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tioned hereditaments so made by the within named CONFIRMAtrustees to the said (purchaser) as aforesaid, and to release the same hereditaments from all claims of Sale and

Conveyance. and demands whatsoever in the manner hereinafter appearing Now TheREFORE THIS INDENTURE Consideration. WITNESS ETH, That in consideration of the premises, and also for and in consideration of 5s, to each of them the said (Maria and her husband, and her brother and sister), paid by the said (purchaser), at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipts whereof are hereby respectively acknowledged, THEY the said, &c. in their several and respective rights and capacities aforesaid, and according to their several and respective shares and interest whatsoever, do, and each and every of them dotu hereby acknowledge that the nett value and amount of the within mentioned sum of

the purchase-money for the within mentioned hereditaments (after deducting the sum of attending the sale ), being the sum of was invested in the names of the within named (two trustees), in the purchase of 3 per cent. consolidated bank annuities, upon the trusts of the within mentioned will of the said (testator), deceased ; and do testify and declare their respective consent to the sale so made, as aforesaid, to the said (purchaser); and further, do hereby (ac- Ratification of cording to their several and respective rights and veyance. interests) ratify and confirm the within written indenture, and every grant, clause, covenant, and agreement, therein mentioned. A Drhis IDENTURE FURTHER WITNESSETH, that for the considerations aforesaid, they the said, &c. in their respective rights and capacities aforesaid, and ac

for the expences

sale and con



CONFIRMA. cording to their respective shares and interests,

HAVF, and each and every of them hath, reof Sale and mised, released, acquitted, exonerated, and disConteyance.

charged, and by these presents do, and each and every of them DOTH (according to their several and respective rights and interests), promise, release, acquit, exonerate, and discharge the said within mentioned messuage or tenement, and bereditaments, from and against all actions, claims, and demands whatsoever, both at law and in equity, or otherwise howsoever, which they the said, &c. or any or either of them, ever had, or now have, or which they or any or either of them can, shall, or may have, claim, make, set up, challenge, or demand, for or by reason or means of the said recited wills of the said (father and son) deceased, or for or by reason or means of any

matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, relating thereCovenant for to. And the said (husband of Maria, and her

brother and sister), for themselves, and for their several and respective heirs, executors, and administrators, and not one, nor any of them for the others, or other of them ; AND ALSO, as to the said (husband), for the acts, deeds, and defaults, of (his wife), her heirs, executors, and administrators, as aforesaid, do hereby, according to their several and respective interests, severally and respectively covenant, promise, and agree to and with the said (purchaser), his heirs and assigns, that they the said, &c. sball and will, from time to time, and at all times hereafter, at the request and at the proper costs and charges of the (purchaser), his heirs and assigns, make, do, and execute, or cause or procure to be made, done, and executed, all and every such further and other

further assurance.

lawful and reasonable act and acts, deed and LEASE AND

RELEASE. deeds, matters and things, for the further, better, and more perfectly and absolutely confirming, assuring, and releasing unto t’ie said (purchaser), his heirs and assigns, the said withiir mentioned heredita ments and premises, as by the said (purchaser), his heirs or assigns, or his or their counsel, shall be reasonably advised, or devised and required. IN WITNESS, &c.

No. XIX.

Of Leaseholds for Lives.

Conveyance of Leaseholds for Lives. This INDENTURE, made, &c. BETWEEN (reles- Parties. sor) of the one part, and (relessee) of the other part, reciting a demise with livery of seisin from the Bishop of A. to (relessor) and his heirs for three lives therein mentioned, at the rent of

and two capons or two shillings in lieu thereof. AND WHEKEAs the said (relessee) hath Recites concontracted and agreed with the said (relessor) as chase. well for the absolute purchase of all the estate and interest of the said (relessor) of and in the said tythes, hereditaments, and premises, by and under the said lease, as for the absolute purchase of all his the said (relessors) freehold and leasehold messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments in the counties of

and at or for the price or sum of

Now this Consideration. INDENTURE WITNEsseth, that in pursuance of the said contract and agreement, and for and in consideration of the sum of

of lawful money of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ire




LEASE AND land, of English value and currency, mentioned

to be the consideration of a certain indenture triof Lease for partite, bearing even date herewith, and made be

tween, &c. And also for and in consideration of £ to the said (relessor) in hand paid by the

said (relessee) the receipt whereof is hereby acWords of con. knowledged, he the said (relessor) hath granted,

bargained, sold, aliened, released, and confirmed, and by these presents both grant, bargain, sell, alien, release, and confirm, (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof, in consideration of five shillings, made by indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the date of the same indenture, and by force of the statute made for transferring of uses into possession) and to his heirs ALL THAT the aforesaid piece or parcel of land called and all the tythes of corn, grain, and hay, and all other his tythes of what nature or kind soever arising or increasing within the parish of

in the county of

with their and every of their rights, members, and appurtenances, now or late in the tenure or occupation of the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, rents, issues, and profits, of all and singular the said premises; and also all the estate right, title, interest, term of years yet to come and unexpired, property, advantage, claim, and demand whatsoever, of him the said (relessor) of, in, to, out of, and from, the same respectively, together with the said in part recited indenture of lease, and all benefit and advantage thereof. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises mentioned to be hereby granted and released, with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said (relessee)

; And




his heirs and assigns, to the only use and behoof LEASE AND of the said (relessee) his heirs and assigns, for and during the natural lives of them the said (cestui Of Lease for que vies) and of the survivors of them, and the natural life of the survivor of them, in as full, ample and beneficial a manner, to all intents and purposes as the said (relessor) might, could, or ought to have held and enjoyed the same, if these presents had never been executed; yet nevertheless, at, under, and subject, to the payment of the said yearly rent of and to the covenants and agreements in the said indenture of lease mentioned, expressed, and contained. ADD CovenaNTS from (relessor) that he has done no act to impeach, charge, forfeit, incumber, surrender, or otherwise make void or voidable the lease; has good right, full power, and lawful and absolute authority, to grant and release all and singular the said, &c. unto the said (relessee) bis beirs and assigns, during the lives of the persons beforementioned, in manner aforesaid, for quiet enjoyment and further assurance. AND COVENANT from (relessee) to pay the rent and perform the covenants reserved and contained in the lease on the part of the lessee. IN WITNESS, &c.

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