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perteinith and otherwise not. To Elizabeth Cooke for her preferment of marriage xlli To Mary Sotherton xiiili vis viiid. To Elizabett Broughton and to Robe Somer the like. And further also not only to every of my menservants and maidservants above named and to all in my sarvice at my decease a fetherbed, a bolster a matras a pair of blanketts and two paire of sheetes such as shall be occupied in their chambres a coverlett and a pillowe but also that all such napery as

or shall be written in a paper consigned with my proper handwritinge and goeth comonly about the house and are in the maydes keping at the tyme of my decease, my will is that the same shall be equally devided among my maid servants at the discretion of my Exors, and not onely all the peuter vessell that comonly goeth about the kytchen or is comonly used and occupied in same and shall be in the keping of my maide servants the perticular persells whereof are written also in a paper boke whereunto

my hand is written, but also to every of my maiden and women servants a brasse pott and panne and to every men and maiden servant a blakke gowne.

Item to Richard Lichfield and his wife, to Richard and Rogier Hosier and their wiffes to every of them a blacke gowne and to William and John Thomas and to one William Hosier vs a piece. And further my will is that every of my menservants and maidservants shall have meate drinke and lodginge within my said house at my chardge by the appointment of my Exors for six weeks after my decese or else to be recompenced of the same of my goodes at the election of my Exörs uppon his or theire behaviour and demaniour.

To Sir Thomas Gresham Kt my well beloved sonne in law a ringe of golde with a dyamonde fixed in yt and to my Ladie Anne his wife a chaine of golde for a girdle weinge vii ounces and three quarters and to every of them a black gowne.

To my cozin Richard Billingforde and his wife, to Anthonie Stringer and Master Buskins Vicar of St Lawrence to every of them a blacke gowne. To Robert and John sonnes of John Howland salter xlị. To Awdrian Procter my goddaughter xxxli upon condicion that William Procter goldsmith her father do upon request made to him by me or my Exors convay and assuer from him and his heirs unto such person and persons as I the said Ladye Gresham or my Exors shall notifie name and appointe all such customarie lands as he now holdeth of the lorde thereof at Bethenall Grene in the Parish of Stepbeneth co. Midd. or elsewhere in the said County by coppie of Court Roll accordinge not onely to the trust by me reposed in hym in that behalfe and others late deceased, but also to the due performance of this my last Will concerning the disposicion thereof or else the said legacies to said Adrian and a blacke gowne shall be voide and all legacies to her said father and mother shall be utterly voide.

And I do hereby revoke all former wills, and all such houshold stuff as shall be in my house at Blethnall Grene and all such stuff which are written and specifyed in a page consigned with my owne hande and shall be in my dwelling house in Milkstrete in London at the time of my decease, and all such sums of money as shall be hadd of the sale to be made by my Exors of all my Messuages Lands and Tenements as well fre a customarie with their appurts at Blethnall Grene co. Midd. I give the same to William Thomas John Thomas and Richard Goodman to be equally divided by my Exors and all such porcion of my said household stuffe and money had of the sale of the Lands and Tenements belonginge to Richard Goodman by vertue of my gifte unto him in forme aforesaid made I will that said William and John Thomas shall have in occupying till Richard Goodman come to his age of twenty-one yeres during which tyme they shall honestly find him all necessaries and shall bryng him up in lerning or in occupacion vertuouslye according to his witte and capacitie and to be bound as suerties for repayment to be made either to my Exors or the Chamberlayne of London. And if Richard Goodman die William Thomas or John Thomas whichever survive shall have and enjoye his share. And Exors of this my Will I make Margaret Calton and Robert Christopher and I give to either of them for paines xxli

And I the said Isabell Ladye Gresham by this my last Will do not onely appointe Sir Tho® Leigh K Overseer of the same and for his paines give unto him li but also

