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villat by yere viiji. Overhessyldon by yere iij" xiij iiij. Netherhessyldon by yere vjli xiijs iiija. Slaightes by yere xj"! Stoddarhall and Fowntens stall by yere iijii vijs whiche manour of Lytton with thappartenaunces is of the clere yerely value of lvj" viij viijd wherof there goythe out in repryses that is to saye to the Kinges Majestie for the yerely tenthe of the same manour pll xxj". And so remayneth clere of this manour withe thappurtenaunces by yere lj" vj”. Item the manour of Kilneseye in Craven withe thappartenaunces alias villat by yere xvj" viijs iija. Northcot in Craven by yere vijli Scarthcott in Craven by yere xlije. Chapelhous by yere iiijl jij viija. Coniston by yere xiij. Certen londes and tenementes in Arncliff by yere iiij iiij®. Whiche manour of Kylneseye withe thappurtenaunces and londes and tenementes to the same belonging ben of the yerely value of xxxiiij'i xjø xj". wherof there goythe out due to the Kynges Majestie for the yerely tenthe of the same iijli vije vja. Somme of the reprises injli vij* vja. And so remaynethe clere of this manour with thappurtenaunces by yere xxxj" iiijs vd. Item the manour or barony of Bordeley in Craven withe thappurtenaunces that is to saye Netherbordley by yere viijl. Overbordeley by yere vjli xiijs xd. Knolbank by yere xls. Langerhous by yere xls. Cogilcott by yere iijli viijs iiija Hawthorn Lydyatt alias Cogilhous by yere xxvje viiji and Newhous by yere iij. Whiche londes and tenementes withe the appurtenaunces ben of the yerely value of xxvjli vijijd. Wherof there goythe out due to the Kinges Majestie for the yerely tenthe of the same lije viija. And so remaynethe clere of thes londes and tenementes withe the appurtenaunces by yere xxiijli xiiijs vjd. Item the lordes Hollyns and shepe pastures within the seid manours and other the premysses of the clere yerely value of viij" Whiche in the whole at this daye ben of the clere yerely valew of ij¢jiij«jiij" xjó và above all repryses and charges And the full thirde parte of all my manoures londes tenementes and heredytamentes into thre equall partes devyded wherof I am at this daye seased of an estate of enheritaunce I do leave and suffer to discende to my seyd sonne Sir John Gresham being at this tyme my sonne and heire apparaunt or to such person or personnes whom God shall provyde to be myne heire at the tyme of my decesse. To thentent that the Kinges Majestie my most gracyous Soveraigne Lorde and master shall and may therof take his commodytie and proffett according to his graces Prerogative to hym geven by his highnes lawes and statutes. And by this my last will I do utterly revoke all other willes concernyng the disposicion and order of my londes by me before made. And this only to stande and be my last will. In Witnes wherof I the seid Sir Richard Gresham have subscribed thes presentes withe myne owne hande and thereto sett my seale the xxth day of Februarye in the thirde yere of the reigne of our soveraigne lorde Kyng Edward the sixte.

Et memorand' qd. vicesimo tercio die mensis Marcij anno supradicto venerunt coram Joh’e Olyver uno magistror' Cancellarie d’ni Regis in Cancellar' sua Joh’es Gresham Alderman Roulandus Hill Thomas Gresham Thomas Atkyns Percivallus Creswell Ric'us Danser et Joh’es Staynynges et recognoverunt ultimam voluntatem predicti Ric'i Gresham defuncti ac om’ia et singula in eadem contenta et specificata in forma supradicta.

