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BARON AND tels, lands and tenements, and real and personal


Deed of Separation.

estates, and every part, thereof respectively of, from, and against all and all manner of debts (if any) already contracted, or at any time or times hereafter to be contracted by the said (wife) for board, lodging, clothes, and necessaries, or on any other account, occasion, or pretence, whatsoever; and from and against all actions, suits, claims, and demands, to be commenced, prosecuted, or made against him the said (husband) his heirs, executors, or administrators, by any person or persons whomsoever on account of the said (wife) or of any contract, bargain, or other matter or thing whatsoever, had, made, done, or committed, or to be had, made, done, or committed by her; and of, from, and against all costs, damages, and expences, which he or they shall or may sustain or be put unto, for or in respect of all and every such actions, suits, claims, and demands, as aforesaid. AND also that she the said (wife) or any other person or persons by her procurement, shall not nor will at any time or times during the joint lives of him the said (husband and wife) in anywise interrupt or disturb the said (husband) in his place of abode or dwelling, or elsewhere, or in his manner or way of living, either by ecclesiastical process or otherNor issue any wise howsoever. AND ALSO that she the said stitution of con- (wife) shall not nor will at any time hereafter exhibit or prefer in any spiritual court, or ecclesiastical court, any libel or process for the restitution of conjugal rights, or dues; or commence, sue forth, or prosecute any writ, process, suit, or Or to make her action, for compelling the said (husband) to cohabit with her at any time hereafter; or to pay of

That wife will not interrupt husband;

process for re

jugal rights;

any other al



Deed of

allow her while they shall live separate and BARON AND apart, as aforesaid, any alimony money, pin money, sum or sums of money, provision or pro- Separation. visions whatsoever, either for her clothing, necessaries, maintenance, or support, or otherwise howsoever, other than and except the said annuity, yearly rent charge, or sum of

troubled for

brances, may


and the rents, issues, and profits of the said hereditaments in the city of Dublin, herein before made payable in manner aforesaid. PROVIDED Husband, if ALWAYS, and it is hereby declared and agreed by wife's incumand between the said parties to these presents, indemnify himand the true intent and meaning of them and of self out of the these presents is, that if the said (husband) shall at any time during the joint lives and separation of him and the said (wife) be sued or prosecuted for or in respect of any debts, goods, wares, money, apparel, or other things contracted, bough, borrowed, or taken up or received by the said (wife) after the said day of

next en

next ensuing, by or on account or by the procure-
ment of the said (wife) or for her own use, wear-
ing, maintenance, or occasions; or for or in re-
spect of any contract, bargain, or any other mat-
ter or thing whatsoever had, made, done, or com-
mitted by the said (wife) or by her procurement,
after the said
day of
suing, then and in such case it shall and may be
lawful not only for the said (husband) his heirs,
executors, and administrators, to retain and de-
duct to him and themselves out of the next and
every other succeeding payment of the said an-
nual sum or yearly rent charge of

rents, issues, and profits, hereby before secured
in manner aforesaid, as far as the same will ex-



Dead of Separation.

BARON AND tend; but also to reimburse and repay all and every such sum and sums of money, costs, charges, and expences, as he the said (husband) his heirs, executors, and administrators, shall at any time or times be charged with or compelled to pay, expend, or be put unto, or which shall be occasioned unto him or them for or in respect of the same, any matter or thing herein before contained to the contrary in anywise notwithstanding. Husband cove AND the said (husband) for himself, his heirs, shall enjoy her executors, and administrators, doth hereby furparaphernalia. ther covenant, promise, and agree, to and with

nants that wife

Power of appointing new


the said (grantee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, that he the said (husband) shall and will permit and suffer the said (wife) to have, hold, possess, and enjoy all her clothes, dresses, pocket and other money, now in her possession, jewels, diamonds, trinkets, watches, and other things proper for the ornament of her person, as and for her own sole and separate property. AND it is hereby lastly provided, declared, and agreed, by and between the said parties to these presents, that in case of the death of either of the said trustees during the life of the said (wife) and the separation of them the said (husband and wife or in case either of them the said trustees shall be desirous to be released and discharged from, and shall neglect or refuse to act in the execution of the trusts hereby in them respectively reposed, that then and in either of the said cases it shall and may be lawful to and for the said (wife) by writing under her hand, to nominate, substitute, and appoint a new or other trustee for the purposes aforesaid, in the place and stead of such trustee so dying or being desirous


Deed of Separation.

to be discharged, or neglecting or refusing to act BARON AND as aforesaid; and upon such 'nomination or appointment the trustee or trustees for the time be ing so to be appointed, shall from thenceforth be interested in the premises, and shall and may generally act in the execution of the trusts hereby declared in the same manner as if he or they had been originally appointed a trustee or trustees for the purposes hereinbefore expressed; and so toties quoties as often as any trustee shall happen to depart this life, or be desirous to be discharged, or neglect or refuse to act as aforesaid, all such assignments, acts, and things, requisite and necessary for the effectually vesting the said premises in such new or other trustee, shall be thereupon forthwith made, done, and executed, by the said (husband) and the trustee so desiring to be discharged, or neglecting or refusing to act, or by the heirs, executors, or administrators of the trustee so dying, to the end, that the trusts hereinbefore declared may with facility be carried into execution. IN WITNESS, &c.

No. LI.

A Continuation of the last Arrangement, whereby the Children are provided for, and put under the Direction and Management of mutual Friends of the Husband and Wife.

THIS INDENTURE, made, &c. BETWEEN (the husband) of the first part, (wife) of the second part, of the third part, and (grantees or trustees of annuity) of the fourth part. WHEREAS the said (husband) and (wife) having

Provision for one and Ma

the Mainten

nagement of Children.


Provision for

the Mainten

ance and Ma

nagement of Children.

BARON AND lately agreed to live separate and apart from each other, it hath been agreed between them that the maintenance and education of (their three children, naming them with their ages) should be left to the management and direction of the said (grantees); and in order that the said (grantees) husband agrees should be enabled to provide for such maintenuity for main-nance as far as may be in a suitable manner, the said (husband) hath agreed to pay unto the said (grantees) their executors, administrators, and assigns, one clear annuity or yearly sum of

Recites that

to pay an au

tenance of chil



for and during the term of his life, upon the trusts nevertheless, and to and for the ends and intents hereinafter mentioned, expressed, and deA bond for said clared of and concerning the same. AND WHEREAS the said (husband) by his certain bond or obligation in writing bearing even date with these presents, is become bound unto the said (grantees) their executors, administrators, and assigns, in the penal sum of

subject nevertheless to a condition thereunder written for making the same void upon payment by the said (husband) his heirs, executors, or administrators, unto the said (grantees) their executors, administrators, or assigns, of the said annuity or yearly sum of at the times, in the manner, and upon the trusts referred to or expressed in the said condition and hereinafter mentioned. Consideration. Now THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH, that in pursuance of the said agreement, and in order to effectuate the same, and to enable the said (grantees) to make such provision for the said children as hereinafter is expressed; and for and in consideration of the sum of ten shillings of, &c. to the said (husband) in hand well and truly

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