I appointe Sir Thos Gresham Kt one other of my Overseers upon condicion hereafter expressed and give him for his paines oli and also all and every the percell and percells of goods the particulars whereof hereafter ensueth that is to say a Turkie Carpett for the Parlor containing syve yardes and a quarter in length and two yardes and a quarter in bredth, a Turkie Carpett containing two yardes and a half in largnes and one yarde and a halfe and one quarter in bredth, a Turkie carpett containing four yardes and a quarter in length and one yarde in bredth, a Turkie Carpett eleven yardes and a half and half a quarter in length and one yarde and a quarter in bredthe, a Counterpoint of fine Imagerie with grasshoppers containing eight yardes in lengthe, a Carpett for the Hall with a pellican containing seven yardes in lengthe, à Carpett for the Parlor with grasshoppers six yardes and a quarter and half a quarter in length, A Bedd of counterfett clothe of golde and blewe velvet paned with fine curtins of blewe and yellow taffata to the same bedd, A bedd of taphata with bells of redd yelowe and purple, with fine curtins paned with redd yellowe and purple, some longe cushions for windows of crymsin velvete three of them ymbrodred and thother unbrodred, six shorte cushions of crymsyn velvete ymbrodered with the letre R and two of theym unstuffed, six other cushions of crimsin velvet plaine, two fetherbedde of downe a bigger and a laisser in the upper chambre with two bolstars one of them of downe the other of fethers, four pillowes of downe and two fine mattrasses stuffed with wool all which said percell are comprised in a paper consigned with my owne hand writinge and sumed as dothe and may appeare on this condition that the said Sir Thos Gresham shall forthwith after my decease by request of my Exors deliver to them or such of them as shall take the business of the execution of my Will a general acquittannce of all actions and demands which he might have against my Exors for any matter or cause had from the daye of the decease of Sir Richard Gresham Kthis father whilst he lived unto the said Sir Thos Gresham, till the daye of my decease by any waye whatsoever by or against her the said Isabell Ladye Gresham, and also that he shall suffer my Executors for eight dayes to have and occupie the house I nowe dwell in for the good orderinge of my goodes and for performance of my

Will and for keeping at bedd and borde of my men and maid servants. And if the said Sir Thos Gresham shall not consent or shall disturb my Exors in the execution of my Will then I revoke appointment of Overseer and all legacies to him and his wife given do make voide.

And the residue of my Goodes Houshold Stuff Plate Juells Debts and Redy Money that remaineth unbequeathed herein and by me ungiven, after my debts funeral charges legacies first paid I give in forme following i.e. c marks parcell thereof I give to poore maydens marriages after the rate of xiiis ivd the pece at the discretion of my Exors and xl"i another parte of the said residue I by this present give xxx" thereof unto several hospitals aforementioned by even porcions and xli I give to Bridewell to be bestowed by the Governors thereof and xlii another part of the residue of my said goodes, I give unto the poore and vertuous schollers in the several Universities before mentioned or such other poore schollers as shall be thought most requisite by my Exors the necessitie of the person, the tyme and place respected so that allways the legacies before given may be well born of other the said premises. And I make indemnity to my Exors for any suit they may incur in the Execution of my Will and any residue which cannot be much they to have. And I direct that those who are not in London are to wear their gownes or to forfeit them. And any costs that my Exors may be at to be defrayed out of my funeral legacies and bequests other than those I have given to hospitals or in blak gownes or to prisons.

In witness whereof I Isabell Gresham to this my last Will consigned with my own proper handwriting in the presence of persons hereafter named have sett my seale the daye and yere above written.

By me Isabell Gresham, per me Egedium Bushell, Rauf Woodcok, Johem Fox, Johem Wethers.

Probatum 28 Maii 1565 Juramento Mar. Calton et Robi Christopher.

