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and deal for and during the term of seven years, to commence and be computed from the day of

By Partners or

referring the date thereof, as by the said indenture, reference being thereunto had, may at large appear. And Whereas the said (John Doe) and (Richard And trading. Roe) bave ever since carried on the said trade or business of

in copartnership together, pursuant to the said InDENTURE or the agreements and covenants therein contained. AND WHEREAS, though the said that no ac(John Doe) and (Richard Roe) have by the said been settled. indenture or deed of copartnership covenanted and agreed to account yearly together of and concerning their joint stock, debts, and effects, and all business done, and all other things incident or relating to the said joint trade or business, yet for want of sufficient leisure for that purpose, or some other reasons, they have not hitherto been able to enter into, or make out any such account. And Whereas they the said parties being desi- That the parfous that their partnership books and accounts of coming to an should be settled, and that a fair and just account in writing should be made out, stated, balanced, and means of two settled between them, of and concerning their said nominated be joint stock, trade, and business, and of all pionies, examine their debts, goods, wares, profits, gains, and effects, in, due, owing or belonging to the said joint stock and trade or business, or to the said parties on account thereof, AND ALSO of, for, and concerning all debts, sums of money, charges, losses, damages and expences, which by reason or on account of the same joint trade or business are, (or at the time of settling such account) shall be by them the said copartners due or owing to any person or persons whomsoever, or which they

account through the

books, &c.




shall have suffered or sustained, for, or by reason,

or on account thereof, so and in such sort and By Partners on referring manner as that it shall thereby appear what

the true state and condition of the said joint stock and trade is, and what parts and proportions, and how much of the same joint stock shall be then severally due, belonging or appertaining unto each of the said copartners respectively, according and in proportion to their then several and respective shares and interests in the said capital, stock, trade, and business of the copartnership, they have mutually agreed that two proper persons should be nominated and ap. pointed by and between them, to examine and settle their books and accounts, and make out and

finally settle such general account between them That such per- accordingly. And in pursuance thereof, the said sons had been appointed. (John Doe) hath nominated and appointed A. B.

of, &c. and the said (Richard Roe) hath nominated

and appointed C. D. of, &c. as their accountants And the parties to make out and settle such their accounts. AND have agreed to euter into bonds the better to carry their agreement into execution, them as their they have agreed to enter into mutual bonds to the purpose of continue the said A. B. and C.D. in such their concera, and to employ, and furnish them with all their books, abide by their

papers, and writings in or touching the said joint stock and trade, and with all necessary information relative to their said joint stock and trade or business, and the concerns thereof, so as to enable them to adjust and settle the said partnership books and accounts, and make out between them such fair and general account, in regard to the said partnership estate and effects, as aforesaid. And also to abide by such account, unless some error should be found out or discovered to be

to continue



tbereia to the amount of

or upwards, Now THE CONDITION of the above written bond

By Partners on or obligation is such, that if the above bounden referring (John Doe) shall and do continue the said A. B. and C. D. (at the joint and equal expence of him the condition. and the said (Richard Roe) in such their appointment and employ of or, in the making out and seitling the said partnership books and accounts, until such time as they shall have made out, balanced, and settled such general account as aforesaid, and sball and do deliver to or furnish them the said A, B, and C. D. with all his books, memorandums, papers, and writings, in or touching the joint stock and trade or business of the said copartnership, and give them from time to time all the information in his power touching the same, and make or do all such other things as shall be reasonably required of him in order to enable them the said A. B. and C. D. to settle the said partnership books, and make out and finally settle such general account, of or in regard to the said partnership affairs as aforesaid, and also shall and do agree to and abide by such general account thereof, when so made out and settled, unless some error shall be found out or discovered to be made therein to the amount


and upwards; Then and in such case, the above written bond or obligation shall be void and of no effect, but otherwise shall be and remain in full force and virtue.

of £


Of Bond.

day of

on the

day of

nor is desirous

Assignmentof a Bond upon rather Special Trusts.

This INDENTURE, made, &c. BETWEEN (the

assignor or obligce) of the one part, and the Recites bond, assignees) of the other part. WHEREAS by a certain bond or obligation bearing date the

(three obligors) became severally bound unto the said (assignor) in the penal sum of

conditioned for the true payment of then and now next ensuing, as by reference to the

said bond or obligation may more fully appear. And that assig. And whereas the said (assignor) is desirous of of selling same. assigning the said bond or obligation, and the

said money thereby secured, and to be payable upon or by virtue of the same, upon the trusts and for the purposes after mentioned. Now THEREFORE THIS INDENTURE WITNESSETH, that in consideration of the premises, and of the love and affection which the said (assignor) hath and beareth for and towards his wife; and also for and in consideration of the sum of 10s. of lawful money of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, of English value and currency, to the said (assignor) in hand well and truly paid by the said (assignees) at or before the execution of

these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby Assignments acknowledged, He the said (assignor) Hatu

bargained, sold, assigned, transferred, and set
over, and by these presents Doth, &c. unto the
said (assignees) their executors, administrators,
and assigos, as well the said in part recited bond
or obligation, as also the said sum of
thereby secured, and to be payable, and all in-

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terest monies which shall accrue due in respect ASSIGNthereof; And all the estate right, title, interest, property, claim, and demand whatsoever legal Of Bond. and equitable of him the said (assignor), of, in, and to the same respectively; To Have, HOLD, and receive all and singular the said premises, and the whole benefit and advantage of the same respectively, unto the said ( assignees) their executors, administrators, and assigns, upon the trusts and for the intents and purposes hereinafter expressed. And in order to enable them Usual power of to recover the monies hereby assigned, the said attorney. (assignor) doth hereby constitute and appoint the said ( assignees ) each and every of them, and the executors or administrators of the survivor of them, his true and lawful attornies and attorney irrevocable, to ask, demand, sue for, recover and receive the same principal and interest monies, and every part thereof, and to take, use, and enforce such of the remedies, ways, or means for that

purpose as to them respectively shall seem adviseable; He the said (assignor) hereby giving to bis said attornies respectively his full power and authority in and touching the premises. And it is hereby declared that the said bond, and principal and interest monies respectively, were and are hereby assigned to them the said (assignees) upon trust, that they the said (assignees) or the survivors or survivor of them, his executors, admi-, nistrators, and assigns, do and shall as soon as the said sum of

shall become due and payable, (either in the name of the said (assignor) or their own) ask, demand, and receive, and if necessary and expedient, sue for and recover the same. And from and after receipt or recovery The trusts.

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