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subject to return if it proves to be seeble

The efficiency of the society is inminded, incorrigible, afflicted with an

dicated by the fact that at the World's incurable disease, or otherwise clearly

Columbia Exposition in 1893 it received unplaceable. If money has been appro

a Bronze Medal, placing it in the third priated by the county, the society will

rank of the Child Saving Agencies in return such portion of the appropria

the United States, while at the Louisition as the supervisors may declare

ana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis equitable, if the child has to be returned.

in 1904, the Society received the "Grand The legal custody of the child is to be

Prize" the highest award made to any given either by written surrender pa

child saving agency in the United States. pers from the parents or by court com

This award was made by a jury of the mitment under the Juvenile Court law,

highest experts, in competition with the the surrender papers or the court orders

,best orphan asylums, children's homes to be subject to approval by our at

and children's aid societies of the Eastorney.

tern and Central States. If the child is received by the society

We hold the certificate of the State without an appropriation from the

Board of Public Charities and we shali county, it is to be understood that the

be pleased to have our books, our methcounty will bear the following expenses :

ods and our receiving homes examined (1) The expense of receiving the child

at any time by any representative of the (not including the salary of our agent).

Board of Supervisors. (2) The expense of clothing the child

The state of Illinois makes no public with two serviceable suits, including un

provision for its homeless and neglected derwear, shoes and night dress. (3)

children except the alms houses, but the The expense of boarding the child until

facilities and agents of the society are

Two Sisters Recently Received. a home is found for it. (4) The ex

freely offered to the counties of the pense of delivering

the child at our re- has a sweet attractive little girl whom state, with or without compensation. ceiving home in Chicago, Rantoul, or some neighbor is anxious to adopt, he Shelbyville. All expenses of selecting is tempted to place the child in the a home, placing, replacing, visiting, home, though it may not be the corresponding and supervising will be best, in order to save the $50.00; but if borne by the society.

he has a boy who is blind in one eye or The Illinois Children's Home and minus a finger, or addicted to disagreeAid Society regards the appropriation of able habits, he is tempted to turn him

Only 20%2 Hours from Chicago county money to its treasury as a very over with a $50.00 draft to the mercies doubtful advantage, either to the so- of the Children's Home and Aid Society or to the children. We have not ciety. The excuses for county approbeen pushing this matter for several priations are: years past, and we shall be very glad First: They enable the county to You can leave Chicago daily at when we reach the point where we can utilize the machinery and the trained

11:30 A. M., on the dispense with such appropriations alto- agents of the society.

BANNER BLUE LIMITED gether, and can carry on our work en Second: They effect a large saving tirely by the free contributions of our to the county treasury by stopping all

the finest train on earth, and

connect in Union Station, St. supporters. further expense for less than it would

Louis, with the Hot Springs The disadvantages of county appro- cost to board the child six months.

Special on the Iron Mountain,

reaching Hot Third: They enable the county to

Springs next priations are as follows.

morning at 8 o'clock. First: It tends to dry up free con- what is believed to be a worthy charity make an immediate cash contribution to

Write for free Booklet telling

all about this popular health tributions. People say: The county is

and pleasure resort. supporting the society, therefore it is and the supervisors generally believe unnecessary for us to give. that they are actually assisting a good

Ticket Office, 97 Adams St. work.

CHICAGO Second: It creates the impression in The Illinois Children's Home and

C. S. CRANE, F. A. PALMER, the community that the society is en- Aid Society is the largest, oldest and gaged in the business of placing our best equipped organization for placing children for money and that the county out children in the United States, west appropriation is the chief consideration, of New York. whereas it ought to be the last consideration.

F. W. Biebinger, Pres. Third: It cheapens the work of car

Wm. Heinrichshofen, Vice-Pres. L. W. Schanebeck, Sec'y & Treas. ing for children, and sometimes leads to a shameful competition between rival JEFFERSON MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. societies boasting of the cheapness with

OF ST. LOUIS which they propose to pretend to do the

Merchants Exchange Building, 317 Chestnut Street most sacred and responsible work in the world.

FIRE INSURANCE ON MUTUAL AND CASH PLAN Fourth :- It exposes county officials to

• DIRECTORS the temptation to neglect the real wel F. W. Biebinger, Wm. Reipschlaeger,

Christoph Hilke,
Julius Winkelmeyer, Fred. E. Zelle,

H. H. Biermann,
Henry Griesedieck Jr.,

Henry Droste, Aug. Klasing, Fritz Goebel, fare of children in order to save money

Ernest Hartmann, William Heinrichshofen. for the county. If a county supervisor



G. P. &T. A., St. Louis.

A. G. P. A. Chicago.

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IS A PERPCTUAL PANORAMA The scenery along the entire route is entrancing, surpassing in variety, beauty and grandeur anything to be seen east of the Rocky Mountains. The 160 miles beside the beautiful Obio, on whose surface steamers and odd craft are sighted every few minutes, are succeeded by miles of graceful curves along the banks of the Big Kanawha, and then come the canons of the New River with their awful wildness and grandeur; the gentle Greenbrier with its pastoral loveliness; the heart of the Alleghenies with its matchless beauty of scenery; the famous Springs Resorts; the renowned Snenandoah Valley; the towering Blue Ridge; the wonderful panorama of the Piedmont Valley; the famous battlefields of the late war; and the surf of the Atlantic at Old Point, or the beauty and interest of Washington-just as one's destination may be.

