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only excepted). AND the said demised premises, By Tenants in with their and every of their appurtenances, being well and sufficiently repaired, upheld, supported, glazed, paved, emptied, cleansed, and kept at the end of the said hereby demised term, shall and will peaceably and quietly leave, surrender, and yield unto the said (lessors) the peaceable possession of the said premises, in as good condition as the same now are (all damages by fire in the mean time only excepted). AND FURTHER, that it shall and may be lawful to and for the said (lessors) their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, or any of them, either with workmen or others, in their or any of their company or without, twice or oftener in every year during the said term hereby demised at seasonable and convenient times in the day-time, to come into and upon the said demised premises or any part thereof, to view, search, and see the state and condition of the reparations of the same messuage and premises; and in case any defects, defaults, and wants of reparation shall be then and there found, and notice or warning thereof shall be given or left in writing at the said demis ed premises, to or for the said (lessee) his exccutors, administrators or assigns or any of them, to repair and amend the same within the space of three calendar months from the date of such notice; then in every such case he the said (lessee) his executors, administrators or assigns, shall and will well and sufficiently repair and amend the same within the time and space of three calendar months next after every such notice or warning

Usual power of shall be so given or left as aforesaid. PROVIDED ALWAYS, that if it shall happen that the said




yearly rent shall at any time during the term aforesaid hereby demised, be behind or unpaid by By Tenants in the space of fourteen days next over or after any of the said feasts or days of payment whereon the same is reserved and ought to be paid as afore. said; or in case of any breach or non-performance of any or either of the covenants aforesaid on the said (lessee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, their parts and behalfs to be done and performed, that then and in any or either of the said cases it shall and may be lawful to and for the said (lessors) their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, into and upon the said messuage, tenement, and premises hereby demised, or any part thereof in the name of the whole, wholly to re-enter, and the same to have again, repossess, and enjoy, as in their first and former estate, any thing herein contained to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. AND the Lessors covesaid (lessors) for themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, Do covenant, promise and agree, to and with the said (lessee) his executors, administrators, and assigns by these presents, that he the said (lessee) his executors, administrators, or assigns, paying the said yearly rent in manner aforesaid hereby reserved, and performing, fulfilling, and keeping, all and singular the covenants, provisoes, clauses, and agreements herein contained, which on his and their parts and behalfs are and ought to be paid, done, and performed according to the true intent and meaning of these presents, shall and lawfully may peaceably and quietly have, hold, occupy, possess, and enjoy the said messuage or tenement, or other the premises hereby demised



for and during the said term of twenty-one years, without the lawful lett, suit, trouble, denial, eviction, or interruption of the said (lessors) or ofor by any other person or persons lawfully claiming, or to claim by, from, or under them or any of them. IN WITNESS, &c.

Of Lunatic's


No. XXX.

Lease from the Committee of a Lunatic, with the Approbation of the Master.


sor) committee of the estate of

a lunatic, of the one part, and (lessee) of the other part. Recites an or- WHEREAS, by an order of the High Court of

der for master

to inquire as to Chancery, bearing date the

the propriety

of granting


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one of the masters of

and made in the matter of the said (lunatic) it
was referred to
the said court to enquire and certify whether it
would be for the benefit of the said (lunatic) and
his estate to grant leases of any and what part of
the said (lunatic's) estates, and upon what con-
ditions, and for what period of years, regard

The master's being had to the lunacy.
suance of the said order,

report on such occasion.

AND WHEREAS, in purthe said master, by his

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posal had been laid before him, verified by the affidavit of a surveyor and valuer of land, for granting a lease of a messuage or tenement situate (being part of the estate of the said (lunatic) to the said (les


see) from the
term of


day of

last, for the

years, if the said (lunatic) shall


Of Lunatic's

so long continue a lunatic) at and under the yearly rent of clear of land tax and all deduc, tions whatsoever; and that he had considered the Estate. said proposal and did approve thereof. AND And order conWHEREAS, by an order made in the said matter, firming the bearing date the day of this instant

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it was ordered that the said master's said report should be confirmed, and that it be referred to the said master to settle the several leases to the several persons mentioned in his report, according to the respective proposals set forth in the schedule thereto. AND WHEREAS the said master The master's hath approved of these presents, being a lease present lease, made in pursuance of the said order, and in testimony thereof hath signed his allowance in the margin hereof. Now THEREFORE THIS IN- Consideration. DENTURE WITNESSETH, that in pursuance of the said recited order of the

day of

approval of

instant, and for and in consideration of the yearly
rent, covenants, and agreements hereinafter re-
served and contained on the part and behalf of the
said (lessee) his executors and administrators to
be paid and performed, he the said (committee)
by virtue of the said recited order, and in pur-
suance thereof, and of the power vested in him
as committee as aforesaid, HATH demised, leased, Demise
and to re-farm letten, and by these presents DCTH
demise, lease, and to farm lett unto the said (les-
see) his executors and administrators ALL THAT Parcels.
messuage, tenement, or dwelling-house of him
the said (lunatic) numbered
ing, and being in

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situate, standaforesaid, together General words. with all and singular the rooms, chambers, closets, cellars, yards, vaults, areas, ways, paths, passages, easements, lights, sewers, drains, waters,


Rea leudum.

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LEASE. water-courses, profits, commodities, advantages, Of Lunatic's and appurtenances whatsoever to the said mesEstate. suage, tenement, or dwelling-house, and premises belonging or in anywise appertaining, To Το HAVE AND TO HOLD the said messuage, tenement, or dwelling-house, and all and singular other the premises hereby demised or intended so to be, with their and every of their appurtenances unto the said (lessee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, from the day of last past, for and during, and unto the full end and term of years, from then e next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended, (if the said (lunatic) shall so long continue a lunatic) YIELDING AND PAYING therefore yearly and every year during the continuance of this demise, unto the said (committee) or to such other person or persons as shall be appointed committee to the said (lunatic's) estate, the yearly rent or sum of of lawful money of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, of English value and currency, without any deduction or abatement whatsoever, for or in respect of any taxes, parliamentary or parochial, or other charges or deductions whatsoever, on the four most usual feasts or days of payment of rent in the year, (that is to say) the feast days of the annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary; the nativity of Saint John the Baptist; the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel; and the birth of our Lord Christ, in every year, by even and equal portions; the first quarterly payment thereof to begin and be made on the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, next ensuing the commencement of this Cover ants ly demise. AND the said (lessee) for himself, his


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