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Monumental Inscriptions.

ST. MARY, WALSINGHAM PARVA, NORFOLK. A gravestone in the Church, with brass plate (Blomefield, 'History of Norfolk,' ix. 272), now gone :

Hic jacet Jacobus Gresham, cuj. a'ia. p’ptr. Deus.

CATHEDRAL, NORWICH. On a stone in the Jesus Chapel (Blomefield, 'History of Norfolk,' vi. 12), now gone : Hic Conditur Domina Anna Gresham Vidua quæ obijt vicessimo

sexto die Februarii, A.D. MDCXXXIV.* Ex Momenti hujus vitæ pendet Æternitas

Memorare novissima.

On a flat stone in the south transept (Blomefield, ‘History of Norfolk,' iv. 18), now gone : Margery, wife of Edward Gresham, Esq., her 6th husband,

died Sept. 7, 1646.


On a gravestone in the Church, with arms of Page and Gresham quarterly :

Here lyeth buried the 21 day of July 1693 Gresham Page,
never married, born the 6 of April 1621, the first son of Anthony Page,

Esq., and Elizabeth his wife ; he was the first son of Jon Page of Saxthorp, gent., and she the only child (that had issue) of Richard Gresham of Thorp Market in Norfolk, Kt, and Ann his wife, daughter of Tho.

Crofts of Saxham in Suffolk, Esq.

On a tomb in the east wall of St. Lawrence Jewry, destroyed by the fire in
1666 (Ward's 'Lives of the Gresham Professors,' p. 3, and Stow's Survey of
London,' p. 285):-

Here Lyeth Sir Richard Gresham, Knight, sometimes
Lord Maior of London, and Audrey his first wife, by
whom hee had Issue Sir John Gresham and Sir Thomas
Gresham, Knights, William and Margaret; which Sir
Richard deceased the xx. day of February An. Domini
MDXLVIII., and the third yeere of King Edward the
Sixth his Reigne, and Audrey deceased the xxviii. day

of December, An. Dom. MDXXII.

* Widow of Sir Richard Gresham, Knt., of Thorpe Market.


On a tomb in the south aisle of the choir of St. Michael's Church, Bassishaw, destroyed by the fire in 1666 (Ward 'Lives of the Gresham Professors,' page 5, and Stow Survey of London,' ed. 1633, p. 300):

Here lyeth buried under this Tombe the Body of Sir
John Gresham, Knight, sometime Alderman and Lord Mai-
or of this City of London, who had Two Wives, Dame Ma-
ry his first Wife, by whom Hee had Issue Five Sonnes
and Sixe Daughters. By Dame Katherine his last Wife no
Issue; which Sir John deceased the xxiii. day of October
Anno Domini MDLVI. And Dame Mary died the xxi. day of
September, MDXXXVIII.* Dame Katharine died-

FULHAM CHURCH, MIDDLESEX. On a slab of alabaster on south wall over the west door ; above, are the Arms of Gresham, impaling Dormer quarterly :

Monumentū Edmundi Gresham filii natu
Minimi Johannis Gresham de Mayfield ar.
migeri qui obiit 7° die Maii, Anno Domini

1593, Annoque Ætatis suæ 16.

Against the north wall of the tower, on a large mural monument, with stone base and marble Corinthian columns, is this inscription :

Sacrum Memoriæ Gulielmi Plumbe
Armigeri et Elizabethæ

Uxoris ejusdem
Gulielmus Plumbe Filius et Hæres Joan-
nis Plumbe de Eltham Armigeri Du-
as Uxores duxit; priorem Margaretam
Filiam et Unicam Hæredem Thomæ
Nevill Equitis quam Robertus South-
well Eques viduam Reliquerat, Ex qua
nullam prolem Genuit. Alteram Eliza-
betham, ex qua unicus filius natus est
Franciscus Plumbe. Elizabetha unica
Filia et Hæres Edvardi Dormer de
Fulham Armigeri, Filii natu minimi
Galfridi Dormer de Thame Armigeri.
Priorem conjugem habuit Johannem
Gresham, de Mayfield in Comitatu
Sussexiæ Armigerum et secundum fi-
lium Johannis Gresham Equitis (quon-
dam Majoris London) cui tres peperit
filios Thomam Gulielmum et Edvar-
dum Gresham, eo defuncto Gulielmum
Plumbe prædictum conjugem accepit.
Gulielmus Plumbe, obiit 9 die Febr.

Anno 1593. Ætatis suæ 60.

* She was buried in the Church of St. Mary, Aldermanbury. Stow Survey o London,' 303. + She died Jan., 1576.

