Soft Drink and Fruit Juice Problems Solved

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Woodhead Publishing, 6 Jul 2017 - 232 halaman

Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice Problems Solved, Second Edition, follows the innovative question and answer format of the first edition, presenting a quick problem-solving reference. Questions like: Does the use of a preservative in a product mean that it does not need to be pasteurized? How much deviation from ingredient specification is needed to cause a noticeable alteration in product quality? What kinds of organisms will grow in bottled waters? When is it necessary to obtain expert assistance in the event of a contamination incident? are all answered in detail.

The book's new introduction covers basic questions about soft drinks, their ingredients, and packaging. Additional new chapters expand on microbiological problems, shelf life and storage, and fruit juices and nectars, as well as product nutrition and health claims. Final chapters offer soft drink and fruit juice data sources.

Written by authors with extensive industrial experience, the book is an essential reference and problem-solving manual for professionals and trainees in the beverage industry.

  • Uses a detailed and clear question and answer format that is ideal for quick reference
  • Contains additional, new, up-to-date problems and solutions.
  • Contains an expanded introduction and new sections on microbiological problems, shelf life and storage, fruit juices and nectars, product claims, nutrition and health claims, and soft drink and fruit juice data sources
  • Presents a broad scope of topics and process solutions from the experts in the beverages industry

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Chapter 1 Introductory
Chapter 2 Product Development
Chapter 3 Ingredients in Soft Drinks
Chapter 4 Manufacturing
Chapter 5 Quality Issues
Chapter 6 Microbiological Problems
Chapter 7 ShelfLife and Storage Issues
Chapter 8 Fruit Juices and Fruit Nectars
Chapter 10 Packaging Storage and Distribution of Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice
Chapter 11 Handling Consumer Complaints Food Incidents and Crisis Management
Chapter 12 Environmental Issues
Chapter 13 Regulatory and Statutory Issues
List of Acronyms
References and Further Reading
Back Cover

Chapter 9 Bottled Waters

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Philip Ashurst has been involved in the beverage, brewing, flavour and extract industries in both technical and general management roles for many years. Now a consultant, he specialises in the scientific, financial and legal aspects of the beverage industry worldwide. Bob Hargitt is Technical Executive of the British Soft Drinks Association.

Bob Hargitt has worked in R&D and technical management roles in the brewing and soft drinks industries for over 35 years and is a Retired Technical Director of the British Soft Drinks Association, UK.

Fiona Palmer is a Technical Director of British Soft Drinks Association, UK. She has been in worked in R&D roles in the soft drinks sector for over 25 years, working as development manager for Britvic for 11 years. She took over from Bob Hargitt as Technical Director, British Soft Drinks Association on his retirement in 2012.

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