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Term and

answerable for
more than he
shall receive.

to deduct and retain to and reimburse himself and themselves, all such costs, charges, and ex

Of Annuity pences as he and they respectively shall or may sustain, expend, or be put unto in or about the Judgment. execution of the trusts hereby in him and them respectively reposed. And also that the said and not to be (new trustee) his executors, administrators, and assigns, or any of them, shall not be charged or chargeable with or for any sum or sums of money other than such as shall actually come to his and their hands as aforesaid, nor with or for any loss or damage which shall or may happen in or about the premises without his or their respective wilful default. AND WHEREAS certain deeds or instru- Recital of por

tions charged ments, releases or discharges, whereby the for- on the premises

being paid uif. tunes or portions of of the sisters of the said (grantor) charged upon the said lands and hereditaments hereby assigned in and by the marriage settlement of their late father deceased, were released and discharged; and also the deed or deeds, instrument or instruments, whereby two several mortgages from the said (grantor) to (grantee) for the principal sums of and

, upon or effecting the said heredita. ments were re-assigned, re-conveyed, and dis. charged, have not been produced or shewn to them the said (three purchasers) or their agents, but the same releases, discharges, re-assignments, and re-conveyances are now in the bands or custody of

as he the said (grantee) doth afer and is satisfied. Now THEREFORE THIS Corenant that INDENTURE FURTHER WITNESSETH,

that for paid off, and the satisfaction and security of the said (three harids of tie purchasers) in this respect, He the said (grantee) for himself, bis heirs, executors, and admi

the portions are

deeds in the




nistrators, Doth, by these presents, further co

venant, promise, and agree to and with the said of Annuity (three purchasers) and oach of them, their, and Judgment. each of their heirs, executors, administrators, and

assigns, that the said portions or fortunes pro-
vided for and to which the sisters of the said
(grantor) became entitled under their said fa-
ther's marriage settlement, have been satisfied,
released, and discharged, and that proper re-
leases and discharges for the same are now in the
hands, custody, or power of the said
and also that the said mortgage to the said
(grantee) have been paid off and discharged, and
the said hereby assigned premises properly re-
conveyed, released, or discharged from the same,
and that such release, discharge, and re-convey-
ance or re-conveyances are, or is now vested in the

hands, custody, or power of the said And to indem. And Also that he the said (grantee) his heirs, nify therefrom.

executors, or administrators, or some of them, shall and will from time to time, and at all times hereafter, save, defend, and keep harmless and indemnified the said annual sum or yearly rent charge of

hereby granted, conveyed, or expressed and intended so to be, and also the he. reditaments and premises hereby assigned, or expressed and intended so to be, and also the said (three purchasers) and the said (grantee) each and every of them, their and each and every of their heirs, executors, administrators, and assigos, lands, tenements, goods and chattels, of, from, and against the said portions of the said sisters of the said (grantor) and of and from the said mortgage of the said

and the principal monies thereby secured; and of and from


Term and

all action and actions, suit and suits, claims and demands whatsoever, for or in respect of the same portions, mortgages, monies, and interest, Of Annuity and of and from all loss, costs, charges, damages, Judgment. and expences for, or on account, or by reason or means thereof, or by reason or means of the nonproduction of the said releases, discharges, reassigoments or re-conveyances of the said portions, mortgages, and monies, or of the same being vested in the hands or custody of the said





As to the Reversion.



A Re-Settlement by Lease and Release and Fine,

whereby Baron and Feme respectively Tenants for Life, remainder to the Heirs of the Body, of the Wife, remainder to her in Fee, re-settle and convey the Premises so as to leave it in the Power of the Wife alone, notwithstanding her Coverture, to inake any other future disposition which she may think proper of the Reversion in Fee expectant on the decease of the Husband and Wife, and failure of Issue of their bodies.

This INDENTURE, of three parts, made, &c. Between (the settler and wife) of the first part; (conuzee of the fine) (1) of the second part; and (trustee of a term) of the third part. WHEREAS by indentures of lease and release bearing date respectively on or about the and days of in the year of our Lord

the release being of three parts, and made or mentioned to be made between the said (settler) of the first part, the said (wife) by her then name and description of of the second part, and

of the third part, being the settlement made previous to the marriage of the said (settler) with the said (wife) the messuage or tenement

Recites the original settlement,

(1) The fine being levied to this gentleman only, it was conceived to be most proper to make the grant and release to him only, instead of to him and the trustee of the third part, and that the other trustee should take the term of five hundred years.




and hereditaments hereinafter particularly mentioned stand limited and settled To The use of the said (settler) for the term of his life; remain- of a Reversion. der TO THE USE of the said (wife) for the term of her life; remainder TO THE USE of the heirs of the body of the said (wife) by the said (settler) to be begotten ; remainder To The use of the right heirs of the said (wife) for ever, as in and by the said indentures of lease and release, relation being thereunto had, may more fully appear. AND WHEREAS the said (setller and wife) having And that no children, and it being unlikely that they ever wife were desirshould have any, are desirous of re-settling the cling the presaid bereditaments and premises in the manner hereinafter expressed, and so as to leave it in the power of the said (wife) alone, notwithstanding her coverture, to make any other future disposition which she may think proper, of the rever. sion in fee expectant on the decease of the said (settler and wife) and failure of issue of their bodies. Now this INDENTURE WITNESSETH, that in The re-settle. pursuance of such intention, and for carrying the same into execution, and for and in consideration of the sum of 10s. of lawful money of the united kingdom, &c. to the said (settler and wife) bis wife, in hand paid by the said (conuzee and termor) at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, Tuey the said (settler and wife) have granted, bargained, sold, aliened, released, and confirmed, and by these presents Do grant, bargain, sell, Mention of

lease for a year. alien, release, and confirm unto the said (conuzee) (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a bargain and sale to him thereof made by the said (settler and wife) in consideration of five shillings by indenture bearing date the day next before the



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