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after the decease of such survivor and failure of is. RE-SETTLF

MENT. sue, and be then paid with interest from the time of the decease of such survivor and failure of such of a Reversion. issue, after the rate of per centum per annum. PROVIDED nevertheless, that the share of every child of the said (niece ) shall be considered as a transmissible interest in such child from the time of his or her attaining the age of twenty-one years, and be accordingly paid to him or her, or his or her executors and administrators, at the time and in the manner hereinbefore inentioned and appointed in that behalf. PROVIDED ALWAYS, and it is Proriso of ces

ser as to the hereby declared, that when all and every sum and sums of money hereby directed and appointed to be raised by and under the trusts of the said term of

years, shall bave been raised and levied, or shall cease to become payable, and all and every the said trusts hereinbefore declared of and concerning the same term, shall be fully performed and satisfied, or shall be discharged either by becoming unnecessary or incapable of being performed and satisfied ; and the costs and charges of the trustee of the same term, in and about the execution and performance of the said trusts thereof, shall have been paid and satisfied, then and from thenceforth the said term of

years, or so much thereof as shall not be disposed of under the trusts hereinbefore declared concerning the same term, shall cease, determine, and be absolutely void, but without prejudice to any sale, mortgage, or disposition, which shall have been made of all or any part of the said premises comprised in the same term of

years, for all or any of the purposes hereinbefore mentioned, in pursuance of the trusts hereinbefore declared of

Covenant to and concerning the same term. And the said

levy a fine.

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RE-SETTLE- (settler) for himself, and the said (wife) and his

and her heirs, executors, and administrators, Of a Reversion. Doru hereby covenant, promise, and agree, to and

with the said (conuzee) his heirs and assigns by these presents, That they the said (settler and wife) sball and will at the costs and charges in the law of the said ( settler) as of Michaelmas Term now last past, or before the end of Hilary Term now next ensuing, or of some other subsequent Term, acknowledge and levy, before his Majesty's Justices of the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, one or more fine or fines sur conuzance de droit come ceo, &c. whereupon procla. mations shall and may be had and made according to the form of the statute in that case made and provided, and the usual course of fines in such cases used unto the said (conuzee) and his heirs, of all the said messuage or tenement, lands, hereditaments, and premises hereby granted and released, or mentioned or intended so to be with their appurtenances, by such apt and convenient names, quantities, qualities, numbers of acres, and other descriptions to comprise the same as shall be thought meet; which said fine or fines so as aforesaid, or in any other manner, or at any other time or times, levied or to be levied and acknowledged, of the same messuage or tenement, lands, hereditaments, and premises, or any part thereof, by or between the said parties to these presents or any of them, or whereunt, they or any of them are or shall be parties or privies, shall be and enure, and shall be adjudged, deemed, construed and taken, and so are and were meant and intended to be and enure, and are hereby declared by all the said parties to these presents to be and enure; and the conusce or conusees in the


said fine or fines named or to be named, and his RE-SETTLE-
and their heirs, shall stand and be seised of the
said messuage or tenement, lands, hereditaments, of a Reversion.
and premises, and every part and parcel thereof,
to such uses and upon such trusts, and to and for
such ends, intents and purposes, and under and
subject to such powers, provisoes, limitations,
directions, and appointments, as are hereinbefore
limited, expressed, and declared, of and concern-
ing the same, and as shall at any time hereafter be
directed, limited, or appointed concerning the
same, in or by any such deed, instrument, will,
or writing of the said (wife) as is hereinbefore
mentioned ; and to and for no other use, trust,
intent or purpose whatsoever. PROVIDED ALWAYS, Power of leas-
and it is hereby further declared and agreed by
and between the said parties, that it shall and
may be lawful to and for the said (settler) from
time to time during his life; (2) and also to and for
the said (wife) after his decease if she shall hap-
pen to survive him, by indenture or indentures
under his or her respective hand and seal, to grant
and lease all or any part or parts of the heredita-
ments and premises hereby granted and released,
or mentioned or intended so to be, with their ap-
purtenances, to any person or persons, for one,
two, or three life or lives, or for any term or
number of


upon one, two, or three life or lives, or for any term or number of years absolute, not exceeding twenty-one years, to commence in possession and not in reversion, reserving upon every such lease so to be made dur


(2) The wife would, by virtue of her estate tail, have power to grant leases after her husband's death within the statute ; yet such leases would not bind the remainder-man, but only the issue ; therefore it is right to extend the leasing power to her.



RE-SETTLE. ing the continuance of the same respectively, the

best yearly rent that can at the time of making of a Retersion. thereof be reasonably got for the same, without

taking any fine or income, and so as the lessee or lessees under any such lease or leases be not made dispunishable of waste, and so as in every such lease there be contained a clause of re-entry for non-payment of the rent by such lease reserved, and so as the lessee and lessees under every such

lease and leases, execute counterpart or counterUsual indemnio parts thereof. PROVIDED ALWAYS, and it is

hereby further declared and agreed by and be-
tween the said parties, that the said (termor)
his executors or administrators shall not be charg.
ed or chargeable with, or accountable for any
more money or monies than he or they shall actu-
ally receive or shall come to his or their hands,
by virtue of the trusts of the said term of
years, nor with or for any loss which shall hap-
pen of the money or monies to be raised or receiv. .
ed by him or them by virtue of the said trusts, so
as such loss happen without his or their wilful
default or defaults. And also, that it shall and
may be lawful for him the said (termor) his exe-
cutors and administrators in the first place, by
and out of the said trust estate and premises, to
deduct and reimburse him and themselves all such
loss, costs, charges, damages and expences, as
he or they shall sustain, expend, or be put unto,
for or by reason of the trusts hereby in him and
them reposed, or in the management or execution
thereof, or any other thing in any wise relating
thereto. IN WITNESS, &c.



Of an Annuity

and Term.

Release (by Indorsement) of an Annuity, and

Surrender of the Term to merge. WHEREAS since the date and execution of the within written indenture, judgment hath been entered up in His Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at Westminster, in

Term, in the year of the reign of his present Majesty, upon or by virtue of the within mentioned warrant of attorney, as aud by way of a further security for the due and punctual payment of the within mentioned annuity, yearly rent charge, or sum of

AND WHEREAS the within mentioned annuity, or yearly rent charge of and all arrears thereof, up to the day of the date of these presents, bath or have been fully paid and satisfied, as be the said (grantee) doth hereby acknowledge and admit. AND WHEREAS the said (gruntor) hath contracted and agreed with the said (grantee) for the re-purchase of the said within mentioned annuity or yearly rent charge of

granted and secured by the within written indenture to the said (grantee) his executors, ad. ministrators, and assigns, &c. for and during the natural life of the said (grantor) at or for the price or suin of

Now thIS INDENTURE WITNESS ETH, that in pursuance of the said agreement, and for and in consideration of the sum of

to the said (grantee) in band well and truly paid by the said (grantor) at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt, &c. He the said (grantee) Hath remised, released, and

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