WILL OF SIR RICHARD GRESHAM, 1549. The xx daye of February 1548 in the third yere of Edward VI. I Sir Richard Gresham Kt Alderman of the Citie of London being in good mynde and perfect memory do make and ordain my last will and testament in manner and forme following: First I bequeathe my soul to Almighty God, and my bodye to be buried in honest manner within the parishe churche of St Laurens in tholde Jurye of London or elsewhere as I shall happen to decease. And after my bodye broughte in earthe I will that all my debts be paid, and I do freely forgyve my sonne Sir John Gresham Kt the sum of clli which I late lent unto hym in redye money, and I doe also forgyve my sonne Thomas Gresham the sum of ccli which he oweth me.

To every

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And after my debts paid then I will that my goodes and cattalls be devided into thre equall parts, whereoff I bequethe one parte to my right well beloved wyfe Isabel Gresham, another parte equally to be devided among my thre children Sir John Gresham, Thomas Gresham and Elizabeth Gresham, and the thirde parte I reserve for myself for the performyng of my legacies, out of whiche I give and bequethe to the high aulter of the parish churche of St. Laurens or to the parish churche where as I shall fortune to decease xls, and also to one or the other xls to be disposed among poore people of the same parish. And I give to every of the vi Jales, the two Comters, ludgate, Newgate, the King's Bench and the Marshalsie xxs, a pece. To my brother Henry Kyng and his wyffe fourtie pounds at the rate of xx marcs by yere. To my cosyn Dunnes wyffe vili xiiis iiiia, and to every of her children, vili xilis igiid.

To every of my cosyn Frauncis Gerbridge his children late of Walsingham vili xiiis ijiid a pece. of my cosyn Chaundeler's children except Richard vili xiiis iiià and to the said Richard x'i. To every woman servant being of my houshold at the tyme of my decease xli

. To Thomas Kydd my servant in the north country xls and to every other of my servants in the north country xx® a pece. To Thomas Oultyng my bailiff in Suffolk xls, to John Bowde my tenaunt at Intwood xx®, to the person of Intwood a rynge of the price of xlo. To every of my menservaunts vli and a blak coate meate and drinke in my house and thir wages besides the said vli for a hole yere next after

my decease if they will do service for the same to my wyffe. To the Worshippful Company of Mercers towards a dynner or ii at thir pleasure xli Item I will that my wyfe have all my houshold stuff in my houses at Blethenall Grene co. Midd. and in Ryngessell co. Suffolk paying for the same to my executors as it shall be praysed at by indifferent praysers. And my son John Gresham shall have the preferment in the buying of all my houshold stuff in my house of Intwoode co. Norfolke and also in my house at Orembery co. York paying as it shall be praysed by an indifferent prayser. To John Fitzwilliams my late servante xxli and a rynge of xls. Item I gyve to the maintenance of the poore people of St Bartilmews spittell newly erected xli. Item I gyve to pore inhabitants housholders of my warde of Chiepe xx". To Sir John Hall clerk my receyvor in the northe partes for his paynes xxì and a ringe value xls, to Thomas Atkins gent xli.

Item I gyve to my Lord Protector's Grace and to my Ladies Grace his wyfe every of them one rynge of gold of the value of vili a pece. To my Lorde of Warwicke and to my ladie his wife to every of them a rynge price iiili the pece.

To my Lord Ryche Lord Chauncellor of England and to my Ladie bis wyfe to every of them a rynge price iii" the pece. To my Lord St John lord great Master of the King's most honourable houshold and to my ladie his wyfe, to Sir William Pagett comptroller of the King's most honourable houshold and to my ladie his wyfe, to my Lord President in the North Archbishop of Yorke, to M' Peter and Mi Smyth secretaries, to my Lorde Chiefe Justice of England, to my Lorde Chiefe Justice of Common Please, to Sir Roger Cholmeley Lord Chief Baron of the King's Exchequer and to my ladie his wyfe, to Sir Walter Myldemaye, Sir Thomas Moyle and Master Kelwey, to Mr Goodwyck and Mo Gosnell, to Sir Richard Southwell, to Sir Edward Northe and his wife, to Sir Robert Southwell Master of the Rolls, to Mr. Bradshawe the King's general attorney and Mr Griffith solicitor and to Mr Bacon attorney of the Court of Warde and his wyfe, to Athelyn Galvage, to Anthony Bonvixe, to Robert Broke recorder of London and his wyfe, to Sir John Gresham my sonne and Dame Frances his wyfe, to Dame Christyan my daughter and Anne Gresham my daughter in law, and to Doctor Wolton, to every of them a rynge value iii". Toʻmy cosyn Richarde Byllingforde 100 mares, to Mř Thomas Gresham my brother a rynge of ill. To Thomas Atkyns and his wyfe a

