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under an

special Trusts.

vered by him, to charge all or any part of the said CONVEY. plantations and premises hereby released with any sum of money that may be sufficient to indemnify By a Purchaser and save harmless the purchaser or purchasers of Execution upon the said estate, of, from, and against the payment of the said annual sum of annum chargeable thereon, jointly with the said hereby released premises, and to and for no other use, intent, or purpose whatsoever. IN WIT. NESS whereof the said parties to these presents have hereto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written. [Here introduce the Schedule of judgment debts.]

MEMORANDUM. It is agreed by and between the parties to the within written indenture of release, that nothing therein contained shall extend, or be construed to extend, to prevent the within named (purchaser) from taking, applying, and appropriating all such sugar, rum, and produce as now be upon the therein released plantations and premises, to his own use and purpose; and all such sugar, rum, and produce as shall or may be made and produced on the said plantation or estates between the day of the date of the said within written indenture of release, and the first day of October next ensuing the day of the date thereof. Dated this day of in the year of our Lord

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BEFORE the honorable (Chief Justice of His Majesty's Court of King's Bench and Common

By a Purchaser Pleas in the island of

under an

Execution upon appeared (witness) of the island of

special Trusts.

day of

) personally


rister at law, who maketh oath, that he, this
deponent, did see the within written indenture
bearing date the
, and
made, or expressed to be made between the with-
in named (purchaser) of the one part, and (his
co-trustees or the relessees) of the other part,
sealed and delivered; and that he, this deponent,
did also see them execute the memorandum in-
dorsed thereon.

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oath, that he, this deponent, did see the within indenture of bargain and sale for a year, bearing date the eighteenth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, and made or expressed to be made between the within named of the one part, and


of the other part, sealed and delivered; and he, this deponent, subscribed his name as a witness to the execution thereof.

Sworn before me this

24th November, 1812. S



I do hereby certify that the within are true CONVEYand faithful copies of certain indentures of lease and release bearing date respectively the




days of

By a Purchaser under an

Execution upon

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special Trusts.

and made or mentioned to be made

of the one part, and

of the other part, now remaining in the Register's Office for Registry of Deeds, in the island of as the same were entered in the

said office on

at about

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The note in page 336, should have been introduced page 327; and the words "plain or constructive," should have been " "implied or





For Index to Mr. Barton's Precedents, see the end of

this Index.


ACT OF PARLIAMENT. Recital of one enabling an
infant to acknowledge fines and suffer recoveries
ADMINISTRATOR, when he prefers a creditor, should
not confess judgment with costs
ADMINISTRATRIX. Appointment of new trustees by
AFFIDAVIT to be made by an insolvent
chasing under his deed of trust

person on pur-

AGREEMENT between judgment creditors and a mort-
gagee, that the latter, though subsequent in time,
shall have priority in payment



30 n.




(On a separation) that children shall spend half their
holidays with their father, and half with their


That if judgments are not satisfied by certain means
in a certain time, trustees may mortgage or sell


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ANCIENT DEMESNE. Deed to lead the uses of a

[blocks in formation]

New grant and new conveyance (by indorsement)
on a deed of grant and conveyance which had
become void for want of a memorial pursuant to
17th of his present majesty


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