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Halaman 1051 - The cavalry engagement of the 12th was by far the most brilliant one of the present campaign. The enemy's loss was very heavy. They lost the following named officers in killed and wounded -—Col.
Halaman 1037 - He received a good elementary education in the schools of his native state, and took up the study of law. He was admitted to the bar, and entered upon the practice of his profession in Ohio, where he remained until 1855.
Halaman 1081 - He is a member of the American Medical Association and of the American Psychiatric Association.
Halaman 1113 - Kalamazoo college, paying his expenses by teaching school a part of each year. In 1860 he began the study of law under the direction of NA Balch, of Kalamazoo, who was then at the height of a successful career; two years later Mr. Smiley was admitted to the bar and at once entered into partnership with his preceptor which was continued for ten years when the firm dissolved and Mr.
Halaman 1081 - His father, John Henry Carstens, a merchant tailor, was an ardent revolutionist and participated in the various revolts in the memorable years of 1848-49.
Halaman 1037 - He was best known, however, from his connection with the early history of the Detroit fire department. His name was enrolled on the list of members composing Protection Fire Company No. 1, the first duly organized fire company in Detroit, and until his death no man in the city took a more active interest in building up and extending the usefulness of the fire department. He served as president of the department from 1847 to 1851, and to his financial tact, energy and determination, no less than to...
Halaman 1053 - ... child. His father died May 3d, 1855, and his mother October 7th, 1855, at Detroit. John J. Bagley's father was one of the wealthy men of central New York for many years, but financial reverses came to the family in a way that so many others have sadly experienced, from endorsing the paper of friends, and they found what in those days was considered a fortune, suddenly swept away from them. Michigan had recently been admitted as a State, and John's father, hoping to regain what he had lost by...
Halaman 1113 - Aug. 31, 1878. Two hundred important operations were performed. There were thirty-three operations for cataract, and thirty of them were successful. The Secretary of the Board of Control of the State Public School at Coldwater has shown the desirableness of making some provision here for the surgical care of dependent and needy children. This Board has expressed its willingness to render them the needed help if the State will furnish us the means.
Halaman 1085 - In his person, Colonel De Peyster was tall, soldier-like, and commanding; in his manners easy, affable, and open; in his affections, warm, generous, and sincere ; in his principles, and particularly his political principles, firm even to inflexibility. No man we believe, ever possessed more of the principle of vitality.
Halaman 1118 - William E. Dodge, Walter Clarke, Daniel W. Poor, T. Ralston Smith, Thomas Bond, Walter S. Griffith, William Churchill, Edward A. Lambert, and Jesse W. Benedict, designated for that purpose by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, which met at Dayton, Ohio, in May, eighteen hundred and sixtyfour, and their successors in office, are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, by the name of ' THE PERMANENT COMMITTEE ON FOREIGN MISSIONS OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the Presbyterian Church...

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