rynge of inili

Also I give to every of these persons hereafter following a rynge of gold value xls. Sir John Heydon Ki Sir Win Paston Kt Sir Raufe Warren Kt and my ladie his wyfe, to my ladie Dormer, to my ladie Semer, to my ladie Lambert, Sir Win Mason and his wyfe Sir Thomas Pope and his wyfe Sir Marten Bowes and his wyfe, Sir John Haryngton Kt, Sir John Godsall K Sir Leonard Beckwith K

and his wyfe to my cozen Guy Craifforde and his wiffe, to Sir Nicholas Hare, to my cozen Wayte of Clapam and his wyfe, to my brother Ferneley and his wyfe, to my cosyn Thomas Rowe and his wyfe, to my cosyn William Hardyng and his wyfe, to my cosyn John Mershe and his wyfe, to my cosyn Ewdall and his wyfe, to my nephews William James John Edmund Ursula Cicelie and Elizabeth children to my brother Sir John Gresham to every of them a rynge of xls. To my cosyn Edward Byllyngeforde and his wyfe, and to Sir John Williams a rynge of xls, and to every such persons as my Executours shall think convenient a rynge of such value as they shall think good. Also I give to poore Richard Colyer my old servaunt the yerely sum of xxvis viiid for his life and a gowne at the daye of

my buriall.

Also I will that myne Executors in convenient tyme after my decease shall make sale of as moche of my houses lying and being in the citie of Yorke and suburbs of the same as nowe remain unsolde for the payment of my debts and legacies. Item I give to Ladie Gresham my brother's wyfe and my ladie Hill a rynge of vili. The residue of my goodes to be devided among my foure children John Thomas Christian and Elizabeth. Item I will that yf my sonne Sir John Gresham Kt do quietly permit my Executours to have the half years rents of such of my mannors and landes as I have willed to him ymmediatelie after my decease which shall be due after my decease and before the feast of Corpus Xti next ensuing that then my Executours shall deliver unto hym a certain writing of the statute of the staple wherein he standeth bound to me in the sum of 30001i and my surety for acquittance of all such debts as he oweth me.

