goods and furniture during her natural life, in lieu of her right of dower.

4th,y, I give and bequeath to my daughters, Lucina Steere and Hannah Steere, and to their heirs and assigns each thirty dollars to be paid out of my estate by my Executor after my decease.

5lh,y, My will is that my two daughters, Lucina and Hannah Steere, shall have their necessary support out of my estate and privilege in that part of my house that I have not deeded away as long as they remain single.

6thly, I give and bequeath to my three daughters, namely Lucina Steere and Hannah Steere and Lydia Westcott, all my household goods and furniture after the decease of their mother, to be equally divided between them and their heirs.

7, hly, I give and bequeath all the rest and residue of my personal estate that may be remaining at the time of my decease not heretofore bequeathed, to my son Samuel Steere, on his paying all my just debts, &c.

8, hIy, The reason I have not mentioned the rest of my children in the foregoing will is, because I consider I have given and done for them their equal share and proportion out of my estate heretofore.

9, hly, I hereby constitute my son Samuel Steere my sole Executor of this my Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and disannulling all other and former wills by me made, declaring this and this only for my Last Will and Testament. In testimony whereof I do hereby set my hand and seal this 21st day of March in the year of our Lord, 1832.

Asa Steere. [L. S.]

Signed sealed published & declared by the said Asa Steere as and for his last will & testament, in the presence of us who at the same time & at his request & in his presence & in the presence of each other hereunto set our names as witnesses to the same.

Maxcy W. Burlingame,

Nathan Irons,

Samuel Steere.

At a Court of Probate holden in and for the town of Glocester, the 14th day of March, A. D. 1835, this instrument purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Asa Steere, late of Glocester deceased, was presented to this Court by Samuel Steere 2d, for probate, legal notice of the pendency thereof having been given, and Samuel Steere Esq. and Nathan Irons, two of the subscribing witnesses to said instrument, being present, on oath declare that they saw the said

Asa Steere sign and seal said instrument, and at the same time heard him pub-
lish declare and pronounce the same to be his last Will and Testament, and
that said Testator at the time of executing and publishing said will appeared to
be of sane mind; and that they severally at his request, in his presence and in
the presence of each other, subscribed their names thereunto as witnesses: upon
consideration of said subject and the evidence adduced, it is ordered and
decreed that said will be proved, approved, allowed and recorded as the last Will
and Testament of said Asa Steere: and that Letters Testamentary be granted
to Samuel Steere 2d, the Executor therein named, he giving bond in the sum of
two thousand dollars with Whipple Steere and Samuel Potter, as sureties, who
were approved by this Court.
Witness, C. H. Bowen, P. Clerk.

Following this is the Letter Testamentary granted to Samuel Steere (2), dated 14th March, 1835.

Abigail Steere, daughter of Jonah Steere (27), and granddaughter of Samuel
(10), was born September 17, 1761. She married Duty Winsor, son of William
Winsor, who was born, July 30, 1762. She died January 5, 1804; and Mr.
Winsor married, second, Alsie, daughter of Rev. Edward Mitchell. He died
March 5, 1837.

I. William, J. February 23, 1786.
II. Asa, b. September 29, 1788; m. Betsey, dau. of Jesse Foster of Smithfield.
III. Nicholas, b. October 10, 1797 ; m. Eliza, dau. of William Foster.
Children: Ellen, Josephine, and Nicholas.

Neiiemiah Steere, son of Jonah Steere (27), grandson of Samuel (10), was born in Glocester, April 17, 1765. He married Rachel, daughter of Elisha and Mary Harris, who was born August 17, 1766. His father, Jonah Steere, in his will of April 2, 1798, bequeathed to him all the residue and remaining part of his homestead farm that he had not heretofore given him by deed, on condition that Nehemiah should pay the legacies mentioned in the will. His house was described in 1798 as being in area 34 by 27 feet, one story, and having 13 windows of 12 squares, 7 by 9 glass. Besides the crib, 16 by 16 feet, there was a shop 20 by 15 feet, with two acres of land adjoining south on the road and



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