Stop-over will be allowed at Covington, Va., wbere branch train is taken for Hot Springs on all first-class one-way tickets and on return portions of all round-trip tickets. When ready to resume journey ticket agent at Hot Springs will exchange tickets which have expired.

A Delightful Sea Trip to and from New York Via the

Old Dominion Steamship Co. Magnificent steamers sail from Old Point Comfort at 4:30 p. m. daily except Sunday, and from Norfolk at 7 p. m. daily except Sunday, arriving at New York next afternoon about 3 p. m. 1. P. SPINING, N. W. P. A., C. & 0. RY.

238 Clark St., Chicago.

Southern Pacific


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Organized, Officered and Owned by residents of this city. It should, therefore, receive the encouragement of the insuring public of Chicago



25,635.01 TOTAL ASSETS 152,819.99


St. Louis


Thos. F. Keeley, Pres. Wm.J. Kerwin, Treas.
Frank E. Willard, V. Pres. George Essig, Sec'y

Thos. F. Keeley, President of Keeley Brewing Co.
M. J. Naghten, of John Naghten & Co.
Z. P. Brosseau, of Brosseau & Co., Board of Trade.
Edward Cluff, Pres. Union Casualty & Surety Co.,

St. Louis.
James I. Naghten, of John Naghten & Co.
Frank E. Willard, Sec. and Treas, of Willard Sons

& Bell Co.
Peter Fortune, Pres. of Fortune Bros. Brewing Co.
M. W. Kerwin, Capitalist.
Eugene M. Keeley, Sec. Treas. Keeley Brewing Co.

Green, Gold and Brown “Daylight Special"
-elegant fast day train.
"Diamond Special"-fast night train-unsur-
passed for convenience and comfort.

Buffet-library cars, complete dining cars,
parlor cars, drawing room and buffet

sleeping cars, reclining chair cars.
Through tickets, rates, etc., of I. C. R. R.

agents and those of connecting lines.

At all Coupon Ticket Offices, in the Northwest. If you wish the best of everything see that your tickets read via "BIG FOUR” from Chicago. Get full information from Agents or address J. C. Tucker, G. N. A., or Chas, S. La Follette, T. P. A., 238 Clark St., Chicago.


General Managers

159 La Salle St.

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ALABAMA. Mrs. Harriet M. Johnson, Birmingham, United Charity Society.

Hon. F. J. Muraskey, San Francisco,

Judge Juvenile Court.
F. 1. Todd, San Francisco,

Merchant's Association.
Win Catherine Felton, San Francisco,

Gen. Sec. Associated Onarities.

Hon. Willard H. Olmsted, New York,

Judge Juvenile Court.
E. Fellows Jenkins, New York,

Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Court
Thos. M. Mulry, New York,

Saint Vincent De Paul Society.
Hon. Robert J. Wilkin, Brooklyn,
Judge Juvenile Court.
Hon. Thos. Murphy, Buffalo,

Judge Juvenile Court.
Frederick Almy, Buffalo,

Sec. Charity Organization Society.

COLORADO. Bon B. B. Lindsey, Denver,

Judge Juvenile Court.

Chas. A. Allen, Dayton,

Sec. Associated Charities.
C. M. Hubbard, Cincinnati,

Gen. Sec. Associated Charities.

Ohan, P. Kellogg, Waterbury,

Sec. State Board Charities.
Yrd. Francis Sheldon Bolton, New Haven,

Editor Mother's Journal.

Hon. Judge Braze, Philadelphia,

Judge Juvenile Court.

Mrs. Mary A. T. Clark, Wilmington,

Supt. Associated Charities.

J. D. Faxon, Lawrence,

Sec. Associated Charities.
J. E. Howard, Wichita,
Pres. Associated Charities.

George L. Sehon,

Supt. Children's Home Society of Kentucky,
Miss Mary Bryson, Covington,
Gen. Sec. Associated Charities.

E. L. Rodenberg, New Orleans,

Charity Organization Society.
James J. McLoughlin, New Orleans,
Society Prevention Cruelty to Children.