Item where I and Isabell my wyfe in the term of St Hilary in the first and second yere of the Kinge's majesties reigne that nowe is by fyne levied before the Justices of the Common Pleas have recognized the Mannor of Sutton co. York and certain messuages tenements and hereditaments in Rypon in the said county, the Rectory and Parsonage of Swyne, the moytie of the Mannor and parsonage of Nonklyng co. York to be the right of my brother Sir John Gresham as that which he Sir Rowland Hill Thomas Atkins and Paule Gresham have of our gyfte, for the expression of myne intent and meaning of the said fyne I will that my sonne Sir John Gresham Kt shall from the saide feast of Corpus Christi next ensuing after my decease have and enjoy the said Mannor of Sutton and all lands at Rypon for the terme of his lyfe, remainder to the Deane and Chapitre of Westminster for the terne of one month next following and after the saide month expired remainder to the issue male of the bodye of Sir John Gresham Kt and their heires male, remainder to Thomas Gresham during his lyfe, remainder to his son Richarde and his heires male, remainder to the right heires of me Sir Richard Gresham. And as to the said moytie of the Mannor and Parsonage of Nonkelyng and all other the premisses mentioned in the fyne except the mannor of Sutton I will and devise the same to my saide daughter Élizabeth Gresham to have to her and her issue on this condition that the seyd Elizabeth shall not marry any husband without the advise and consent of my brother Sir John Gresham, Sir Rowland Hill and Thomas Atkyns, and if she die without issue then the said premisses to remayne to Sir John Gresham my sonne with like remainder as to Sutton. Also where my brother Sir John Gresham Sir Rowland Hill.and my sonne Thomas Gresham be seased in fee simple of the moytie of the Mannor of Tasborough co. Norfolk, I will that as sone as my Coyn Paule Gresham will pay to Sir John Gresham K+ Sir John Thynne Kt and Thomas Gresham ci towards the performyng of my will, Sir John Gresham Sir Rowland Hill and Thomas Gresham shall grant the said moytie to Paule Gresham and his heires male with remainder to Sir John Gresham my sonne for life with like remainder as to Sutton. And I bequethe to Dame Isabell my wyfe that she have and enjoy her habitation in my house wherein I nowe dwell for her life paying the rent thereof to be due yerely so that she suffer my Executours to have access for the execution of my will. And I make Sir John Gresham my brother Sir John Thynne Kt my sonne in lawe Thomas Gresham and Paule Gresham my Executours. Item I give to Sir John Gresham and Thomas Gresham xxli to Sir John Thynne xlli to Paule Gresham xli and to every of them a ring value

iiili. And I make Sir Rowland Hill overseer and to him xx marcs and a ring of vili

This will was proved in London 20th May 1549 by Thomas Gresham.

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(Cotton MS. Otho, f. 46.)

(Cotton MS. Cleopatra, E iv., f. 222.)



In the name of God Amen. The 18th April 1565 7 Eliz. I Isabell Ladye Gresham of London wydowe beinge sicke in bodie and of good and parfitt mynde and memorie God be highlie praised therefore do make and ordaine this my present Testament conteinynge in the same my verye true and last will by partie indented in manner and form followynge.

First I give and bequeathe my wretched and sinfull soule unto Almightye God my Creator and to his deare sonne Jesus Christ my only Redemer and Savior by the meritts of whose cruell painfull and blodie passion and deathe resurrection and ascension I truste onely to be saved and to obtain full pardon and forgiveness of all my sinnes and wretchedes and by no other way nor means, and my bodye to the erthe to be buried in honnest and semely manner and condicion as neighe to the place where the corps of Sir Richard Gresham Kt my late husbande late deceased is buried within the Parishe Churche of St Lawrence within the olde Jury and whereof I am now a parishioner, as shall be thought requisite by my undernamed Executors the tyme considered in that behalfe.

Item I will that my Exors shall give and distribute therefore gownes thone half thereof to poore men and thother half to poore women, and to every of the said poore men cappes and to every of the poore women an ell of linnen cloth for a vayle taking my said tennants in Ladlane and Badnall Grene for parte of the said poore men and women and as many other of that nomber of the said parish of St Lawrence St Stephen in Coleman streate and Aldermanburie as shall within viii persons accomplishe the full number if there be found so many in the said parishes, at the discretion of my Exors so allway that the poore of the Parish of St Lawrence be throughlie first sarved concerning the poore thereof in this behalfe which said poore men and women clothed in gownes cappes and vayles my will and desire is that they may goe and stand about my corpis and hearse of the same in such seamly manner as to my said Exors shall be thought most requisite. And further my will is that my said Exors or one of them shall forthewithe upon my buriall or while my bodie is a burienge pay or cause to be payed to every of the poore men and women for their dinner or retection as the tyme shall give occasion viiio in money.

I give to the Church Wardens of St Lawrence for the tyme being xls to be by them and by the appointment of the best disposed parishioners of the said Parish bestowed about the nedeful necessaries of the said Church.