WILL OF SIR THOMAS GRESHAM, K, 1575. In the name of God, Amen. The fourth Daye of July in the Seaven tene yere of oure souvereyen lady Elyssabethe, by the grace of god Quene of Inglond, ffrance and Ireland, deffeander of the faith &c. And in the yere of oure lorde God 1575. I 8r Thomas Gresham Knighte calling to minde howe certteynne it is that all mankinde shall leue and departe ought of this transsitorye lieffe and how vncerteyne the tyme and mannor thereof is, and for dispossinge of soche goodes as it hathe pleassid Almighttie god to make me posseas in this worlde in soche wysse as the same maye be godes glorye and to the quyeat of soche as after my death shalbe intitelid to haue the same wytheowght ought contencion doe therefore macke and declare my Teastament and last will in manner and forme folloinge. ffirst I bequeathe my sowle to almyghttie god my Creator and Redemor trustinge by the merites onely of Crist passione and death to be saved. my boddye I doe bequeathe to the yerthe to be burryead in St Tellyns in the parrishe that I doo now dewele in in soche wysse as seame good by the discreassione of my welbeloved wyffe my sole Executrixe.

And I geue and bequeathe to my welbeloved wiffe the ladye Ann Gresham towardes the paymentes of my deates and for the p’fformans of this my last will, all my hoole goodes as reddy monny, playte Jeuellis Chaynes of golde withe all my stocke of shepe and other Cattayle that I haue wythe in the Realme of Inglonde.

Item I geue and bequeathe to my Preantysse Will’m Gilbert ffourtie poundes To my prentysse Phillipe Celye ffourtie poundes. To my Preantysse John Smythe ffourtie poundes. To my Preantisse Phillipe Gilmor ffortye poundes. To my s'vaunt John Yonge Twentie poundes and Tenne poundes a yere as long as he dothe tary wythe my wyffe. To John Lawreans my Steward Twentie poundes. To gilles Tenne poundes and fiue poundes a yere as longe as he dothe tarry withe my ladye. To Guilliam my horsse kippar Tenne poundes, and fiue poundes a yere as longe as he taryethe and dewllyth wth my ladye, and to euery of my s'vauntes then being in my howsse fyue poundes. To Thomas Mausson Twentie poundes in monny and Tenne poundes a yere as long as he dothe lyve. To Margeat feryneley one hundreathe powndes to be paide at here daye of mariage. To my Cowssyn Nowell ffourtie poundes and Tenne powndes a yere as longe as he tarythe and dewllythe withe my wiffe. To my Cowssyn — Elliot ffiftie poundes to here mariage. To one hundread powre men eache of them a good blacke gowen of Six shillinges eight pence the yarde. To one hundread powre women one hundreathe blacke gowens of six shillinges eight pence the yarde for to bringe me to my graue. To my Cowssyn Cissley Ciolle one hundreathe powndes in monny,

And to this my last will I do ordeynne my welbelovyd wiffe Dame Anne Gresham to be my sole Executrix And my ou’seers Sr Lyonel Duckatt Knight, Edmund Hogan Thomas Celie and Philipp Schudamore and Mr Justice Manwood. And I doe geue to Sr Lionell Dockatt for his paynnes one hundreath poundes. To Edmond Hogan one hundreathe powndes. To Thomas Cely one hundreathe poundes. To Philipp Schudamore Twentie poundes. To Justice Manewood fyftie powndes wch I will haue them paide all in one yeare.

Also I geue to my nyce Ellserberthe Nevell to her marriage the some of fyne hundreathe powndes to be paide at the Daye of her mariage one hundreth poundes, and soe eu'ie yere aftyr one hundreath poundes till the some of fyue hundred poundes be fully payd. Also I geue to my Nyce - Nevell to be paide at her daye of mariage Three hundred poundes So that she mary not affore she be fifteneth yeares

And to Harry Nevell at his ayge of Twentith yeres yf he doe lyve soe longe one hundred poundes and to eu'y of his sonnes had by my brother's Dawghtish * (sic orig.) one hundreath poundes at the yeres of Twentith yf they do lyue so longe.

of ayge.

Brother's daughter Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Gresham, Kt., and wife of Sir Henry Nevill of Billingbere,

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