Hon. Charles W. Heuisler, Baltimore,

Judge Juvenile Court.
Jeffrey R. Bracket, Baltimore,
President National Conference Charities and

Chas. W. Birtwell, Boston,

43 Charity Building.
Leontine Lincoln, Fall River,

State Board Oharities.
Miss Z. D. Smith, Boston,
Gen. Sec. Associated Charities.

James F Hill, Detroit,
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Hon. Robt. M. Foster, St. Louis,

Judge Juvenile Court.
W. H. McClain, St. Louis,

Supt. Provident Association.
Hon. James Gibson, Kansas City,
Judge Juvenile Court.

* A. W. Gutridge, St. Paul,

Sec. Associated Charities.
Edwin D. Solenberger, Minneapolis,
Manager Associated Charities.

Floyd M. Smith, Omaha,

Sec. Associated Paarities.
G. W. Clark, Omaha,
Supt. Child Saving Institute.

Hugh F. Fox, Plainfield,

Pres. Board of Children's Guardians.
Mrs. E. E. Williamson, Elizabeth,

State Board of Children's Guardians.

H. Wirt Steele, Seattle,

Gen. Sec. Charity Organization Society.

Chas. F. Weller, Washington,
Gen. Supt. Charity Society,

Hon. R. S. Tuthill,

Judge Juvenile Court of Chicago. Dr. H. H. Hart, Chicago, Ill.

Supt. Onildren's Home and Aid Society.
E. P. Bicknell, Chicago, Ill.

Supt. Bureau of Charities.
Prof. C. R. Henderson, Chicago, Ill.

Pres. Nat'l Children's Home Society.
Hon. G. W. Murray, Springfield, Ill.

Judge Juvenile Court.

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A. W. Butler, Indianapolis,

State Board Charities.
Hon. Geo. W. Stubbs, Indianapolis,

Judge Juvenile Court.
0. E. Mohler, Fort Wayne,
Gen. Sec. Associated Charities.

Miss M. F. Battle, Nashville,

Sec. United Charities.
John Boring, Chattanooga,

Supt. Associated Charities.

Miss F. Saylor, Dallas,

Sec, United Charities,

IOWA. Elmer R. Park, Keokuk,

Gon. Sec. Associated Charities. John Beardsley, Des Moines, Gen. Sec. Associated Charities.

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There's a child outside your door;

Let him in.
He may never pass it more;

Let him in.
Let a litte wandering waif
Find a shelter sweet and safe
In the love and light of home:

Let him come.
There's a cry along your street

Day by day.
There's a sound of little feet

Gone astray.
Open wide your guarded gate
For the little ones that wait,
Till a voice of love from home

Bids them come.
There's a voice divinely sweet.

Calls today;
Will you let these little feet

Stray away?
Let the lambs be homeward led,
And of you it shall be said :
"Ye have done it faithfully

Unto Me."




Juvenile Court Report for the year 1904.

The Juvenile Court reports an appreciable decrease in both

the number of the offenders, and the seriousness of the offences. Delinquent children


That boys appreciate an effort to help them into useful manhood Delinquent children placed on Probation 379

is evidenced by several cases where they asked to have the proDelinquent children sent to Indust. School 32

bation period extended another six months, and are living faithCases dismissed ..


fully to the requirements. In several instances boys, who had Offences charged, Burglary


not so far as known committed any offences, came to the office Larceny


accompanied by former probation boys and asked to be placed Truancy


under the care of the probation officer, so that they would not Disorderly conduct


get into trouble. Quite a number came in for consultation and Dependent children ....


advice, and many parents brought their children to be talked to, Dependent children adopted in homes


and in some cases placed on voluntary probation. This latter Dependent children committed to State Home 46

feature should be enlarged and encouraged and made a regular Number now reporting to Court alternate Sat's 193

department of the probation work. The children were given Probationers' reports by school teachers ...... 2372

bulbs, seeds and plants; and were shown how beauty and fragInterviews between Judge and Probationers .. 3320

rance would develop from them. So in each child, they were Baths given


told was latent manhood with all its power and usefulness; but Positions secured


like the plant it must be cultivated. Needy children relieved


Statistics for six months ending Dec. 31, 1904. Garments supplied 585


Under active supervision June 30
Letters written to Boys

Placed on probation

10" Age of maximum number delinquents, Boys 11 years

Probation term ended, six months

9: Girls, 14 to 16 years Sent to relatives out of city

12 Parents of delinquent children in court

Committed to Board of Children's Guardians 55

14 Number fathers held, contributory

Sent to a reformatory..... 36

86 Number mothers

Under active supervision Dec. 31
Offences, Larceny

50 Number fathers fined

13 Number mothers fined

Disorderly conduct

7 Letters written to parents

Incorrigible 43 Vagrancy

4 IDA L. GREGORY, Chief Probation Officer.

ZED H. COPP, Probation Officer.


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