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CONVEY said master, in pursuance of the above-mentioned order, but his Honor did order by the like conBy a Purchaser sent that that decree should not be executed if

under an

special Trusts.

Execution upon the said (defendant) should deliver to or to the order of the said (manager), or ship and consign to the said (consignee), and in case of shipping to the said (consignee) deliver up to the said annually from the date thereof, until the sum of charged to the said plantations and estates, and payable to the said complainants, and all such interest as may be now payable or may hereafter be due or payable in respect thereof, should be by such means fully discharged, together with costs, if they should be given against the defendant, hogsheads

of sugar, of the dimensions and quality then usually made on the said estates, the nett proceeds thereof after the payment of freight, insurance duties, and the usual expences to be from time to time as received, disposed of, and applied in the reduction and liquidation of the said.

, and such interest and costs in the event of their being That grandson given as aforesaid against the defendant. AND

had left the

Island, very

WHEREAS the said

departed from the much indebted said island some time since, having contracted or

to persons who

ced actions and


had commen-, incurred debts by simple contract to a very conobtained judg- siderable amount, and the several persons to whom he was so indebted for the recovery and security of the money due to them, entered actious and obtained judgment thereon in his Majesty's Court of King's Bench and Common Pleas of the said island, for the several sums of money set opposite to the respective names mentioned in the schedule hereunto annexed. AND WHEREAS several executions issued upon and by

That several

executions had been levied in the said plan



under an

virtue of the said judgment which were levied on CONVEY. the said two plantations, and the said (relessor) became the purchaser at the sale thereof, and by By a Purchaser virtue of such executions. AND WHEREAS it was Execution upon special Trusts. expressly agreed and stipulated between the said (purchaser) and the said several judgment cre- Recital of ditors of the said (grandson) whose names are rangement. hereinafter mentioned, that the said (purchaser) should become the purchaser of the said plantations situate in the parish of

said island of

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in the

present ar

, commonly called upon the express condition and agreement that he would execute a good and sufficient conveyance of the same premises unto trustees for the purpose of raising, by the ways and means hereinafter mentioned and expressed, a sufficient sum of money to satisfy and discharge the said several judgment debts hereinafter particularly used in the schedule hereto annexed, subject to such limitations and powers, trusts, provisoes, and agreements as are hereinafter expressed, declared, created, or raised of, to, or in respect of the same. Now THIS INDENTURE WITNESS- Consideration. ETH, that in pursuance of the said proviso and agreement made in the purchase of the said last mentioned plantation and estate, and for the fulfilment thereof, and in consideration of the sum of ten shillings, current money of the said island to the said and in hand well and truly paid at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents by the said (trustees on this occasion), the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, HE the said HATH granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released, and confirmed, and by these presents by the said (trustees) the receipt


under an

CONVEY- whereof is hereby acknowledged, He the said (purchaser) HATH granted, bargained, sold, By a Purchaser aliened, released, and confirmed, and by these Execution upon presents DoтH grant, bargain, sell, alien, release, special Trusts. and confirm unto the said (trustees) their heirs, Conveyance. executors, administrators, and assigns respectively, ALL that plantation, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying, and being in the parish of in the island of commonly

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and all the houses, out-houses,
edifices, boiling-houses, still-houses, shuttures,
fabrics and buildings, mills, stills, cisterns, cop-
pers, furnaces, worms, worm tubs, coolers, and
other plantation utensils and implements, and
all negroes and other slaves, and the offspring,
issue, and increase of the females of such negroes
and other slaves, and all horses, mules, and other
cattle, and all ways, paths, and other passages,
wells, aqueducts, waters, water-courses, trees,
woods, underwoods, and the ground and soil
thereof, liberties, privileges, profits, commodi-
ties, emoluments, advantages, hereditaments, and
appurtenances whatsoever upon the said messu-
ages or tenements, plantations, lands, heredita-
ments, and all and singular the premises hereby
granted, bargained, and sold, or intended so to
be, or any of them belonging or in anywise ap-
pertaining, or with them or any of them, or ap-
purtenant thereto; And the reversion and rever-
sions, remainder and remainders respectively, the
yearly and other rents, issues, and profits and
produce of all and singular the said messuages,
tenements, plantations, lands, negroes, slaves,
hereditaments, and premises hereby granted, bar-
gained, and sold, or intended so to be; And all


under an

special Trusts

to the freehold.

the estate right, title, interest, inheritance, reversion, use, trust, property, claim, and demand whatsoever, both at law and in equity of him the By a Purchaser said (purchaser), of, in, and to the same and Execution upon. every part thereof, together with all deeds, charters, evidences, and writings relative to the said premises, or any part thereof, To HAVE AND TO Habendum as HOLD So much and such part or parts of the said messuages, tenements, plantations, land, hereditaments, and all and singular other the premises hereby granted, bargained, and sold, or intended so to be, as is or are freehold, or of the nature of estates of freehold and inheritance, and every part thereof, with the appurtenances thereto belonging, unto and to the use of the said (trustees) their heirs and assigns for ever; AND TO HAVE Also of the AND TO HOLD so much and such part or parts of Upon trust the said premises hereby granted, bargained, and subject to the sold, or intended so to be, as is or are personal trustees. estate, or of the nature of a chattel interest, and every part thereof, with their appurtenances thereto belonging, unto the said (trustees) their executors, administrators, and assigns, absolutely TO AND FOR THE USE of the said (purchasers and trustees) their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns; BUT NEVERTHELESS upon the several trusts, and to and for the ends, intents, and purposes, and under and subject to the powers, provisoes, declarations, and agreements, hereinafter expressed and declared of and concerning the same, that is to say, UPON TRUST, by and out of the rents, issues, and profits, crops and produce of the said plantation and premises hereby conveyed and assigned, or meant or intended so to be, in the first place to pay the

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expences of


under an

expence of preparing and executing these presents, and all other costs, charges, and expences By a Purchaser incident to or which may be occurred or susExecution upon tained in or about the execution of the trusts special Trusts. herein expressed or any of them, and also all such costs, charges, and expences, sum and sums of money as they the said (trustees) and the survivor of them, their executors and administrators, shall or may necessarily incur, sustain, pay, expend, or be put into, in or about the management, cultivation, or direction of the plantation or estate, negroes, slaves, hereditaments and appurtenances hereby released, or mentioned or Consign a por- intended so to be. AND UPON FURTHER TRUST tion of the proJuce for perthat they the said (trustees) and the survivor of ons interested under the them, their executors and administrators, (after aforesaid dededucting and retaining all such costs, charges, and expences, sum and sums of money as aforesaid) do and shall, from and out of the rents, issues, and profits, crops and produce of the said hereby released plantation and premises, yearly and every other year, ship and consign to such consignee or consignees as now is, or are, or shall or may be hereafter appointed by the High Court of Chancery in England, hogsheads of sugar, to be sold and disposed of for the benefit of the persons interested in the herein before recited decree of the Court of Chancery of the said island of


and apply the agreeable to the directions of such decree; AND

surplus in

keeping down

the interest,

DO AND SHALL IN THE NEXT PLACE pay and apply the same rents, issues, and profits, crops and produce of the said plantations and premises, or so much thereof as shall be necessary in and towards the paying and discharging the interest hereafter to become due upon and, in respect of the said

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