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Allowance of maintenance for an eldest son until

vi. 808
Bequest of residue of personal estates to trustees vi, 809
In trust after payment of debts, legacies, and the

like, to invest the same in the three per cent.

vi. 810
And to lay out the interest in like purchases till
the son attains twenty-one

And then to transfer the same to the son, his exe-
cutors, administrators, or assigns

Acquittance to one executor froin the testator of a
debt owing

Power of appointing new trustees under a will vi. $11
New trustees to have the saine power as their prede-

vi. 812
Trustees to be chargeable with their own receipts
and acts only

vi, 813
Not to be accountable for involuntary losses

vi. 814
Trustees to retain their ex pences

vi. 815
Executors, appointment of

vi. 816
Of real and personal estates adapted to the situa-
tion of a merchant or trader

vi. 823
Direction as to burial

Bequest of furniture and legacy to wife

Bequest of legacies

Executors to collect in debts and other personal

Power to compound

vi. 824
Executors to apply debts and personal estate in pay-
ment of debts and legacies

And stand possessed of the residue upon the trusts
after mentioned

vi. 825
General devise of real and personal property to

Upon trust to raise a sum sufficient to enable the
wife to carry on the trade

To permit wife to reside in the house

vi. 826
Profits of trade to support wife and children

If wife decline to carry on the business, trustees to
sell the same for the purposes after mentioned vi. 826,

Trustees to sell all other the testator's freehold,

copyhold, leasehold, and other saleable estates ib.
And invest the purchase money in government or
other securities

vi. 828
And to pay the dividends to wife for support of

herself and children, until one attains the age

vi. 829
On such child attaining twenty-one, or marrying,
to pay a portion to him or her

vi. 830
vi. 839
Devise of lands contracted for, to trustees


Vol. Page

If only one childa moiety to be paid to him or her vi. 831
Remaining moiety to wise

vi. 832
Provision for life to be in lieu of dower

vi. 833
After wife's death to such children as she shall ap-

In default of such appointment, to the children

vi, 834
Proviso of survivorship amongst the children vi. 835
Children advanced in mother's life time,' must
bring their shares into hotch-pot

vi. 836
Power of maintenance and execution

vi. 837
Power of advancement

Power to change securities

vi. 838
If no child, in trust for testator's next of kin

To the intent that wife may receive an annuity vi. 840
With power of distress

Directions, if land contracted for, pot sufficient for
trustees to purchase further lands

vi. 841
Wife's annuity to be in lieu of her marriage join-

vi. 842
Power of appointing new trustees

Trustees may reimburse their expences

vi. 844
Not to be answerable for each other

Executors and guardians, appointment of

vi. 845
Directions that sons may pursue any or either of the

liberal professions, with allowances in respect

vi. 846
That trustees shall convey and assign to them as
they shall have compleated a certain age

Of a feme covert or other person in pursuance

a power

vi. 848
Of freeholds

vi. 848, 851
Of leaseholds

vi, 851
of paraphernalia

of a charge upon an estate

Form, where the devise is with the consent of the

vi. 852
Appointment of money in the funds

vi, 855
Form of codicil thereto, and requisites to be ol-
served therein

vi. 860
WILL, NUNCUPATIVE. Forin of and requisites to
be observed therein

WORDS. The word give imports a warranty i. 94. n, 12

The word enfeof is the technical and operative word
in deeds of feoffoient

The word grant is used to pass hereditaments in-
capable of livery

The words bargained and sold, are improper in deeds
of feottment, and the reason

i. 95


n. 10


Vol, Page.
WORDS.- Continued.

The general words remainders and reversions, are

also sometimes omitted in deeds of feoffment,
and the reason

i. 96
Unless, fc. in a præcipe and concord, meaning

i. 107. n. 6
The words bargain and sale the most appropriate

in a deed of bargain and sale to be enrolled,
though not absolutely essential

i. 118.
The words bargain and sale most effective in a lease

for a year, though the word demise, which has no
operation, is sometimes used

i. 148
Wuys, paths, &c. are words improper to be intro-
duced in a lease for a year

i. 150
The word sealed in an attestation does not neces-

sarily imply that the deed was signed by the

i. 144
And see article Appointment, supra.
The words hath granted, observations on

i. 160
The word release peculiarly operative in deeds of

i. 161
The word grant
The words bargain and sell in a deed of release

Operation of the word confirm
Import of the word alien
Heirs and assigns proper words for the limitation
of an estate in fee-simple

i. 173
Except to a corporation, where the word successors
must be u-ed

Lawfully cluiming, why introduced in covenants
for peaceable enjoyment

i. 180
Observations on the qualifying words, for and not-

i. 174, 178
The word surrender essential in the conveyance of
copy holds

i. 273
The word grant is necessary in the conveyance of an


equity of redemption to a stranger ; and the
words release, remise, and quit claim, when it is
to the mortgagee himself

i. 353
Grant the only operative word in creating a right

The words grant, bargain and sell in conveyances
of lands in Yorkshire, express covenants

ii. 247
The word demise essential in leases, as a word of

iii. 58
Words yielding and paying in leases, amount to an
implied covenant to pay

iii. 60
And the reversion and reversions, why used in mert-
gages by demise

iv. 127

of way

Vol. Page,

“ All the estate, right, title,and interest,” intend no

more than the particular estate parted with iv. 127.
Perceive. This word operates as a limitation of a

rent-charge to the grantee, and ihe grantor will

be bound thereby, though the grant be defective v. 297
Sequels, what intended thereby

vi. 499
Cleur yeurly rent, how construed

vi. 412
By the word issue, grand-children will take vi. 421
The word unmurried in a will means not mar-

ried at the time; and the words without being
married, imply without ever having been married vi. 786


YEAR OF THE REIGN not material in a deed

i. 154


w. Fiini,St. Sepulchre's, London,






No. I.

Affidavit to be made by an Insolvent Person, on

Purchasing under his Deed of Trust. (The insolvent) maketh oath and saith, that to AFFIDAVIT. the best of his knowledge and belief all persons who were creditors of this deponent on the day of in the year of our Lord being the day on which this deponent executed an assignment of all his property, IN TRUST for the benefit of his creditors, by a certain INDENTURE of that date made between the deponent, of the first part; three of the creditors of the said deponent of the second part; and all other the creditors of this deponent, who should have signed and sealed the said INDENTURE, of the third part, or who have become creditors at any time since, have duly executed the said INDENTURE, and consented and agreed to the release and discharge of this deponent in the manner therein specified. And that to the best of this depo


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