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be hereby assigned and surrendered, should be as. RE-CONVEYsigned and surrendered to him the said (assignee) in manner hereinafter mentioned Now TAIS IN- Of Mortgage

by Demise. DENTURE FURTHER WITNESSETH, that in pursuance of the said agreement, and for and in Consideration, consideration of all principal money and interest secured to her the said (administratrix) as aforesaid; having been satisfied and paid to her the said (administratrix) which she the said (administratrix) doth hereby admit and acknowledge. And for and in consideration of the sum of of lawful money of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, of English value and currency, by the said (assignee) to the said (artministratrix) in hand well and truly paid at or before the scaling and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged ; Sue the said (administratrir) at the request and by the direction of the said (assignee) testified by his being made a party to and exe uting these presents, Hath assigved, surrendered, and yield - Vords of cured

up, and by these presents Duty assign, surrender and yield up unto the said (assignee) his heirs and assigns, ALL that the manor and adVowson of

a foresaid, with all messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments, thereunto belonging and appertaining, with their

every of their rights, meinbers, and appurtenańces; And all the estate right, title, interest, term and terms for years yet to come and unex. pired, trust, possession, property, possibility, claim and demand whatsoeyer both at law and i equity of her the said ( administratrix) of, in, to, or out of the same premises, every or any part or parcel thereof: TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said Habendum. manor and advowson, messuages, lauds, tenements,




years, and

years and

Covenant against incum. brances.

RE-CONVEY. and hereditaments, and all and singular other the

premises hereinbefore mentioned and intended to of Morage be hereby assigned and surrendered with the apby Demise.

purtenances unto the said (assignee) his heirs and assigns, henceforth for and during all the rest, residue, and remainder of the said terms of

years now to come and unexpired therein, TO THE INTENT, that the now residue of the same two terms of

years may be merged and extinguished in the reversion, freehold, and inheritance of the same premises, now vested in the said ( assignee). And the said (administratrir) for herself, her heirs, executors, and administrators, dotb covenant and declare to and with the said (assignee) his heirs and assigns, by these presents, that the said (second transferree, his executrir, sub-mortgagee, his erecutor, and the administratrir) have Dot nor have or liath any or either of them at ang time heretofore done or committed, or wittingly or willingly permitted or suffered to be done any act, deed, matter, or thing whatsoever, whereby or wherewith or by reason or means whereof the said manor and advowson, messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments, and premises, hereinbefore mentioned and intended to be hereby assigued and surrendered, or the said two terms of

years therein respectively, or any part thereof respectively are, is, can, shall, or may be charged, forfeited, impeached, assigned, incumbered, or affected in title, estate, or other. wise howsoever. IN WITNESS, &c.

years and

(1) The statute enabling infant trustees to convey, extends only to plain and express trusts, not to such as are plain of constructive only; 2 Eq. Cas. Ab. 521. pl. 7, 3P. W. 887,

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ferences, and agreement to

Agreement between Husband and Wife, where

by an Annuity or Rent-Charge independent of her own Estates and Paraphernalia are secured to her, and in which a Friend of the Wife engages to indemnify the Husband against such Debts as she had contracted or might contract during the Separation.

This INDENTURE, of four parts, made, &c: Between (husband) of the first part; (wife) of Partiesa the second part; (grantee of the annuity for wife) of the third part; and (trustees of estates for securing it) of the fourth part. Whereas many Pecital of difunhappy disputes and differences having for some time subsisted between the said (husband and separate ; wife) they have, by mutual assent agreed to live separate and apart from each other; And to the end that the said (wife) may be enabled to maintain and support herself in a manner suitable to her rank and station in life, the said (husband) that husband hath agreed to pay to her one clear annuity or allow her an

annuity, &c. yearly sum of during their joint lives, in case they shall so long live separate and a part, · subject nevertheless to the provisoes and conditions hereinafter expressed, declared, and contained ; and hath also agreed, that during such time she the said (wife) shall have, receive, and take the rents, issues, and profits of the messuages or tenements and hereditaments in the kingdom of Ireland hereinafter mentioned and described, to



Deed of

tee had agreed

the wife,

of a boud for secur ng the annuity.

BARON AND and for her own separate use, in manner bereinafter expressed.


WHEREAS the said Separation

(grantee) on the treaty of such separation as

a foresaid, undertook and agreed to indemnify and that gran. the said (husband) against such debts, if any, as to indemnify the said (wife) hath contracted or may conaga ust debts of tract during such separation, as aforesaid, and

to enter into such covenants as are hereinafter contained. AND WHEREAS the said (husband), by his certain bond or obligation in writing, bearing even date with these presents, is become bound unto the said (grantee) his executors, administrators and assigns, in the penal sun of

subject nevertheless to a condition there. under written, for making the same void upon payment by the said (husband) bis heirs, executors or administrators unto the said (grantee) his executors, administrators or assigns, of the said annuity or yearly sum, at the times, in the manner, and upon the trusts referred to or expressed

in the said consideration hereinafter mentioned. Grant,

Now tuis INDENTURE WITNESS ETH, that in part pursuance of the said agreement, and in order in part to cffectuate the same, and make such provision for the said (wife) as hereinaster is expressed, and for and in consideration of the sum of 10s. of, &c. to the said (husband) in hand well and truly paid by the said (grantee) at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, He the said (husband) Hatu given, granted, and confirmed, and by these presents Dots give, grant, and

confirm unto the said (grantee) his heirs and asof annuity.

signs, one annuity, yearly reut charge, or sum of

to be yearly issuing and going from and




day of

day of

out of the hereditaments hereinafter particularly BAROV, AND described and demised to the said (trustees); To

Deed of HAVE, HOLD, receive, take, and enjoy the said an

Separation. nuity, yearly rent charge, or sum of unto the said (grantee) his heirs and assigns, from hence- charged on, forth, during the natural life of the said (husband Habendum, and wife) the said annuity, yearly rent-charge, or during life of sum to be paid to the said (grantee) his heirs or assigns, at or on the Royal Exchange of the City of London, on the two following days in the year, payable half that is to say, on the

and thie

, by even and equal payments, without making any deduction or abatement whatsoever thereout, for or in respect of any taxes, charges, levies, assessments, or impositions, to be taxed, charged, levied, assessed, or imposed on the said annuity, yearly rent-charge, or sum of or on the said hereditaments hereby charged with the payment thereof, or on the said (grantee) his heirs and assigns in respect thereof, by authority of Parliament or otherwise howsoever; or for or in respect apportionable

any other matter, cause, or thing whatsoever, in usual maatogether also with a just and due proportion of the same annuity, yearly rent-charge, or sum of

from the last of the days of payment preceding the death of the said (husband and wife) to the day of such death, in case it shall happen at any intermediate time between any such days of payment as aforesaid ; the first payment of the said annuity, yearly rent-charge, or sum of to begin and be made on the next ensuing the date of these presents. And the usual power of said (husband) for himself, his heirs and assigns, doth hereby further grant, covenant, and agree,



day of


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