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tors, or assigns of such survivor, should think fit; and in case any such daughter or daugh Of a Share in a ters should have attained her or their age or ages of twenty-one years, or should be married, or any such younger son or sons should have attained his or their age or ages of twenty-one years in the life-time of the said (father), then the portion or portions of such daughter or daugh ters so attaining such age, or so marrying after at taining such age, should be raised and paid within six calendar months next after the decease of the said (father) with interest for the same after the rate of for every by the year, from the day of the death of the said case any such daughter should happen to die before she should attain the age of twenty-one years or be married, or any such younger son should depart this life, or become an eldest or only son and provided for as such as therein is mentioned, before he should attain the age of twenty-one years, THEN the portion or portions of him, her, or them so dying, or becoming an eldest or only son, or so much thereof as should not have been sooner employed for the preferment or advancement in the world of any such younger son or sons, should survive and go to and amongst such surviving daughter or daughters, younger son or sons, and be equally divided between or amongst them (if more than one) share and share alike, and be payable when and as his, her, or their original portion or portions should, by vir tue of the trust intended to be declared of the said term of years become payable. AND WHEREAS shortly after the entering into and exccuting of the said articles, the said marriage wa duly had and solemnized between the said (father)




without making

and the said (mother), and there were and are issue of the said marriage (the eldest son), and (another son) and (a daughter), (also assignor), and her of a Share in a (younger sister). AND WHEREAS the said (father) afterwards died without having executed or made Father died any settlement or conveyance of the several estates a settlement mentioned in the said in part recited articles, articles. pursuant to the said agreement for that purpose entered into by the said articles. WHEREAS by a decree or decretal order of High Court of Chancery made the

in the year of our Lord


pursuant to

A decree in
Chancery di-

the recting articles

to be specifi

day of cally per

in a


tween assignor

cause then depending, between the younger children by (their brother and next friend) and (certain creditors of the father) plaintiffs, and (the widow and eldest son) and others, defendants, Ir WAS DECLARED, ordered, and decreed, that the marriage articles hereinbefore in part recited, should be specifically performed and carried into execution, and that the hereditaments comprised therein should be conveyed and settled upon, to, and for the said several trusts, intents, and purposes, or such of them as were then subsisting and capable of taking effect. AND WHEREAS A marriage bea marriage has since been had and solemnized and a gentleman between the said (assignor and a gentleman) without affectwhich said (gentleman) is since dead, without ing her portion. having done any act to dispose of or affect the portion or share which the said (assignor) was entitled unto under and by virtue of the hereinbefore in part recited articles of agreement and decree of and in the said part provided for the purposes of the younger children of the said (father and mother). AND WHEREAS the said (assignor), who has since attained her age of twenty-one years, is desirous of increasing

since dead,



the portions of (her said four younger sisters) by the addition of all her seventh part or Of a Share in a share, and all other her share and shares which she now is or may become entitled to of and in the said sum of as an augmentation of the portions provided for them under the said in part Consideration. recited articles. Now THIS INDENTURE WIT

NESSETH, that in pursuance and execution of the said decree, and for effectuating the same, and from the natural love and affection which she bears to her said sisters, (naming them), and in consideration of the sum of 10s. of, &c. to the said (assignor) in hand paid by the said (sisters), the receipt whereof is hereby acknowAssignment. ledged, SHE the said (assignor) HATH assigned, transferred, and set over, and by these presents


DоTH assign, transfer, and set over unto them the Share of por said (four sisters) ALL THAT the seventh part or share, and all other the part, portion, or share of and interest; and also all and every other the part and parts, portion and portions, share and shares, interest and interests to which she the said (assignor) shall or may, or otherwise would or might become entitled of or in the said sum or charge of and interest for the


same; and all the estate right, title, interest,
trust, possibility, benefit, advantage, claim, and
demand whatsoever, vested or contingent, at law
and in equity, of her the said (assignor), of, in,
to, or out of the same sum or charge of
and interest. TO HAVE, HOLD, receive, take, and
enjoy the same share and shares, portion and
portions, interest and premises hereby assigned,
from henceforth unto the said (four sisters)
their executors and administrators, equally to be
divided between or amongst them, share and share



alike, as tenants in common, and not as joint- ASSIGNtenants, in as full and ample a manner in all respects as the said (assignor) could, would, or of a Share in a might have been entitled to the same, if these presents had never been executed; together with full power and authority to ask, demand, sue for, recover, and receive the same, of and from the trustee or trustees of the said term of


for the time being, or the person or personsentitled to the lands charged therewith, or other th person or persons whom it may concern, to pay the same sum, and to take and pursue all and every the requisite and proper means and remedies for enforcing and compelling the raising and paying thereof. AND the said (assignor) doth hereby request, direct, authorize, and require the trustee or trustees of the said term of


for the time being, or the person or persons entitled to the hereditaments so charged with the said portions, and all other the persons whom it may concern, to pay the said share and shares, or portion and portions so hereby assigned by her to her said four younger sisters, or expressed and intended so to be, unto her said sisters, their executors and administrators equally, with all interest now accrued or henceforth to accrue or become due in respect thereof; and doth hereby agree and declare that the receipts of the said sisters, their executors or administrators respectively, for the said respective hereby assigned shares thereof, shall be full and effectual discharges to the person and persons so paying the same. IN WITNESS, &c.



Of an Annuity.

No. XXI.

Assignment of an Annuity given by the Will of a Gentleman to his Son, who sold it to three Sisters conditionally, who concurred in disposing of it absolutely to a Gentleman from whom the present Assignment is made.

THIS INDENTURE, made, &c. BETWEEN (assignor) of the one part, and (assignee) of the other part. WHEREAS deceased, in and by his ing an annuity last will and testament in writing duly executed,

Recital of the

will bequeath

of 1001.

bearing date on or about the

in the year of our Lord

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day of

did amongst other things declare that as to, for, and concerning his capital messuage, situate, standing, and being in in the county of with the farms, lands, tenements, and hereditaments that he was seized, possessed of, or any ways entitled unto for any estate of inheritance, freehold or copyhold, (which said copyhold premises he had surrendered to the use of his will) in possession, reversion, remainder, or expectancy, with their and every of their appurtenances situate, lying, and being at or elsewhere in the said county of

[ocr errors]

or elsewhere in the kingdom of Great Britain, (other than such as were therein before devised to (trustees and executors named in the said will) to be sold as therein mentioned,) his will was, that the same should be subject and liable to and stand charged and chargeable with the payment of such debts as at the time of his decease might be due and owing from him, as also of the legacies and annuities given and bequeathed by his said will, and the annuities and

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