Item I give to the prisonns or Geales hereafter mencioned Newgate, Ludgate, the two Compters, the Quenes benche and the Marshallsey xxivli in money to be distributed among the poorest and nediest persons within the said Geales by the appointment of my said Exors within four or five dayes after my decease by even porcions i.e. to every of them ivli if nede shall so require otherwise at the discretion of my Exors,

Item I give xxl of good and lawful money to be bestowed by my Exors for the redemying and delivery out of the said four prisonns before mentioned of the poorest and nidiest personns prisonners within the said Geales as far as the said xx" will sarve.

Item I give to the three Hospitals Christes St Barthilmewes and St Thomas Hospitall in Suthwerke for the better meyntenance of the same and releyvinge of the poore and myserable afflicted personns of and within the same lxxxxl of good and lawful money by even portions i.e. to every of the three xxxii which sums of money my Exors "shall with all spede after my decease disburse and paye to the Masters and Governors of the same.

Item to every of the legitimate children of Richard and Rogier Hosier and of Phillis Goodman late deceased, livinge at the tyme of my decease vli at their age of twenty one yeres and if they be not of age at my decease then to paye the same to their parents for his or their behofe and use.

Item I give cli to be distributed by my Exors within one yere of my decease in cooles amongst the nediest persons within the twenty five Wardes within and without the Cittie of London according to the number of the poore in each Warde.

Item I give oli of curante money to be distributed by my Exors to and amonges the best disposed and vertuous poore schollers of the two Universities of Oxford and Cambridge by even porcions i.e. li to either.

I not only give to the Worshipful Company of the Mercers xliin money to be spent for a dynner but also a standing cupp with a cover having a pellican upon the said cover all gilte beinge in the hole by estimacion xli ounce requiring them for my sake and at the request of my Exors to grant unto Robert Sone my servant one of the small tenements in Ladlane which they late had of my gifte when the same shall next become voide after my decease, for xxi yeres for th’accustomed rent heretofore paid.

Item I give to the Company of Goldsmiths x' in money for a dynner.

Item to the several persons hereafter named the several legacies. To Richard Candler vli in money and a black gowne. To my ladye Gresham in Bassingehawe a ringe of gold with a emerode fixed in it and a blak gowne. To Sir John Thynne Kt a ringe of golde with a rubie fixed in it and to my daughter his wyffe a tablet of golde with the Salutacion and a chayne of golde hanging to it all wainge five ounces and a halfe. And to my daughter Frances Gresham widowe a plaine chaine of golde weinge three ounces and three quarters and to every of theym a blak gowne. And to my cozen her daughter and to her husband Sir Henry Nevell K Sir Wm Peter Kt, my cozen his wyfe and my cozen John Browne to every of them a blak gowne, and to my sister Margaret Calton a boke of golde enamelled with blacke weinge two ounces and halfe a quarter and a blacke gowne. To Sir Thomas Leigh Kt and my ladie his wyfe, Robert Christopher and his wyfe to either of theym a ringe of golde of the bigger sorte and a blacke gowne, to Mr Alderman Roo and his wyffe my cozin, to Wm Gresham and his wiffe, my cozen John Gresham and his wiffe, my cozen Ceoll and his wiffe, my cozen Lewson and his wiffe, my cozen Edmund Gresham and his wiffe, my cozen James Elliott and his wiffe, my cozen John Marshe and his wiffe to every of them a blacke gowne, to my ladie White late called my ladie Warren, to John Baker mercer and his wiffe, Mrs Wayte widdowe her daughter my goddaughter and to Elizabeth Cherington to every a ringe of golde of the bigger sorte of ringes. To John Holande xx' to Wm Procter vli to John Sotherton vli and to every of them and their wiffes a blacke gowne,

and ringes of golde of the smaller sorte, to Thomas Dickins prest a blak gowne, to Thomas Calton and his wiffe a blak gowne and a ringe of golde of the smaller sorte uppon condicion that they be frendly and good to John Thomas his late apprentice as

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