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release, and the said (Richard Roe, and Sarah his To indemnify wife,) did grant, release, and confirm unto the against Dower said (abligor) his heirs and assigns, a messuage or tenement, and certain pieces or parcels of land, therein particularly mentioned, situate, lying, 1 and being in, &c. with their appurtenances. To HOLD the same unto and to the use of the said 1 (obligor) his heirs and assigns for ever. And by 1 the said indenture of release, the said (Richard Roe) did covenant with the said (obligor) that he the said (Richard Roe) and the said (Sarah his wife,) would, before the end of

obligor to obligees.


then next, or of some subsequent term, acknowledge and levy one fine sur conuzance de droit come ceo, &c. unto the said (obligor) and his heirs, of the said messuage or tenement, and other hereditaments, with their appurtenances, which fine when levied, it was thereby declared should enure to the use of the said (obligor) Another from his heirs and assigns for ever. AND WHEREAS, by indentures of lease and release, the lease bearing date the day next before the release, and the release bearing even date with the above written bond or obligation, and made, or expressed to be made between the said (abligor) of the first part; (Samuel Fenn) of the second part; (Richard Denn), of the third part; and the above-named (obligees) of the fourth part; in consideration of the sum of £

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the said (obligor) paid by the said (obligees) the said messuage or tenement, and other hereditaments, comprised in the said indentures of the


days of


their appurtenances, have been conveyed by the said (obligor) unto and to the use of the said

intended to bar


had been levi


said And therefore it

had been agreed

should indem

(obligees), their heirs and assigns for ever. AND BONDS. WHEREAS the fine by the said (Richard Roe) cove- To indemnify nanted to be levied in and by the said inden- against Dower. ture of the day of as hereinbefore That the aforementioned, was so covenanted to be levied for said fine was the purpose of barring the said (Sarah Roe) of the feme of her her dower, out of, or in the said messuage or tenement and other hereditaments. AND WHEREAS NO But that none fine hath been levied in pursuance of the aforesaid covenant and on the treaty for the purchase by the said (obligees) it was agreed that obligor that the said (obligor) should execute and give nify against the (obligees) a bond or obligation, in the above such dower. mentioned penalty, to be conditioned for indemnifying them the said (obligees), their heirs and assigns from any dower or thirds, to which the said (Sarah Roe) might be or become entitled, out of or in the said messuage or tenement and other hereditaments, or any part thereof. NOW THE CONDITION of the above written The condition. bond or obligation is such, that if the said (obligor) his heirs, executors, or administrators, do and shall from time to time, and at all times hereafter, save, defend, keep harmless and indemnified the said (obligees) and each of them, their and each of their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, and their and every of their estates and effects whatsoever and wheresoever, and particularly the said messuage or tenement and other hereditaments, by the said indenture of release, of even date herewith, and the lease for a year upon which the same is grounded, conveyed, or intended to be conveyed unto the said (obligees), their heirs and assigns as hereinbefore is mentioned, and every of them, and every part thereof, with their appurte


To indemnify

nances, of, from, and against all dower or thirds, to which at the common law, or by cusagainst Dower. tom or otherwise, the said (Sarah Roe) now is or hereafter shall or may become entitled out of or in the said messuage or tenement, and other hereditaments, or any of them, or any part thereof, And of, from, and against all and all manner of actions, suits, costs, charges, damages, and expences whatsoever, for or on account, or in respect of any such dower or thirds, or any act, deed, matter, or thing, whatsoever, in anywise relating thereunto; then the above written obligation to be void.

No. VII.

By Partners on Bond between Partners, who had neglected to



Recites articles

account, to employ two Persons of their own Nomination to make out their Accounts, and abide thereby.

of copartner- about the


day of

WHEREAS BY INDENTURE bearing date on or and made or expressed to be made between (John Doe) by his then name and addition of, &c. of the one part, and (Richard Roe) by his then name and addition of, &c. of the other part; They the said (John Doe) and (Richard Roe) mutually cove. nanted, promised, and agreed, to and with each other to become, and be, and continue copartners and joint traders in the art, mystery, or business of a and every

branch thereof (except as thereinafter is particularly mentioned) and in all things incident and appertaining thereto, and in the management and doing of all such other business as they should think fit, and mutually agree and consent to trade


and deal for and during the term of seven years, BONDS. to commence and be computed from the day of By Partners on the date thereof, as by the said indenture, refer- referring ence being thereunto had, may at large appear. AND WHEREAS the said (John Doe) and (Richard And trading. Roe) have ever since carried on the said trade or business of

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counts have

ties are desirous

copartnership together, pursuant to the said INDENTURE or the agreements and covenants therein contained. AND WHEREAS, though the said That no ac(John Doe) and (Richard Roe) have by the said been settled. indenture or deed of copartnership covenanted and agreed to account yearly together of and concerning their joint stock, debts, and effects, and all business done, and all other things incident or relating to the said joint trade or business, yet for want of sufficient leisure for that purpose, or some other reasons, they have not hitherto been able to enter into, or make out any such account. AND WHEREAS they the said parties being desi- That the parrous that their partnership books and accounts of coming to an should be settled, and that a fair and just account through the in writing should be made out, stated, balanced, and means of two settled between them, of and concerning their said nominated bejoint stock, trade, and business, and of all monies, examine their debts, goods, wares, profits, gains, and effects, in, due, owing or belonging to the said joint stock and trade or business, or to the said parties on account thereof, AND ALSO of, for, and concerning all debts, sums of money, charges, losses, damages and expences, which by reason or on account of the same joint trade or business are, (or at the time of settling such account) shall be by them the said copartners due or owing to any person or persons whomsoever, or which they



persons to be

tween them to

books, &c.


By Partners on


sons had been

shall have suffered or sustained, for, or by reason, or on account thereof, so and in such sort and referring manner as that it shall thereby appear what the true state and condition of the said joint stock and trade is, and what parts and proportions, and how much of the same joint stock shall be then severally due, belonging or appertaining unto each of the said copartners respectively, according and in proportion to their then several and respective shares and interests in the said capital, stock, trade, and business of the copartnership, they have mutually agreed that two proper persons should be nominated and appointed by and between them, to examine and settle their books and accounts, and make out and finally settle such general account between them That such per- accordingly. AND in pursuance thereof, the said (John Doe) hath nominated and appointed A. B. of, &c. and the said (Richard Roe) hath nominated and appointed C. D. of, &c. as their accountants And the parties to make out and settle such their accounts. AND have agreed to enter into bonds the better to carry their agreement into execution, them as their they have agreed to enter into mutual bonds to the purpose of continue the said A. B. and C. D. in such their winding up the employ, and furnish them with all their books, abide by their papers, and writings in or touching the said joint stock and trade, and with all necessary information relative to their said joint stock and trade or business, and the concerns thereof, so as to enable them to adjust and settle the said partnership books and accounts, and make out between them such fair and general account, in regard to the said partnership estate and effects, as aforesaid. And also to abide by such account, unless some error should be found out or discovered to be


to continue

accountants for

concern, and to

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