CAPEL, SURREY. In the Church of Capel, Surrey, was a brass plate with this inscription in capitals (Aubrey, 'Hist. of Surrey,' vol. iv. 179), now gone :

Here lyeth the Body of Dame
Elizabeth the 2d daughter of Sir Thomas
Gresham of Lynsfeild in the County of

Surrey Kt and Wyfe of Sir Richard
Cowper of Capell in the said County,
Kt. Shee deceased the xxth of August

Anno Domini 1633.

HASLEMERE, SURREY. On the south wall of the chancel, painted in the shape of a monument, supported by two wreathed Corinthian pillars, almost worn out by the dampness of the wall, was this inscription (Aubrey, ‘Hist. of Surrey,' vol. iv. p. 32), now gone:

H. S. J.
Jacobus Gresham J. C.
ab antiquâ Greshamorum
(in agro Buck) familia
oriundus laudemque nactus
Qui Natales eruditione
Eruditionem fide
Fidem moribus sanctissimis
(timore erga Deum
erga Regem honorem

destinavit vel

Scabie quam Fanaticorum
et rabie


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Obiit vir desideratissimus.

Ætatis suæ 72.

On a free-stone gravestone, underneath, in capitals is this inscription (Id. p. 33), now gone:

Here lyeth the Body of Mrs Fines Gresham

who departed this Life the 28th Day of

November 1689.

TITSEY, SURREY. In a chancel at the south-east end of the Church is an altar tomb against the south wall: over it, under an arch, on brass plates, are the figures of a man and woman kneeling before two fald-stools bearing books on them, behind him four sons, behind her three daughters, all kneeling. (Aubrey, 'Hist. of Surrey, vol. iii.

p. 12.)

Now a slab of Sussex marble let into the east wall of the mortuary chapel. Above him is a shield with Arms of Gresham. A Squire's helmet, Mantling, and Cresta grasshopper. Above her, a shield with Arms of Gresham and Ipswell

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Brass to William Gresham and Wife in Titsey Church.


quarterly, helmet and crest as before. Below him, a shield with Arms of Gresham and Ipswell quarterly, and below her a shield with Arms of Gresham.


Place lyethe Wyll’m Greshame sone and Hayer unto Sir John Gresham
Knyght, late Shryfe of Surrey and Susseks ho toke to wyffe one Beatrys
Gybone by home he had Issewe Jaymes Wyll’m Thomas and John Mary
Elizabeth and Sysselley On whose Soule Jesus have mercy. 1579.

On the same wall is a black marble tablet enchased in white, over it the Gresham Arms, standing on a scull; and in capitals is this inscription (Aubrey, 1b., p. 13). The slab now merely remains, and is fixed on the south wall over an arch in the mortuary chapel :

This Place Lyeth The Body
Of Sir John Gresham Of This Parish
Of Titsy K+ Whoe Married Elizabeth
Eldest Daughter Of St Thos Bishopp
Of Parham In The County Of Sussex Kt
& Baronet With Whom Having Happily
Livd In A Conjugall Estate 31 Yeeres
& 5 Months He Dyed Without Issue
In The 56th Yeere Of His Age The 26th Day
Of May 1643. To Whose Merits Truth
Gives This Impartial Character That

He Was
An Orthodox Christian & An Obedient

Sonne Of The Church Of England
A Loyall Subject To His Soveraigne
An Affectionate Lover Of His Lady
A Noble & Bountifull Entertayner Of

His Friends And Neighbours
A Charitable Releever And Benefactor

To The Poore.
To whose pious memory his Deere Consort and
Relict hath Erected this monument as well to
expresse her owne affection as to preserve his
Virtues For the imitation of Posterity. Shee
having continued His widdow ever since
theire seperation desires to be conioyned
againe in the same Tombe when God shall
Please to call her out of this

Mortall Life.
This monument was erected in the yeare of our Lord 1660.

On Trinity Sunday, June 5, 1664, Dame Elizabeth Gresham, Relict of ye said S John Gresham, surrendred her Soule into God's hands, & lyes interrd in ye same tomb. Her piety, prudence, aquanimity, & Charity outlive her Person,

And when ye memory of man ceases to retaine her excellent Virtues

They shall be found upon Record in Heaven. Aged 74 yeares.
On a brass plate, under the centre window, above the sedilia in the chancel, -

In Memory Of Sir John Gresham Bart.
Of Titsey Place Sixth And Last Baronet
Who Died Sep. XX. MDCCCI. Aged lxv. Years,
And Is Buried In This Chancel.

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