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HE republication of the prefent Collection of English Poetry having given the Proprietors an opportunity of adding the Works of fome Authors formerly omitted, and fupplying fome deficiences which have been pointed out; they have availed themselves of the hints and recommendations of their friends; and prefume, the alterations and additions will be acceptable to the Publick.

The additions to thofe Authors already printed confift chiefly of pieces which have become known fince the publication of the former edition; and which, rendering the works of the Authors more compleat, can require no apology. They are fuch as a Reader of English Poetry will readily

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readily diftinguish, and therefore unneceffary to be pointed out.

Of the Authors now first added, fome are inferted in compliance with the repeated calls of the Publick; some in deference to the opinions of perfons whose tafte cannot be difputed; and fome have found a place, from the favourable fentiments expreffed concerning them to the Publishers from various quarters. In this selection, the Proprietors have not been influenced by any partialities of their own, towards the Authors felected; they have endeavoured to obtain the best opinions, and they have implicitly followed them.

When this Work was originally prefented to the Publick, it was Dr. JOHNSON's intention, to have allotted to each Poet an Advertisement, like those which are found in the French Mifcellanies, containing a few dates, and a general characThat he was led beyond his intention, will be always a fubject of congratula




tion to every Reader of tafte. Few will have the prefumption to suppose themfelves qualified to fucceed him, or the te merity to court a comparison. It was therefore, on due confideration, refolved, in the prefent additions, to return to Dr. JOHNSON's original plan. A few dates and facts only are fet down, with occafionally a general character. It is probable, a century will elapfe before a Genius will arise capable of compleating what Dr. JOHNSON left unfinished, in a manner worthy of the original Author.

What has been fo generally applauded, will need no apologies to bespeak the candour of the Reader. The prefent Edition is, therefore, fubmitted to the examination of the Publick without further Preface.


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