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No. XXI. Assignment of an Annuity given by the Of an Annuity,

Will of a Gentleman to his Son, who sold it to

three Sisters conditionally, who concurred in dis-

posing of it absolutely to a Gentleman

from whom

the present Assignment is made


No. XXII. - Assignment of an Annuity to a Pur.

of Annuity,

Term, and

chaser and two others who had purchased Shares Judgment.

of him. This Precedent contains an Assign-

ment of a Term, and also of a Judgment and an

Indemnification against Portions


No. XXIII. A Re-settlement by Lease and Re-

As to the

lease and Fine, whereby Baron and Feme respec-



tively Tenants for Life, remainder to the Heirs of

the Body of the Wife, remainder to her in Fee,

Te-settle and convey the Premises 80 as to leave it

in the Power of the Wife alone, notwithstanding

her Coverture, to make any other future disposi.

tion which she may think proper of the Reversion

in Fee expectant on the decease of the Husband

and Wife, and failure of Issue of their bodies 128

No. XXIV. Release (by Indorsement) of an An- Of an Annuily

nuity, and Surrender of the Term to merge 139 and Term

No. XXV. Assignment of a Term to attend the of a Term.

Inheritance by an Executrix and her Husband

indorsed on a Deed to which her Co-Executor had

been made an assigning Party, but who had re-

fused to execute, and still declined so to do 143

No. XXVI. Mortgage by Demise to a Trustee for By Demi.e.

securing certain Expences he had sustained under

a Deed of Trust, in consideration of his dis.

charging the Property in general from his De-

mand, the Trusts having been performed or be-

come unnecessary


No. XXVII. A very special and useful Precedent

Upin Trustlo

of Conveyance from Co-Heiresses and their Hus- Sell, &c.

bands by Lease and Release and Fine


covery with double Voucher for barring Estates



Recovery by a No. XXXVIII. Bargain and Sale for making Te-


nant to the Precipe for suffering a Recovery by


Remainder-man, without prejudicing the Estate

of Tenant for Life, or Uses limited for the Bene-

fit of his first and other Sons


Recrurry of No. XXXIX. Introduction to the Uses of a Reco-

Linds in Wales.

very, with double Vouchers in the Court of Great

Sessions for Radnor, in which the Heir at Law of

a deceased Trustee concurs in making a Tenant

to the Precipe


Recovery of No. XL. Extract from Bargain and Sale inrolled,

Lands in Ano

cient Demesne.

leading the Uses of a Recovery of Lands in

Ancient Demesne


De d leading No. XLI. Introduction to the Uses of a Fine 297

the l'irs of a



No. XLVIII. Re-conveyance by an Infant Heir of of Mortgage

a Mortgagee to the Executors and Heir of a

in Fee.

Mortgagee, who mortgaged to the Father of the

Infant. This Deed is executed by the direction

of the Mortgagor, and to enable him to complete a

Sale of the mortgaged Premises


No. XLIX. Re-conveyance of Mortgage by Demise 328 of Mortgage

by Demise.

No. L. Arrangement between Husband and Wife,

Deed of

whereby an Annuity or Rent-Charge indepen- Separation.

dent of her own Eslates and Paraphernalia are

secured to her, and in which a Friend of the Wife

engages to indemnify the Husband against such

Debts as she had contracted or might contruct

during the Separation


No. LI. A Continuation of the last Arrangement, Provision for
whereby the Children are provided for, and put

the Mainten-

ance and Man

under the Direction and Management of mulual

nagement of

Friends of the Husband and Wife

355 Children.

No. LII. Re-Conveyance by the real Representative By the Heirs of

and the Heir at Law of a salisfied Mortgagee

369 a Mortgagee.

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